Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo
Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo – The Lightning Power Rangers Collection is one step closer to adding another team as the eighth wave of the main line of releases brings us the Zeo Green Lightning Collection. After the Power Coin and the Command Center are destroyed, Adam Park calls upon the power of the Zeo Crystal to become “stronger than ever” and defend the planet from the new threat of the Machine Empire. Although Adam first appeared in the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and remained until the cast change of Power Rangers Turbo, Hasbro chose his appearance in Power Rangers Zeo as their first release of this fan favorite.

Another entry in the main line of the lightning collection, Zeo Green Ranger comes in a standard box with a white background, featuring the always amazing art of Tom Whalen. Of course, in the usual form of Hasbro, the CG rendering of the box is not compatible with the image inside, but this time it includes some additional color applications, which we will discuss in the review. On one of the backs of the box you’ll find a repeat of this old artwork, while the other has the same piece going on from the front along with the Power Rangers Zeo logo. Open it up and you’ll find the set, full of accessories, neatly stacked on a molded plastic tray.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo

The fourth and final Zeo Ranger to be released, Zeo Green Ranger encapsulates the men in something we’ve never seen before. It’s worth noting that like the Red Ranger, Zeo Green doesn’t have the gold bands around the gloves that the Blue Ranger has. Based on the promotional images of the two figures, it looks like the upcoming Pink and Yellow Zeo Rangers will indeed have these coloring programs – so it’s good that Rocky won’t be so unusual (at least in terms of) , it’s a little disappointing that coloring apps can’t be consistent across the board. It’s a shame because everything else on this figure looks great – the shade of green used is perfect and all the other technical details (as well as the belt buckle with all the Zeo Ranger models) are perfect. The sculpting of the helmet is also very good, keeping the rectangular look as smooth as it should be, while carving the upper parts properly. The simplicity of Zeo suits is what makes them work so well, and that simplicity is also what’s so hard to get wrong. Apart from the two small gold colored rings, the toy is a nice looking toy.

My Shiny Toy Robots: Toybox Review: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo Cogs

The Lightning Bolt has been confirmed so far, and since it has performed well in all Power Rangers Zeo releases so far, you can bet it works well here as well. All Zeo Green Ranger features;

It’s really hard to think of how Hasbro could improve the body they have now, except maybe adjust the tailbone so the legs move back and forth. The Zeo Green Ranger has very strong elbows and bent knees, raised butterfly shoulders that move in/out, and fantastic, articulated ankles that keep the figure in flat feet. to put it down. When you push it, you can probably improve the body by using a ball neck and head (as Hasbro started to do with Star Wars Black Series figures), but with a helmet that mostly covers the neck, it’s not really necessary. Overall, this is a really fun figure to play and draw as it really shows off what the Lightning collection is capable of.

Zeo Green continues Hasbro’s course correction when it comes to the number of items, making Blue again feel like an incomplete release that we don’t know how or when we’ll fix. Overall, the figure comes with a pair of additional weapons (giving him one pair of hand-held weapons and one pair of fists that stick together overall), a Zeo Power Pod longsword, a Zeo laser pistol, a transparent green pistol unit, and finally his dual Zeo IV Power axes. As expected this time, only the extended version of the Sword Pod Power is included, so it looks pretty silly (not to mention wrong) in the bag. It’s a shame, but after the way it was in the previous two editions, it probably won’t change the rest of the team. After all, even if Hasbro fixed it, if other types of compacts were attached to someone else, the inconsistency would be disappointing. The Power Pod sword and laser gun are exactly the same as the ones that come with the blue and red Rangers – well detailed, but easily prone to paint scratches when held in those white hands. Another slightly questionable part of the figure is the laser blast effect part, which is just a color change that came with the Red Ranger (where it was light blue instead of green). While Hasbro will of course reuse parts with paint effects, it’s a shame that two Guardians from the same series have the same part. What certainly doesn’t disappoint are the Zeo IV Power Axes, which are beautifully designed with detailed colors. Best of all, the handles are also unpainted, so there won’t be any scratched paint. These might be the best instruments to come out of the Zeo team so far, which makes it very difficult that we don’t have Blue’s Zeo III Power Tonfas to go along with them.

The addition is, of course, a replacement head for Adam Park based on how the character appeared in Power Rangers Zeo. Future releases of Adam, like the upcoming Black Ranger metal armor or one of the Mighty Morphin or Turbo figures, will have different heads. Given how interchangeable the heads are, Hasbro did a great job making this one look like Johnny Yong Bosch. Even if that doesn’t look perfect to you, there is enough knowledge to identify who it is. Which is more than you can say for poor old Rocky, who really got the short end of the stick when it came to his Zeo body.

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo Yellow Ranger 6 Inch Actionfigur

The Lightning Zeo Green Ranger Collection is probably the best of the core group of Power Rangers (not counting the Gold Ranger) released so far, but it’s still a bit let down by a few inconsistencies and glitches that seem that they are bothering this season in particular. The missing paint programs of the gloves would not be such a problem if it was not one of the three (and the first ones to be released, a little) and repeating part of the effect inside the same team when Hasbro has more things and different. which are presented, which is a bit of a thought. Those gripes aside, the Zeo figures are still a great release overall – well detailed artwork and impressive construction. When they come with all the right accessories and a well-designed head, you can really see what Hasbro is capable of with this toy line. That’s four down and with the last two to see, I for one can’t wait to finish the Power Rangers Zeo line. These 6-inch figures from the Lightning Zeo Cog collection feature premium paint and decorative details inspired by the show, over 20 points of art to increase possibilities, mounting Cog weapons, additional heads with “open” a face, an effect part and an additional pair of hands in many ways to play or present. Go Go Power Rangers!

It’s time for morphine! From Dino Fury to the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers has brought teamwork, action and adventure to generations of fans. The legacy continues with Hasbro’s figures, vehicles, collectibles and role-playing games celebrating superheroes from Mighty Morphin to Dino Fury. Imagine all the Power Rangers action toys from Hasbro!

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zeo

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