Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha

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Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha
Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha – The toy line since the brand’s inception has been to treat the franchise’s uniquely American characters. Much of the early product was converted into Super Sentai merchandise, requiring all new molds for any American figure, and often still treated to a slightly lower quality than others. Also, considering their main supporting characters, characters like Alpha 5 and Zordon didn’t really set themselves up for characters that put a lot of “movement” into the “utility character”. Fortunately, everything works out for them under Hasbro!

, currently only available at Walmart, but only time will tell. Both are stylized in appearance

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha

. This package setup is nominally two packages, but it really works better as a single image with a large add-on, so I’ll treat it as such. Alpha is about 5 inches tall and has 27 points. There are a couple of Ranger joints missing here, but Alpha’s small stature gives him much of the movement he needs in a clumsy mess. Besides, Alpha wasn’t the most versatile character on the show; This figure can do more poses than the actual suit. As you’d expect, the all-new Alpha sculpt does a good job of taking Alpha’s design from the show and translating it into a linear style, avoiding looking too artificial. Take a good look at what you want to wear; There’s a reason Alpha’s new suit was made for both movies). Alpha’s breastplate and belt are floating elements, along with the white and gold guardian armor. They fit really well and don’t wobble too much when posing, so I don’t mind adjusting them. The Alfa’s paint job is a bit rough. It’s not terrible, but Hasbro could definitely do better. The tooling, especially for the yellow parts, is really messy, and my figure has a few noticeable scratches on the top of the head. Nothing image-destroying, but enough to be a bit annoying. Alpha is stuffed with his little robot-headed teddy bear, which he carries around in several episodes.

Lot15 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lightning Collection White Ranger Slayer New! 5010993731107

. It’s bleak, but fun. The flip side of this set is Zordon… well, the “picture” seems vague. It’s more of a show. He stands about 7 inches tall and is jointless just like the head in the tube. Not bad for a tubehead. The sculpture is able to capture the strange ripple effect it creates. It’s probably too small to scale properly, and the back is completely flat, so it’s only meant to be viewed from above. There is a backlight function (you need to supply three AAAs yourself), which is fine. I was hoping for some dialogue or sound or something, but it’s just entry-level stuff.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Alpha, but his characters have never done much for me. When I found out it was a Walmart exclusive, it was drastically reduced, but I was very excited to see it added to the line. Luckily Max was watching me and was able to catch me during one run. Alpha is a fun character and I love this little plush accessory. Zordon… Zordon is a big addition, and not even that great. I’d like to see them do more, but in the end it’s Zordon. He is the head in the pipe.

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The packaging remains exceptionally pleasing throughout the Lightning Collection series, and while at first glance the Zordon and Alpha combination looks like another winner, it’s actually quite bland compared to the previous one. Instead of featuring new artwork for the characters included in the set, the box front reuses the image of the five main Mighty Morphin Guardians, which gives the set a nice “team” look, but isn’t particularly unique. Strangely, no spine repeats this or any other graphics, instead only the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers logo and (on one side) an epilepsy warning (related to Zordon’s backlight) in multiple languages. On the back of the box, as usual, there is a picture of Zordon and Alpha and a small note saying that Zordon is glowing. The Alpha here looks exactly the same as it does on the box, but the Zordon looks more impressive than the actual product. When it’s opened, both sit neatly on a molded plastic tray.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha 5 (hasbro)

Alpha 5 is a staple of Power Rangers, and with his saucer-shaped head and catchy catchphrase, “Ay ay ay ay,” it’s no wonder he’s become a great robot character in a wide range of fiction. What an amazing job Hasbro did with this figure. You could argue that the shade of gold is a little brighter than the version used in the show, but it’s a color scheme that’s been used in Power Rangers games and media for decades, so it works well here. They really nailed the blue body color, a detail that isn’t easy to see in the series’ darkened Command Center photos. Alpha’s body has a number of patterns, especially on the chest, which features a thunderbolt symbol and various shields surrounding it. The abdomen features raised gold-painted molded details, while the arms are molded to give a tubular appearance. A few paint applications are missing here and there (chest shields and arms, for example), but they don’t ruin the look. The head sculpt is excellent as it is not only well proportioned but also has all the side detail. It’s a great look that matches the sculpt quality we’ve seen in the Lightning collection since its inception.

Appearance isn’t the only thing Alfa has going for him, as the character has the same expressiveness that has benefited other generations. All its features;

In terms of swivel elbows, Alpha is more similar to the female characters in the Lightning Collection, but unlike them, I don’t think she would benefit as much from double-jointed elbows. looks like he’d go it alone in a suit. However, while Alpha can perfectly pull off the crazy and disturbing poses that are required, he is also very expressive in other ways. You can put him in a lot of animated poses if you want, and he does it flawlessly. Despite such large feet, the ankle tilt is great for balance, and the various joints in the torso provide good range of motion for the upper half. I don’t know if I expected Hasbro to suddenly do less for Alpha Heroes, but I keep seeing it

Power Rangers Lightning Collection Zordon And Alpha

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