Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings

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Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings
Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings

Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings – Sega’s dreams of increasing exposure to NFT and blockchain technology seem to be fading. (Photo: Eugene Gologursky, Getty Images)

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Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings

Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings

The streaming episode will cover. We have a difficult period, give or take a few thousand years. Heck, we just recently got a name – Rings of Power – which just tells us this is it

Amazon’s Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power Is Boldly Going Where J.r.r. Tolkien Didn’t

Amazon has officially released a series of character posters that showcase just a few of the vast, vast population of Middle-earth set to appear in

. Here’s the twist though: we have very little idea who everyone is, since the character posters don’t come with a character’s name. Each one is also just a snapshot of their chest and arms. Which, okay,

, in an episode about Sauron’s shaping of the rings of power, those hands are pretty important. They don’t really tell us that much… but when has that ever stopped us from speculating wildly before? Let’s look at some loving pictures of Tolkien’s people.

Our first poster is one of several with hands covered in gold dust, which makes sense here as this is, given the rune hammer and long beard, one of the dwarves. We know that one of the side effects of the rings of power granted to the Seven Dwarf Lords was that they desired to amass great wealth, making them the ultimate target of the gold-hoarding dragons.

King Ring Lord Of The Rings Ring 6mm

This mysterious figure holds a golden staff atop a very interesting city – a skyline dominated by a golden tower. If this could be the scepter of Annuminas – the capital of the kingdom of Arnór, which means “tower of the west” in Sindarin – then it could be the hands of Elendil, the only survivor of the Númenorians who escaped the destruction of the island kingdom, and who continues to be a very important figure in the alliance between Elves and Men to overthrow Sauron.

Whoever that person in red is, they open a scroll that contains some Sindarin – the language of the elves.

There are many notable individuals in Midgard who are blessed with the gift of the bow, so trying to guess who it is is like shooting arrows into a much, much larger pile of arrows. But the scars and ornately carved leaf-clad armor seen here could at least indicate that this is a Sylvan Elf, or Wood Elf, one of the elven subspecies that was separated from the other elven subspecies for thousands of years, before reuniting with them . in the second century.

Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings

There are still more mysteries to be had as all we have to go on here is a well-hewn sickle. The dresses aren’t as ornate as the others we’ve seen, so this could be a lower-status farmer or merchant of some sort.

The Rings Of Power” Is True To Tolkien’s Mythmaking Spirit

The interesting hilt suggests an ancient sword – and sure, we know it’s the symbolically broken and reforged blade of Narsil, Elendil’s sword, but this show is set before that, so that’s probably not what we’re seeing here.

The sword is full of equestrian iconography that we know is deeply connected to one human kingdom in particular in Middle-earth: Rohan and his horse lords. But Rohan wasn’t founded until the third century, and the descendants of the Rohirrim, the Éothéod, also came into existence in the third century, so it probably isn’t them. Further descendants like the northerners of Rhovanion? Or just someone else

Again, this is clearly not meant to be someone of high status, given the state of their clothing and intact hands. The adventure probably refers to a nutritional supplement – and maybe kind of. Hobbits as we know them as Shirefolk in

They didn’t move into that area of ​​Middle-earth until the beginning of the Third Age, so this could be one of their ancestors. We know the show wants to introduce at least one such faction, the Harfoots.

The Rings Of Power’: Why I Couldn’t Be More Excited For The Lord Of The Rings Show

First as a kind of wand – which might make you conjure up images of Istari, conjuring wizards who were with Gandalf, but the Second Age is too early for their arrival. That and the description of this poster signed by Amazon Studios itself on social media describe it as “some sort of primitive agricultural implement.”

Another food source, similar to that of the oak – and given the enormous size of these berries, this seems to be at least one of the smaller races of Middle-earth. Another Harfoot? Maybe a dwarf who really likes fruit? Hard to say.

