Queen Of Hearts Coloring Page

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Queen Of Hearts Coloring Page – My Queen of Hearts coloring page is ready! I think this might be my favorite so far!

The costume she wears is definitely my favorite. But that wasn’t the one I was going to draw, lol! This design keeps creeping into my “drawing zone” – lol in the margins of my notebook pages while I’m working on something else!

Queen Of Hearts Coloring Page

Queen Of Hearts Coloring Page

The V-shaped pieces of fabric at the waist are a detail I WANT to make a pattern and add to a tailcoat jacket! But this is exactly the kind of insanely time-consuming project that I currently have no talent for (which is probably why I want it so badly!)

Lizzie Hearts Coloring Page

I had a sketch of a dress that I planned to wear for her… And I nodded at it. This is a practical model for which I already have a model. It will be beautiful and won’t take much time. Lol, my muse values ​​the exact opposite criteria!

Then, in a very stereotypical artistic impulse, I erased it and drew what I wanted! And here it is:

This is the first coloring page from the Alice in Wonderland series that I’m going to draw! I’d say expect some new stuff to come out next week, but lately I’ve been struggling with being on time with them. Haha, corona times are a lot different for me than most people – I hear everyone talking about all the free time they have and think, “If only!”

The next coloring page is a scene in the forest where the Hatter is having a tea party! I have all the images in my head – and I just need to put them on paper. 🙂

Paint The Roses Red Adult Coloring Page

Ordering Information Are you out of size or need something other than what is listed? If you can catch me at the right moment, I will offer this item as a custom order! It’s not available to order right now, but enter your email address below and I’ll contact you when it happens: Alice in Wonderland is a classic Disney film loved by many generations. Today we are sharing some free printable coloring pages inspired by Alice in Wonderland. Feel free to print our Queen of Hearts coloring pages from your home or school computer. The Queen of Hearts is especially fun to color on Valentine’s Day.

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Disney themed activity sheets are some of our favorite things to share on our blog. These coloring pages are free to use by clicking and printing. Below are some hard to find symbols that you can print and click. The coloring pages below are Disney inspired and drawn by me.

Queen Of Hearts Coloring Page

Disney’s animated film Alice in Wonderland was first released in 1951. Lewis Carroll’s beloved fantasy story is brought to life in this classic Disney film. When Alice (Catherine Beaumont), a troubled young British girl, falls down a rabbit hole, she finds herself in a magical world. There he meets a strange cast of characters, including the grinning Cheshire Cat (Sterling Holloway) and the goofy Hatter (Ed Wynn). When Alice finds herself in the court of the tyrannical Queen of Hearts (Verna Felton), she must stay on the ruler’s good side or risk losing her head.

Queen Coloring Pages Printable For Free Download

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