Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Toy

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Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Toy
Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Toy

Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Toy – One of the great things about the Power Rangers Lightning Collection is that you never know where the latest invention will turn up. Take, for example, the Lightning collectible Dino Thunder White Ranger – which first appeared in a Malaysian store, then became widely available in UK stores before Hasbro properly acknowledged its existence. Fan favorite Power Rangers Dino Thunder Power Ranger has had a somewhat bumpy release, but it’s finally here at Walgreens exclusively in the US. Anton Mercer’s adopted son, Trent Fernandez initially appeared as a solo agent – teaming up with his father’s evil alter ego Mesocock against the Dino Thunder Rangers. When the evil within the White Dino Gem was finally destroyed, Trent teamed up with the other Guardians to defeat the Mezogak and help save his father.

As a store exclusive, the Dino Thunder White Ranger comes in a unique lightning collectible box instead of following the standard white color scheme of the mainstream releases. Of course, since white is his main color, Hasbro had to go a slightly different route and instead, the main color of the box is solid gray to make the mostly white artwork (and characters) stand out even more. The fearsome Dino Thunder white design and stunning red mask further evoke Tom Whalen’s legendary artwork, and it’s great to see another Power Rangers series joining the Lightning Collection with the Power Rangers Dino Thunder logo. Typically, the back is a CGI rendering of the image and weapon parts/effects, which are then placed inside the toy on a carefully crafted plastic tray.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Toy

Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Toy

Of course, fans saw the picture of the packaging and quickly noticed that there was something very unusual about this film. Although built into the helmet, the black outline around the visor is not drawn. It’s such an important detail that it throws this figure off right away, and many fans (myself included) were quick to chastise Hasbro for making such a big deal out of such a highly anticipated release. But Hasbro took them to their credit and not only admitted that the lack of black was a factory error, but promised to provide the correct helmet for free. All you have to do is contact Hasbro customer service and provide proof of purchase. Hasbro UK released the replacement heads very quickly, and as you can see, the added black makes a big difference to the overall figure. Unfortunately, it’s a case of “two steps forward, one step back” and although the visor can now be fixed, replacement heads come with another problem – the eyes are not on the good side. sorted. Granted, this is a less obvious issue, and how bad it is varies from issue to issue, but it’s strange how it suddenly came up when it wasn’t even a problem. However, the design of the alternate head was more than I expected from Hasbro, so I have to applaud their efforts.

The Replacement Dino Thunder White Ranger Head From Hasbro Is So Much Better

Given the difficulty of the interchangeable helmets, it’s easy to marvel at what a great job Hasbro has done with this version. The character is a fan favorite in both Power Rangers and Super Sentai – due to his status as the first Badass Ranger, but also due to his incredible white and black color scheme. It’s not often you see the Rangers sporting colors other than black, and even less so on a team member. The bright red mask and gold highlights give the suit a much-needed pop of color, and it’s no doubt a keeper that can be both foe and friend. White is the perfect shade to make the black areas thicker on the sides, while gold is a vibrant color, not the dull plastic color you often see. Naturally, at this size and price point, some details are left unpainted – namely, the Drago marble placed on the left arm. Still, it’s perfectly designed and engineered, so I applaud Hasbro for not completely missing this important detail. Similarly, the black triangles on the gloves are designed, but not painted, so if that’s a big problem for you, it’ll be more difficult to fix. These releases are easy to deal with, and if Hasbro misses something really obvious (or worse, advertises a painting project on a box without a figure) they should be called out on it, but at the price of the figure, it’s actually an impressive release.

The armor part is only held in place by wire on the back of the figure, so it’s easy to remove after removing the head. There aren’t any details down there that aren’t noticeable when the armor is on, but the paint job is at least consistent enough that the figure looks good even if it’s painted. It doesn’t match the other lightning collection figures because of the wire piece, but since it’s on the back, it’s not really visible.

We’ve now had a good look at what the Lightning Collection base body is capable of, but it’s always interesting to see how the extra parts of the suit, like Wyatt’s armor, affect articulation. Overall, the picture shows the following;

Ultimately, the only real limitation from this shield is when trying to raise the arms above a 90 degree angle. Even that raised collar doesn’t have any impact on the head and neck because it sits loose enough on the body that it can move around and out freely. The bit on those bifold elbows and knees is particularly satisfying, and the rocker movement from those joints is enough to ensure stability when the feet are planted. One thing to keep in mind is that the hamstring takes some work to move as fluidly as the rest of the body, but even if it’s a little stiff, the ball-jointed torso is very loose.

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Dino Thunder White Ranger comes bundled with two extra hands (two sets of hands in total and one pair holding a pair of hands), a replacement civilian head, a Draco sword and a translucent orange laser arrow effect part. In the show itself, Draco’s sword can switch between two different modes (known as trick and blade modes in Apparanger), but for this release, Hasbro has opted for only blade mode. Definitely the right decision if you’re only going to add one version, but looks a bit odd when worn due to the longer length – certainly nowhere near as ridiculous as the Geo Power Pod swords. The Drago Sword also lacks its blackness, and if you need to cut corners somewhere to meet the budget, this is the place to do it. The golden tones here look as flawless as they do in the film, and that’s what matters. The included laser arrow effect piece is pretty special, as it’s rare that we get an effect piece that’s unique to a figure, but also represents one of their signature attacks. It is a large orange web of electricity that shoots arrows that can be easily weaved through the sword. If the arms are pointed vertically, it can be a little difficult to hold a large weight, but with a little trick there are ways around that. While it lacks the universal qualities of some of the lightning collection effects released so far, it’s certainly one of the best.

The Lightning Collection civilian leaders have been pretty hit or miss, and with an already complicated helmet, Hasbro had to make it a winner. Fortunately, it is, and the head looks like Trent/actor Jeffrey Barrasso. Obviously, the trick is to choose a link that doesn’t have an open-mouthed smile, as headlines with a neutral expression work best. The features are all beautifully defined and most importantly, the character is instantly recognisable, making it a great alternative option for the show. The glamorous color palette of the dress makes even better use of the head.

It’s a shame it took so long to get this figure right, because if it was there to begin with, the Lightning Collection was a Dino

Power Rangers Dino Thunder White Ranger Toy

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