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Replicas – Keanu Reeves is a cinematic stand-up man. Sometimes it gets quieter around him and then he reappears to dominate the cinema. After a long hibernation, he once returned with The Matrix and was in high demand in Hollywood. Then it became quiet around him again, until he again returned to the Olympus of leading actors with John Wick.

Since then, the affable 54-year-old Beirut-born man has had no complaints about film orders. In Replicas , the mime once again ventures into sci-fi territory that he should be no stranger to since The Matrix and Johnny Mnemonic .



) is a brilliant neuroscientist on the verge of a scientific breakthrough. He attempts to transfer the spirit of a dead soldier into a synthetic body. And it almost seems that the test execution is successful.

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But only almost: the subject does not accept his artificial shell and tears himself apart. A costly failure for stressed scientists. Because the boss threatens to terminate the expensive project. Investors want results or the money supply will be shut down forever.

However, William has a long weekend ahead of him. A family outing that quickly ends when everyone dies in a car accident. Everyone except him. A genius neuroscientist still manages to preserve his family’s memories digitally. But he needs the bodies to bring his family back. A procedure that never worked.

), who knows about body cloning. Unfortunately, not everyone can be revived. Four people have only three tanks. William has to decide who gets a chance and who doesn’t. A choice no loving husband and father should ever have to make.

After countless hours of suffering, countless lies at work and many worries, his loved ones finally open their eyes again. Everything seems perfect. But Dr. Foster and his colleagues soon face real problems.

Movie Review: Accept No Substitute, Even Though Keanu Likes To Make “ Replicas”

), which soon introduces interference. The race against time begins. Can William save his family? Does he deserve a second chance at happiness?

The reproduction is lived by its main actor, Keanu Reeves, who carries the film almost single-handedly. The camera is always on him. His sorrow, his sorrow, his suffering. Everything is captured in large, close-up shots. Always authentic and emotionally understandable.

But his colleague Ed gets nervous pretty quickly. His constant taunting is really annoying. Yes, a plan to revive a family using stolen equipment and an illegal procedure is a risky proposition. But you don’t have to say it’s a bad idea in every sentence. Either he helps William or he doesn’t. Sometimes it gets a little too much for the viewer.


In the last act, the tension can be significantly increased by director Jeffrey Nachmanoff, otherwise known only as a screenwriter or for television productions. For the most part, though, Replicas is a fairly quiet thriller that takes a lot of time to tell. Sometimes, though, more exciting interludes would do to give this movie a little more dynamism. So the daily excuses for work, power fluctuations, and software issues are the biggest distractions in an otherwise fairly quiet movie.

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Unfortunately, aside from Keanu Reeve’s solid acting, the film can only be considered mediocre. Sci-fi fans will still get their money’s worth. However, Replicas certainly did not become a masterpiece.

When he was 14, his parents made a major mistake and equipped their children’s room with a television and a matching VCR. Since then, his own video collection has steadily grown. Now the resident of Lepsi can no longer save himself from DVDs and Blu-rays and accumulates film after film in his small room.

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Replicas That I Clone

Neuroscientist Will Foster is about to succeed in transferring human consciousness to a computer. His wife and three children die in a tragic road accident. In desperation, Will enlists his lab colleague Ed to help him clone the bodies of his loved ones and create copies using all of their old memories. A government regulator is quickly coming to grips with its banned and highly controversial machinations…

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