Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me

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Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me
Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me

Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me – For less than a trip to the cinema, you can have access to a luxury Italian car. Take up? It’s 10 minutes

Imran Azad said that Lamborghini should have an exit strategy when it gets the Urus. “First, make sure the driver pulls into a warm place, which means a place like Hans Crescent near Harrods. With the music pulling, the windows should be down. When you get out of the car, stop and look inside as if to check. you leave nothing behind.

Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me

Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me

“At the same time, the driver who wears casual clothes, who can call his family or his spouse, has a smile, he always leaves something. The point is to show his friend or partner, but also the observers , that this world of Harrods and supercars. is your world.”

Lamborghini Urus 2022 (yellow)

Imran told me this from the back seat of the Urus he hired for a few minutes. The problem is that when I get the strategy of the time, there are only a bunch of developers, known for their jaded cynicism, who look. I abandoned my planned pick-pocketing strategy and jumped to the far side of the car to talk to the driver, Imran and James, who looked like a billionaire businessman busy with his next deal.

In fact, more than just a driver, James Downham is director of operations at the Urus. It’s called HYPR and describes itself as the Uber for supercars. In addition to the hot car, the company boasts the Lamborghini Aventador, the Mercedes-AMG G63 and the Rolls-Royce Wraith. It only works in borough 1 of central London.

Imran is a customer; One of the 100 people accepted by the Downham company as members of the new, exclusive service, each paying a monthly subscription of £100, plus driving credits (600 more waiting to join). Fares start at £35 for a ten minute journey on the G63.

The 20-year-old works with his father in developing the property, pre-post supercar HYPR eight times a week. “I’m frustrated with the traditional driving experience,” he said. “HYPR is much more relaxed and the drivers know exactly where to drop you off for maximum exposure.”

Lamborghini Urus Mansory Rental In Dubai, Uae

The Lamborghini Supercar game is facing some of the toughest tests in the business. Wherever you go, the sleep is strong, while still being very clear and bearable

The Wraith is perfect for client meetings, he says, while the Aventador is perfect for trips to Harrods or Selfridges for a new pair of shoes. Urus or G63 is the choice for nights out with friends in Berkeley Square. The “convoy” function in the HYPR app allows customers to reserve two Lambos, for example, for maximum impact.

Apart from the thrill of getting into something like the Aventador, Imran feels that the HYPR experience is value for money. “I could rent a Toyota Prius from Uber, but I only save myself £20,” he said. “Every link I refer gives me a discount on my next trip.”

Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me

HYPR is the brainchild of 35-year-old entrepreneur Matt Blanchard, who built the company’s fancy app that mimics Uber’s features and functionality. He is a Liverpudlian who was inspired by his father to create a high-profile communications career.

Rent Lamborghini Urus Black In Miami

Blanchard said: “He was a car enthusiast, and before he died he told me that in the future people will not own, they will rent. I think about it, the car companies want to seen as a sign of life. The idea of ​​renting a large car was born, but no one has rented it; on the contrary, to a specific customer who works in the world of music, movies, sports, fashion, etc. These people want to connect with the youth car brand.

“The advantage for those looking is that, with rates starting at £35, HYPR allows young people to experience the supercar and the culture that surrounds it. So if you are in your 20s and buy a lot from Harrods in Saudi Arabia and Palm Angels, you might as well be a HYPR person.” …

HYPR’s vision as a lifestyle brand is why Blanchard and his small team (Downham and Chief Product Officer Humza Rajput) also created HYPR merchandise, including shoes, laptops, phone cases and essentials available at Harrods.

Blanchard first came up with the idea for the high-end charity project in 2018. He went to Downham and then worked with a car rental company, also racing on the weekends and teaching others about music, for an investor video of he plans for a Lamborghini Huracon. shooting Downham likes the business idea, but best of all, he thinks he knows the perfect investor: a young pharmaceutical billionaire based in the UK and a friend of racing. They show the film and the company’s business plan.

Purple 2022 Lamborghini Urus For Rent In Miami

“The movie touched him on an emotional level,” says Blanchard. “He is connected and has proven to be a very patient and generous supporter.”

It should be. It took three months to develop a HYPR compliant application, but 12 to get the vehicles approved by Transport for Business and London. Your five drivers each have a private hire license. The suspension gave HYPR time to establish itself, giving free tours to young leaders Virgil Abloh (artistic director of Louis Vuitton), Alec Monopoly (street artist and car nut), and the Martinez Brothers (DJs and producers). and rappers French Montana and Saint John.

Downham gets the cars – all new and black. “We are in time,” he said, “because under the new rules that TfL launched in January 2020, rental vehicles for everyone up to eighteen months must be zero emission, while those over 18 months old must meet the Euro 6 standard. ” Fortunately, there are 18-month Uruses and G63s that may come in the future.

Rent Lamborghini Urus Near Me

HYPR is a million miles away from traditional chauffeur services. Drivers wear black tops and pants, and the app’s comment box lets customers specify the music they want, at the volume they want, and there’s no help to open the door. On this last point, drivers are encouraged to be close and friendly, at least to strangers, whether they and their passengers are spouses.

Mieten Sie Ein Lamborghini Urus (rot), 2019 Id 00645 In Dubai

As for the last step, the engine repair, Downham said: “We are losing our TfL licence. The most important thing is 3,500 hours. ” Imran will have to turn up the music.

With Lamborghinis and Mercedes-AMGs, the HYPR is unique in its driving range. A trip from Selfridges to Harrods in Russia is around £40 (without the £100 monthly subscription). Meanwhile, if you don’t plan on shelling out for an S-Class or a Rolls-Royce, there are other equipment-based alternatives that don’t require a membership…

Addison Lee: The popular taxi company has added a welcome bonus to its service, with an E-class taxi ride from Selfridges to Harrods costing £27.50 a mile.

Uber Lux: Transportation is offered in vehicles such as Bentley Flying Spurs, Range Rovers and Jaguar XJs. A trip from Selfridges to Harrods starts at £18.

Rent Lamborghini Urus In Ibiza

Wheely: Wheely at London 2017, offering the ultimate chauffeured experience. Business (Mercedes-Benz E-Class), Premium (S-Class) and XL (Mercedes-Benz V-Class). Selfridges to Harrods from £16.

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