Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1

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Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1
Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1 – The Team Unites is the third episode of Power Rangers Samurai. This episode introduces the Samurai Rangers’ pre-planned battle against Master Candred and Niglok, who are looking to flood the world with the Sanzu River.

The Rangers are training, but Mike doesn’t sense Jaden and Kevin’s attack. Mike soon quit training to hang out with his friends and tell them about his troubles. However, fearing the humans, Sanzu attacks the city of Nigalok, a rafter sent by Master Candred to raise the river’s water level. Mike Roffer is no match for him, despite his Ranger appearance, as others arrive as the monster returns to rehydrate. Jaden explains to Mike that being a samurai ranger is an absolute sacrifice and that being a ranger is no joke.

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1

Power Rangers Samurai Episode 1

Mike must learn to distance himself from his friends and family. After thinking about it, Mike got an idea and started training himself while Jayden was in his training.

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The next day, when Rofer resumes his attack, Mike fights Niglock again, this time driving him around town and trapping him with his arms. Mike then executes the finishing move.

As Rofer recovers and grows, Mike activates his Mega Mode and Bear Foldingzord and completes Rofer himself. However, the other Rangers enter Mega Mode and help Mike and create the Samurai Megazord. The Rangers create the Samurai Megazord, but initially have trouble anticipating Rofar’s attacks. Jaden tells the team to keep calm and meditate. The Rangers use Mike’s tactics to trap Rofer’s arms again and hit the Samurai Punch.

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