Psalm 23 Coloring Page

Psalm 23 Coloring Page

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The “Creative Bible Experience” is about Psalm 23 and the hope that comes from knowing the Lord as our Shepherd. This psalm is considered a song of trust because it clearly expresses the Lord’s trust in us, in his beloved sheep. Although I didn’t grow up in a church, I totally understand why little ones are encouraged to memorize Psalm 23 in Sunday school or vacation Bible camp. Hiding this psalm in your heart…or any other verse…allows God to come to your mind to encourage your heart when you need it most!

Psalm 23 Coloring Page

Psalm 23 Coloring Page

Psalm 23 visuals are perfect for writing in your Bible or art journal or canvas. And my goodness…I had the most amazing vision of the Psalm 23 quilt! you see Probably… because the pictures are so beautiful. Picture words are so powerful. We are invited to walk as sheep with our shepherd Jesus through lush green pastures full of flowers…I imagine daisies swaying in the wind…and to lie down and rest by a gently flowing stream. If I close my eyes for a moment, take a deep breath, and imagine myself there, peace comes over me…the peace of knowing that I am in the Lord’s care. Okay…your turn!

Psalm 23 Wallpapers

If you’re tracing the bookmark in the Bible and have a more open area like mine…consider creative ways to lay it out on the page. Try adding some extra flowers. Or slide the bookmark under the page to duplicate the flowers and butterfly like I did in my Bible shown above. Just remember… take deep breaths as you trace and paint and remember that God is watching over you to keep you safe and calm no matter what your situation is! Find more instructions and inspiration here.

I hope you enjoy the coloring pages I made for this chapter, but when it comes to coloring, I often get asked, “where do I start?” or “how do I choose a color palette?” Coloring pages and bookmarks are great visuals for answering this question. As for me… I usually don’t choose my full color palette before coloring. I’ve found that it’s easiest to start with what you already know. Painting my leaves green is always the easiest to start. Maybe a variety of greens, but I mostly want greens, that’s what I’m starting with. Now this image has a green meadow, so I decided to make my meadow a light green and the leaves a darker green, alternating the greens as I go up the image. Or you can be even more creative and paint each grass “stripe” a different shade of green!!

What else do we see when we look at this page? We have water! Now we’re not talking muddy Mississippi, so like me, I think you’re picturing the blues… maybe more water, or maybe a soft baby blues, but we usually see water as blue. So next time I will. In this case, I drew the water into the image for a fun creative touch, alternating light and dark blues, but again, you can add lots of blue and go from light to dark along the horizon. Ok… I can see a potential problem where the water meets the sky, but I’ve already decided to start with purple on the horizon and blend it to a light blue behind the lettering.

So the point is to start with what you already know! With that in mind…once you paint what you already know, you’ll see the bigger picture and then have fun picking out the other colors! Its flowers can be pink, purple, yellow, or red, which helps you decide which color of border and butterflies work best. One step at a time. Simple choices.

Coloring Pages For Kids By Mr. Adron: Printable Coloring Page, Psalm 23:4 The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

, you already have a full page coloring page and bookmark layout. If you don’t have a book and just want a coloring book and a bookmark… I’ve created a digital printable collection that includes a note card. I thought it would be a lovely way to share personalized hand painted words of comfort and hope with someone you know. You can find it here in my Etsy shop.

I make my scripture printables with five bookmarks per page in hopes that you will feel free to share them. Invite some friends and organize a colorful party! Or share them with a women’s Bible study or children’s Sunday school class. And I love the idea of ​​transitioning into a nursing home…so many women LOVE to paint.

I hope you take the time to memorize this verse as you paint so that you can remember God when you need Him most!

Psalm 23 Coloring Page

ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Crossway (the red one like mine is no longer available, but I have this nice teal edition!)

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