Power Rangers The Movie Toys

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Power Rangers The Movie Toys
Power Rangers The Movie Toys

Power Rangers The Movie Toys – Featuring a premium design inspired by the series, this 6-inch tall Mighty Morphin Red Ninja Ranger figure from the Lightning Collection features over 20 points of articulation and interchangeable heads to represent rangers with and without a helmet. It also includes…

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Power Rangers The Movie Toys

Power Rangers The Movie Toys

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Jada Toys Power Rangers 1.65 Die Cast Metal

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Featuring a premium design inspired by the series, this 6-inch tall Mighty Morphin Red Ninja Ranger figure from the Lightning Collection features over 20 points of articulation and interchangeable heads to represent rangers with and without a helmet. Also included is a battle effect tile and an extra pair of hands to play with and show even more fun. Let’s Go Power Rangers!

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Power Rangers Mighty Morphin 30th Anniversary Red Ranger 6 Action Figure Hasbro Toys

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We will notify you of events such as low stock, stock replenishment, price drops or general reminders, so that you do not miss the deal. This past weekend hosted October’s MCM London Comic Con, and over the past few years the show has grown significantly in size. In addition to appearances from various anime and game distributors, the show now also features official representatives from Good Smile Company, Tamashii Nations and Bandai UK. This year Bandai UK was particularly notable as they brought an exclusive first look at some of the upcoming 2017 Power Rangers movie toys that will be released very soon. This lineup included the 6-inch Legacy figures (previously seen at cons like SDCC and NYCC), as well as the debut of the deluxe Red Ranger Power Sword, Morpher, and T-Rex Zord!

Read on for some quick iPhone shots of the items on display, as well as some general first impressions of each.

Power Rangers The Movie Toys

The Legacy series has already been a treat with new versions of the Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm and In Space teams, and now that quality continues in the 2017 film series! These 6-inch figures have around 18 points of articulation and are beautifully detailed with the texture strips found on the movie costumes. With no white to break up the solid color like the TV suits, the new look takes some getting used to, but at least the silver sections are there to give them some variety. We know from NYCC that the Red Ranger will include a Power Sword accessory, but what comes with the rest has yet to be revealed.

Bandai America Power Rangers Legacy Build A Megazord Pink Ranger Movie Toys ‘r Us Exclusive Action Figure

Of all the toys shown at Comic Con, these were definitely the winners as far as I’m concerned: affordable, yet well-detailed, with good articulation that will please kids and collectors alike. They may not be S.H. Figuarts quality, but Bandai has definitely closed the gap between the two in recent years to offer a viable alternative that doesn’t suffer from too much of a drop in quality.

RPG weapons are always a big deal when it comes to Power Rangers, so it’s no surprise to see the Power Sword among the first wave of movie toys. It is worth noting that this is a children’s RPG element, so it is quite small in size. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if a full-size replica for adult collectors comes out somewhere down the road, but at the moment this version doesn’t look particularly shabby either.

The sword was notable among those shown for being the only one to display some of its electronic properties, with the five blue LED lights running along the blade being activated at certain intervals. The prompts say the sword will have “training” and “battle” modes, each with different sound effects augmented by motion sensors.

The Power Morpher comes packaged with the five Power Coins (each with a faint image of its respective dinosaur that you can’t really see when not in the Morpher), which when inserted activate LED lights and sounds from the movie (none of they were shown in the event). On top of the Morpher is a rather annoying lever, which most have theorized will spin the coin and trigger the aforementioned sound effects.

Amazon.com: Sdcc 2022 Power Rangers 1995 Movie Minimates Box Set

While I certainly appreciate the more alien aesthetic that the movie Morpher is going for, it doesn’t change the fact that the toy looks pretty ordinary compared to its TV counterpart. Both the morpher and the coins don’t have much separate visual appeal, and the shiny gray plastic emphasizes the whole “toy” quality of the whole thing. With a better look at the electronics, this item might have a little more going for it, but simply as a showpiece, this was definitely the most underwhelming of the bunch.

The techno-organic aspect of these new zod movies has already managed to cause a major rift in the Power Rangers fandom. Some Zoids-style digs (complete with cockpit bubble) are the direction the zords have gone, while others are already writing them off as a Dinobot ripoff from Transformers: Age of Extinction . Personally, I’ll withhold judgment until we get a look at the actual CGI models, because when it comes to detail, this figure doesn’t offer much. For a fairly expensive figure (MSRP is around $40), there is quite a bit of detail missing both modeled and painted, with large sections of unpainted plastic. It does have a lot of features though, with three separate rocket launchers as well as a mouth cockpit capable of holding the 2-inch red ranger figure (included but not pictured or shown). The rocket launches won’t appeal much to collectors, but in terms of kid appeal, it’s a classic gimmick that has stood the test of time. The calls have also confirmed that the toy will have a sound feature, but this was not demonstrated at the event.

A good look at the Zord also confirmed that it is indeed a Megazord component, as it not only has a series of Zord Builder ports, but also has a (very poorly hidden) Megazord head in its chest. Like the T-Rex itself, the Megazord head appears to have very minimal paint applications, so we can only hope that this is just because it’s a prototype or Bandai has gone old school and will provide a sheet of stickers to give this guy a little more color.

Power Rangers The Movie Toys

One thing this figure has going for it is its size. The movie T-Rex comfortably takes up the length/width of a screen by itself, and is perhaps the largest Megazord component seen to date. The developers say the combined Megazord will be 24 inches tall, so that’s no surprise

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