Another mysterious scroll-wearing person, but at least here the text on her is clearly not Sindarin, so it’s probably not an elf.

Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings

Whoever this is, we don’t even have any tools or implements to connect them to, other than the clothes they’re wearing. So no idea who that might be, other than the fact that they might be closer to commoners than high society.

Ranking The New Characters On Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power

There’s not much going on here, except for the thick rope this character hoists over their shoulders. A wild guess: maybe this is Cirdan, shipwright, lord of the port city of Gray Havens and eventual owner of one of the three elven rings of power, Narya? They

It seems to be a big day for fruit lovers in Middle-earth (no cherry tomatoes, much to Denethor’s chagrin). Again, modest clothing here suggests a person of lower status than many of the clothed people on these posters.

All fans of course know about the White Tree of Gondor at the top of Minas Tirith, but the Gondorian people, the Numenoreans, had a tree similar to these trees (there were actually four white trees in Gondor, including one that Aragon found after the future King Elesar) descended from : Nimlota, who grew up at the court of the king in the capital Armenelos. Its own blossoms were said to scent the city when white blossoms appeared on the tree at sunset – and Nimloth was eventually destroyed by Sauron in the Fall of Númenor in the Second Age.

To dwell a little longer on Númenór, the large amount of gold all over this man could indicate that we are looking at Ar-Pharazôn, the last king of Númenór, also known as Ar-Pharazôn the Golden. Ar-Pharazôn had fallen prey to Sauron’s suggestions when Númenor captured the Dark Lord and brought him to an island in prison and was persuaded to rise up against the Val and sail a powerful fleet into the western lands of Valinor. Choices and well,

Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

, they weren’t too happy about this, and Eru Ilúvatar immediately smashed the fleet, sank Númenóri and … turned the flat world of Arda into a sphere? Yes.

Then again, the more intricate gold decorations here could point to someone in Ar-Pharazon’s court – perhaps even, judging by the jewels on the bracelets and sprinkled in their robes, Tar-Míriel (which means “Jewel-Daughter” in one of the Elven languages ​​​​, Quenya), whom Ar-Pharazôn not only married, but was forced to change her name to Númenorean, Ar-Zimraphel, after Sauron sowed the seeds of discord against the Elves on Númenor while he was “imprisoned” there.

But maybe they aren’t Tar-Míriel – and the person with the white flower on the other character’s poster, covered in gold decorations, might be. The gold dust on their hands seems to at least possibly hint that this person could be related to the dwarf we saw in the previous poster instead.

Ring Of Power Lord Of The Rings

The mysterious book held by this person is covered with an intricate water pattern, a fish on top of waves. But apart from that and the relatively plain dress here, your guess as to who it might be is as good as ours.

The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

Another relatively plain image, but the patterns on the cloak could be quite interesting – it’s covered in eight-pointed stars, the emblem of House Fëanor. Fëanor and his descendants were Noldorin elves who fell from grace after Morgoth stole the Silmarils, powerful gems forged by Fëanor, in the First Age. Most of House Fëanor disappeared during that time, but we know of one

An important descendant lived into the Second Age: Celebrimbor, a craftsman whom Sauron would eventually convince to help him create the Rings of Power.

Well, whoever this is sure likes sun pictures – suns on their chests, suns on their chests, hell, there’s even a sun on the paper itself. Perhaps, given their name’s association with the Quenya word for “sun”, there is a connection to Anárion, one of Elendil’s sons – and one of the few Númenóreans to resist Sauron’s corruption in the island nation’s fall.

Much less armored but still covered in sunmarks – this person could be related to the previous poster, but given our wild guess that it was mostly based on the meaning of Anárion’s name, the sun motif might not make as much sense as someone else from Elendil’s Family.

The Rings Of Power’: What To Know Before You Watch Amazon’s New ‘lord Of The Rings’ Series

This detailed armor is beautiful, but the most striking thing here is the blade in this person’s hands – absolutely

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