Russian Tv Series With English Subtitles

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Russian Tv Series With English Subtitles
Russian Tv Series With English Subtitles

Russian Tv Series With English Subtitles – What to watch on Russian TV (more list of Russian TV series with English subtitles in Hatfield Library)

If you find yourself in Russia and want to spend a nice evening with a slice of pizza in one hand and a remote control in the other, what would you do? For a long time, Russian television has been used as a platform to promote the “official” political agenda in all talk and news programs. The fact that major state-owned TV networks may have something to do with that. Many game shows and series are copies of foreign (mainly American and British) originals. Some are enjoying impressive national success and enduring viewership, such as “The Voice” (“Голос”) and “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (“Who wants to be a millionaire?”); Some are just pathetic attempts to copy something that shouldn’t be touched (like the remake of “How I Met Your Mother” ⎼ “Как я части вашу маму”. You want to poke your eyes out behind. two minutes).

Russian Tv Series With English Subtitles

Russian Tv Series With English Subtitles

Original Russian TV series, although on par with American TV series in terms of quality, are still mostly short stories. Notable exceptions are mainly historical dramas and film adaptations of classical Russian literature. For example, “The Thaw”, 2013 (“Оттепель”) by Valery Todorovsky, director of “Hipsters”, 2008 (“Стиляги”) and “The First Circle”, 2006 (“В круге первом”) is based on the novel of the same name by Alexander Solzhenitsyn. They often receive a lot of television awards, quite rightly, and are widely watched by all major audiences. But usually they are mini-series that end too soon.

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The answer is yes. But, in my opinion, there are only certain programs that one can watch and feel that they are entertainment that is worth the time.

Of the television productions that have only (or almost exclusively) origin in Russia, I would like to briefly mention three: a competitive version of SNL called “KVN” (“КВН” ⎼ “Клуб весёлых) и находчивых” roughly translates to “Comedy Club” and creators”); a mind game, which has inspired high school through college clubs and competitions across the country. , titled “What? Where? When?” (“Что? Где? огда?”); and an interview with Vladimir Pozner (“Познер”), who has the temperament of Larry King and the sharp eyes of Oprah Winfrey.

“KVN” is a televised game in which teams (usually representing universities from regions of Russia and former Soviet republics) compete to prove that they are funny and intelligent. the smartest of them all. “KVN” has been played every calendar year since the 1960s. At the beginning of the year, teams compete in ⅛ and switch to ¼ and ½ in the finals that are usually broadcast around New Year’s. In each game, four teams present skits and skits in different forms such as comics, skits, jokes, and more. “KVN” became famous as a creative outlet for political satire and topical social commentary. However, in recent years, he hasn’t done it as much as he used to.

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The scene of the KVN team called “Burnt by the Sun” performing a skit about a lost girl who can’t remember her name

“What, where, when?” is another show that was originally created in Russia and has been going strong since the mid 70’s. It is also broadcast year round as teams vie for television audiences. It has grown into an elite club of intellectuals whose deep knowledge, intuition and drive can impress anyone. Each game, a group of six people sit around a round table and try to answer questions that have been sent to the studio by any person in the country who wants to participate and possible questions on any topic. (pre-booked game organizer). choose the most difficult and interesting questions). After the question is published, the group has one minute to discuss and come up with an answer. They must rely entirely on their own experience and logic and a correct answer earns them one point. If the team does not give the correct answer, the author of the question will earn a certain amount (up to 150 thousand rubles or 2700 dollars per question). The game is played until the “experts” or the “public” reach six points. It was interesting to watch ‘What? Where? When?” and see how the “experts” give the correct answer for 59 seconds when they are clueless for 1 second, and try to guess the answer yourself and see how you got it right and what they thought. Find out how Video games have inspired a worldwide movement with more than 21,000 teams playing in tournaments for different ages and skill levels.

Finally, if you want to spend time with a good communicator and his interviewee (usually a prominent figure in the arts or politics, both Russian and foreign. appeared on his talk show in 2010), follow “Pozner”. Vladimir Pozner will try to help you find out who is sitting across from him within sixty minutes. And not only ask about their bio, but also ask questions to understand the guests’ inner motivations, values, and personalities. He likes to use the Proust Questionnaire at the end of each show, which helps condense all of his findings into a handful of short guest responses. Mr. Posner is a French-born Russian-American journalist who, during the 1970s and 1980s, was a frequent guest on many American radio programs presenting (but disapproving) views and actions. of the Soviet Union. He remains someone who is willing to challenge both the American and Russian media when it comes to serious political and cultural issues on both sides. If you want someone who shares a balanced, well-informed and thoughtful perspective on important events, then this is the person you should be looking for.

Russian Tv Series With English Subtitles

Unfortunately, most of the content I’ve talked about doesn’t come with official English subtitles. However, there are episodes and fan clips online. Regardless of whether you speak Russian or not, I hope you will watch “KVN”, “What? Where? When?, “Pozner”, or something else to see how Russian TV is, it reflects reflect Russia’s current affairs and maybe even the psyche of Russians.

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Bonus: This is a list of some of the official releases of Russian TV series with English subtitles available at or through the Hatfield Library. Use the DVD ID number to search for it on the WU website “Мастер и Маргарита” (“The Master and Margarita” by Bulgakov) 82962591 Brand New: An item that has never been opened or removed from the manufacturer’s seal ( if … Read More for Brand New condition: Item has never been opened or sealed by the manufacturer (if any).ear

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