Power Rangers Time Force Movies

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Power Rangers Time Force Movies
Power Rangers Time Force Movies

Power Rangers Time Force Movies – Power Rangers Time Force (often abbreviated as PRTF) or Time Force is the ninth season of Power Rangers based on the Super Sentai Mirai Sentai Timeranger television series. The series follows a group of vigilantes from the distant future who protect the timeline from the criminal Ransik.

Power Rangers Time Force was designed by the writers to be more adult-oriented and to deal with serious topics such as racism and bigotry. For this reason, mutants were made outcasts of society, hated only for their appearance and treated so cruelly that they were forced to become terrorists. However, due to pressure from executive producer Jonathan Zachor to add more Timeranger material, they were reportedly forced to copy many plot points from the Japanese series.

Power Rangers Time Force Movies

Power Rangers Time Force Movies

According to the actors, casting and acting in Time Force was very enjoyable and they still value these roles. Jason Faunt had auditioned for Power Rangers since 1998 when he auditioned for the role of Andros which eventually went to Christopher Hyman Lee, but was hired in his fourth audition to play both Wesley Collins’ Red Ranger and his offspring Alex Drake. and. Erin Cahill was cast as Jan Scotts after waiting eight months before being called for the final audition she was cast in. Michael Copon grew up watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and moved to Los Angeles just a year before signing with a modeling agency. However, they thought he would be a good actor, and his first acting role was in Lucas Kendall. Kevin Kleinberg became Trip right out of high school and wore a wig because his character had green hair and didn’t want to dye his real hair. Deborah Estelle Phillips also grew up watching the show and was surprised to see it was still airing before auditioning and landing the role of Yellow Ranger Kathy Walker. According to Philips, the reason why her character was usually portrayed as oblivious to her powers was because of her decision, as her powers were only shown when it was convenient for the plot of some episodes. Daniel Southworth (who later became a very successful voice actor) was already known to Saban, having played various Red Rangers in live performances for six years, and was also a stuntman on Lightspeed Rescue, so he was offered the role.

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The Time Force villains were very different from their Timeranger counterparts. One of the major changes from Sentai was the antagonists. In Timeranger, Don Dolnero was the main antagonist with Leela/Nadira and Hyena/Frax serving him, but Gluto became the typical goofy comic book villain. Also, the Timeranger’s real main antagonist was Captain Ryuya Asami, who freed the Londers family/mutants to try to change the past to prevent his death during the Great Doom. Since no footage depicting Ryuya as evil could be used as he was a fully human villain, Ransik was created. Veteran Australian actor Vernon Wells was asked to audition for Ransik and got the role, despite not knowing what the Power Rangers were and thinking it was “sort of SpongeBob with voice acting.”

According to Faunt, his roles were shot back-to-back as he went from playing Wes in one scene to Alex in another and vice versa. Whenever he was in a scene where Alex and Wes were present, a stunt man was used, and in shots where there were no two characters in the frame, he acted under a stick. The team of Robot Circuit (voiced by the prolific voice actress Brianne Siddall in her last role in Power Rangers) hails from the Timeranger. However, they had to create a brand new prop for Time Force as the prop was useless once shipped. The clock tower underlying Rangers was chosen early in production, with interior props found by production designer Julie Bolder, and the tower’s famous clock face was actually a working clock. Bolder was also the designer of the cryoprison; the place where all cryogenically frozen mutants were kept, which later became Ransik’s base of operations in the past. One of the most famous elements of Time Force was the relationship between Jen and Wes; a shift from bitter, ill-concealed anger and a desire to make a good impression on the tragic lovers. According to Jackie Marchand, the producers forced the writers to hide behind romantic couples because they felt the kids wouldn’t like them, but this time they decided to remove that restriction.

Eric’s doppelgänger, Naoto Takizawa, originally died during the End of Time equivalent, which was originally intended to happen to Eric as well. The scene was filmed, but there are two versions of what happened next. First the scene was shown to an unknown producer and he didn’t like the scene so he had it changed. Second, they filmed two versions of the scene; the death scene and the scene where he lived because they feared Fox wouldn’t like the death scene. In the latter case, it is said that Fox preferred the option where Eric lived, and therefore Saban chose this scene. Whatever was true, the death scene was cut out and a live Eric scene was inserted in its place.

Midway through the episode of Time Force, shortly after the episode “Destiny Defeated” aired, the events of September 11, 2001 took place. all previous episodes had removed shots of exploding buildings, most notably the “Shadow of Time” shot on two World Trade Center-like buildings. As a result, on September 11, the series’ third episode (“Ransik Lives”) was completely removed from the schedule and never aired again. This was because the episode revolved around Ransik threatening terrorists and Frogh destroying buildings. So, it was not possible to remove the problematic elements and they were forced to remove them.

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This was the last series to air entirely on Fox Kids since Disney bought out Wild Force shortly after the episode “The Master’s Last Stand”, moving it to Jetix, which later became Disney XD. According to Daniel Southworth at Power Morphicon 2007, due to the popularity and relationship between the crew and the cast, the second season was almost ready. However, due to the Disney buyout, all plans had to be canceled as they wanted to start over without worrying about succession.

Mutants on the run from the far future flee to the present to unleash a wave of crimes against a defenseless world, but the futuristic police force known as the Power Rangers travels through time to save the past, present and future.

Legend: ◆ manned zord, ★ combat zord; the colors refer to the guards who pilot them, not the physical color of the zords.

Power Rangers Time Force Movies

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