Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – 2021 is an exciting year for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collectors. Even without mainstream media support, TMNT products continue to gain attention thanks to many collector companies such as NECA, Super 7 and Funko. Even Playmates Toys seems to have taken note of the collector-driven demand this year and responded with some reissues from their vintage Ninja Turtle line. And this fall they’ve taken it even further and brought back their Classic Collection series with a series of two-packs that match each Turtle against one of their enemies. For the most part, the line was just reissues of Classic Collection figures from 2012 and 2013. But when the full line was revealed, fans received news that the line would have two new figures, which were never released in the Classic Collection line: Shredder and Triceraton. (A prototype shredder was shown a few years ago. But it was never released.) But are a few new figures worth it for a series that has essentially been dormant for nearly a decade?

Packaging – Bebop & Rocksteady set 4/10, Shredder & Triceraton set 5/10 The Classic Collection Verses two-pack comes in a fairly simple window with graphics similar to the original Classic Collection pack, designed to mimic the vintage toy packaging design. The problem comes with the character artwork used on both the front of the box and the back. The artwork for the turtle falls into an uncanny valley that almost resembles vintage artwork, but isn’t. But when you get to the Rocksteady and Bebop artwork, it’s less a matter of being slightly disappointed, and more like bootleg artwork trying to circumvent copywrite laws.

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sculpting – Shredder 2/10, Turtles 5/10, other 6/10 The four Turtles are the same sculpts as the 2012 release. And judged in a vacuum, while they’re showing their age, there’s still a lot to like. But a decade of advances in sculpting means the gap around the joint sticks out more than it should. And unlike when I checked it back in the day, it no longer exists in a vacuum. There are other items in this series for you to compare. And with the addition of four evils, scale has become a huge issue. Turtles should be short, about five feet tall. But they are the highest figures in the series. It’s not as flavorful as Rocksteady or Bebop, but it’s still dwarfed in size. And speaking of Shredder’s followers, time has taken its toll on their carvings as well. Unlike the Turtle, there is no large articulation gap. But after looking at releases from Super 7 and NECA, there is a noticeable lack of detail, especially in skin textures. But Rocksteady doesn’t have a sculpted shirt. The Triceraton is one of two new sculptures. And he almost became a great figure. Scale is even an issue. But my biggest problem is my lower body and crotch. In every incarnation of the Ninja Turtles, Triceratons are massive brutes. But the thin waist on this man does not suit this look. Shame too, because otherwise the figure is great, it just needs a stronger torso. Finally there’s Shredder. They did it right with Shredder. Her outfit looks great. There is little detail on his tunic. His blade will be a problem for some. It is square and very blunt, probably for safety reasons. But the big issue is with his head and face. I think they made the head too small, too round, and then put the helmet too far back. The results may look good from some angles. And from others it looks like they put a baby’s head on an adult’s body. And from another angle it looks really distorted. It seems to be growing on me though.

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo

Paint – Shredder 3/10, Rocksteady 4/10, others 6/10 The paint for all the classic figures in the collection is beautifully painted, but lacks any shading. The figures could definitely benefit from some extra color. But the only figure I really have a problem with is the color of Rocksteady’s pants and Shredder’s face. Again, the pants were the same gray as his skin tone. So he ends up looking like he’s not wearing pants. But the screw in Shredder’s face was really bad. They lost the tip of the eyebrow near his nose. And the color of the mask thins until the skin tone is visible on his nose.—

Articulation – Turtle 6/10 Triceraton 8/10, other 7/10 articulation for all figures is the same as the original release. And again, time and progress in action figure design in general has taken its toll. Turtles aren’t too bad. But they still retain their jointed toes and toes, which makes it very difficult for them to hold their weapons. After decades and over half a dozen uses of this mold, you’d think Playmates could put aside enough money to make some proper hands. They are more reserved with articulation for villains. But for Shredder, Bebop and Rocksteady, they’re always missing some of the articulation needed to make the most of what’s available. For Bebop and Rocksteady, this is the missing ankle joint. All the range of motion in their feet means little when the feet can only touch the ground in one position. For Shredder, the issue is a lack of bicep rotation which means Shredder can’t cross his arms across his chest. This makes Triceraton the clearest figure of the eight.

Accessories – Turtle, Bebop & Shredder 5/10, Triceraton 6/10, Rocksteady 7/10 Each figure comes with a display stand and several weapons. The stand is the same manhole cover mount they’ve included with this figure for years. It’s a nice touch, but the figure can easily stand on two legs without them and can’t stand on just one leg. So they are really not needed. The Turtles have all their weapons and can keep them in their belts. But keeping them is still an issue. Bebop only has one weapon, his gun. It’s attractive and a nice update to the original image. But just the unpainted accessories aren’t that impressive, especially when Rocksteady gets a rifle, a combat knife and a helmet. Shredder receives a variety of weapons based on the original game. But it all seems pretty generic. The Triceraton comes with an update to the original Triceraton figure’s weapons, a pair of guns. Even in this case, they are not so updated as they are simply scaled to fit the larger form.

Value – Don/Shredder and Raph/Triceraton set 7/10, others 5/10 This set is sold as a two-pack for $35 each. Considering that six of the eight figures sold individually for $15 to $20 nearly a decade ago, it’s amazing that they’re selling for essentially the same price years later. But the value will depend on whether you already have data from a previous version. The Donatello verse Triceraton set and the Raphael verse Triceraton set are the only sets where you are guaranteed to get at least one new figure.

Playmates Reveals Action Figures For Tmnt: Mutant Mayhem Movietoy World Magazine

Happy Hunting: A set of lyrics exclusive to Walmart. Leonardo Rocksteady and Michelangelo verses Bebop sets have hit store shelves and even now, in mid-January, I’ve seen new shipments appear in stores around the area. I had to order both sets of Donatello vs. Shredder and Raphael vs. Triceratone from Donatello’s verse Shredder set is still listed and can be found there. Bitte aktualisiere auf die neueste Edition.

For sale is a Michelangelo Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book figure. This figure was created in 2014 and was designed to resemble the original Mirage design. The figure is in excellent shape and has never been removed from the card. Card has some wear from time in storage. It still displays beautifully. This would be a great addition to any game collection.

Please see enlarged photos before purchasing, as well as a great list of vintage toys, art and funky pop culture. Just one low shipping fee no matter how many items you buy.

Playmates Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Toy Fair ’19: Playmates Toys Expands Rise Of The Tmnt Line

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There are some drawbacks, but the biggest problem is the size

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