Russian Shows With English Subtitles

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Russian Shows With English Subtitles
Russian Shows With English Subtitles

Russian Shows With English Subtitles – What to watch on Russian TV (with a bonus list of Russian TV series with English subtitles at the Hatfield Library)

If you find yourself in Russia and want to spend a nice evening with a slice of pizza in one hand and a remote control in the other, what do you do? For a long time, Russian television has been used as a platform to push the “official” political agenda in all kinds of talk shows and news. The fact that the major television networks are state-owned probably has something to do with it. Many shows and game series are copies of foreign (mostly American and British) originals. Some achieve great success nationally and are featured in “The Voice” and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Such as reaching a consistent audience over a long period of time. (“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”); some are pathetic attempts to copy something that should have been preserved (like the edit of “How I Met Your Mother” aka “Kak ya chast vashu mamu”. You’ll want to cut your eyes out in two minutes).

Russian Shows With English Subtitles

Russian Shows With English Subtitles

Although Russian original series are on par with American series in terms of quality, they fail to deliver the story most of the time. Notable examples are historical dramas and adaptations of classic Russian literature. For example, based on “Melting”, 2013 (“O uppel”), 2008 (“Stylish”), and “First Circle”, 2006 (“В круге перовму”), directed by “Hipsters” director Valery Todorovsky. Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s novel of the same name. They tend to win a ton of TV awards, rightfully so, and are widely viewed by all major audiences. But they tend to be short miniseries that end too quickly.

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Tech-savvy and English-savvy youngsters are catching up on American TV hits and will be impressed with their in-depth knowledge of all the Game of Thrones murders and Grey’s Anatomy romantic twists. you may be shocked).

The answer is yes. However, in my opinion, there are very few shows that you can watch and still feel like entertainment that is worth your time.

I would like to briefly discuss three of the television creations that have emerged only (or exclusively) from Russia: the competitive version of SNL called “KVN” (“KVN” competitive “Клуб весолых и находчивых” translates as “Club of fun and inventive people” ); “What? Where? When?” is an intellectual game that inspires clubs and competitions from high school to college level. (“What? Where? When?”); and a talk show with Larry King’s weight and Oprah Winfrey’s piercing eyes, Vladimir Posner (“Poor”).

“KVN” is a TV game where teams (usually representing universities from Russian regions and former republics of the USSR) compete to prove that they are the funniest and smartest. “KVN” has been played every calendar year since the 1960s. At the beginning of the year, teams compete in the ¼ and ½ finals, usually shown around New Years. In each game, four teams present skits and skits in different formats, such as comic stories, mini-musicals, shootouts, etc., and the jury chooses the team that shows the best humor, theater and musical skills. KVN is recognized as a creative outlet for political satire and topical social commentary. In recent years, it has not worked as well as it used to.

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Titled “Sunburn”, the KVN team performs a skit about a missing girl who can’t remember her memory.

“What? Where? When?” Another show that originally originated in Russia and has been running since the mid-1970s. It has become an elite club of intellectuals whose vast knowledge, intuition and vehemence can influence anyone. In each game, teams of six people sit at a round table and try to answer questions sent to the studio of the country they want to participate in, and the questions can be on any topic (the host of the game pre-selects the most difficult and interesting questions). After the question is announced, the team has one minute to discuss and come up with an answer. They have to rely only on their experience and logic, and the correct answer gives them a point. If the team does not answer correctly, the author of the question earns a certain amount of money (up to 150 thousand rubles, or $ 2700 per question). The game is played until the “experts” or the “public” reach six points. “What? Where? When?” It’s fun to watch. and see how the “experts” found the correct answer in 59 seconds, they didn’t know what it was in 1 second, and guessed the answer yourself, seeing how you were right and missed you. The televised game inspired a worldwide movement with more than 21,000 teams playing in tournaments of all ages and experience levels.

Finally, if you want to spend time with a good conversationalist and his interlocutor (he is usually a prominent figure in the world of art or politics, Russian and foreign. Hillary Clinton appeared on his talk show in 2010), tune in every word. In “Posner”. Vladimir Pozner will help you find out who the person sitting next to you is in sixty minutes. Ask questions to understand the visitor’s inner motivations, values ​​and character, not just their biographical facts. He likes to use a Proust quiz at the end of each show, which helps him condense all of his discoveries into a few short guest answers. Posner is a French-born Russian-American journalist who was a frequent guest on American programs in the 1970s and 1980s presenting (but not defending) Soviet attitudes and actions. He remains the go-to person for the American and Russian media when discussing serious political and cultural issues from both sides. If you want someone who shares a balanced, well-informed and thoughtful perspective on big events, you should be looking for him.

Russian Shows With English Subtitles

Unfortunately, most of this content I’m talking about is not accompanied by official English subtitles. However, there are fan episodes and excerpts online. Whether you speak Russian or not, I hope you have seen “KVN”, “What? Where? When?”, “Posner” or what Russian TV looks like, it reflects the Russian language. current affairs, maybe even the Russian mentality.

Watch Russian Movies And Tv Series With Russian And English Subtitles For Free

Bonus: Here’s a list of official releases of Russian TV series with English subtitles from or through the Hatfield Library. Use DVD ID to search for it Master and Margarita (Bulgakov’s Master and Margarita) 82962591 Russian TV shows and movies available on Amazon Prime are mostly historical dramas, but the service does offer some thrillers. and even a sci-fi blockbuster!

June 1961. Detective Rodion Stotsky uncovers more than he bargained for during his investigation.

Eighteen-year-old Anna, who lives in Zatonsk at the end of the 19th century, unexpectedly discovers that she has supernatural powers. The spirits of the dead seek him directly, asking for help. Using her vision, Anna investigates and solves mysterious crimes that baffle the police.

The election of the sixteen-year-old Mikhail I Fydorovich Romanov to the Russian throne in 1613 marked the beginning of a dynasty that would rule Russia and the Russian Empire for more than 300 years from 1721. This epic show tells the story of the dynasty, from its dawn to its final demise.

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It was the end of the 13th century. Ancient Russia under Tatar-Mongol rule. Grand Prince Yaroslav dreams of uniting the scattered Russian principalities and getting rid of the hated Tatar-Mongols, but his brother, the disgraced Prince Boris, and his eldest son Vladimir stand in the way.

In 15th century Russia, Sophia Paleologina, the last princess of Byzantium, moves from Rome to Moscow to marry Tsar Ivan III. Aspiring to become the first female figure in the Russian Empire, Sophia overcomes court intrigue and treachery and helps Ivan consolidate the divided country, drive out Mongol invaders, and build the Kremlin.

Catherine, a German princess, was chosen to marry Peter III, heir to the Russian throne and grandson of Peter the Great. His story, full of emotion, struggle and passion, shows that power was not given even in the days of imperial dynasties. This has been removed

Russian Shows With English Subtitles

During the last days of Tsarist rule in Russia, a young princess falls in love with an army officer. World War I, followed by the Bolshevik Revolution, soon separates the lovers. However, his love

Russian Tv Shows To Help You Learn Russian

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