Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

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Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs
Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs – Do you know the answer to what fruits can guinea pigs eat? Most new guinea pig owners are confused about which fruits are safe for their pigs. Even experienced guinea pig owners are guilty of feeding their guinea pigs the same fruit over and over again. Variety is the spice of life for your guinea pig! A bored guinea pig can get sick very quickly!

This is the first article in our ultimate guide to what guinea pigs can eat. We aim to add some new, exciting and most importantly safe foods to your guinea pigs diet!

Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

Most guinea pig owners prefer to have a complete and comprehensive list of all their fruits that clearly defines what is safe and what is not. We’ve created one, and best of all, it’s completely free! We don’t believe in charging for information that should be available for free!

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Dragon Fruit?

Guinea pigs can eat real apples. Apples are full of vitamin C, which guinea pigs can’t make themselves. Make sure you feed your guinea pig only meat as apple seeds can make your pig very ill. In extreme cases, apple seeds can be fatal.

Yes, your guinea pigs can eat apricots. Apricots contain various vitamins such as calcium, potassium and vitamin C. It is important to note that apricots are high in sugar which can be harmful to your pig.

Bananas are high in sugar and while guinea pigs can eat bananas, we personally prefer to eat other fruits that are lower in sugar!

Our decision is based on the fact that bananas can cause bloating and cramping after your guinea pig eats them.

Caring For Your Guinea Pig

Yes, guinea pigs can enjoy blackberries. Blackberries are very sweet and packed with vitamins and minerals. A berry once or twice a week is enough.

Guinea pigs can eat blueberries. It is advisable to eat them only once a week and not eat more than one or two blueberries each.

Blueberries can cause digestive problems and cause mouth ulcers. Make sure to wash the blueberries well before serving them to your guinea pigs.

Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

Yes, guinea pigs can eat yams. It is full of vitamin A and calcium. Plus, it’s full of water, perfect for enjoying in hot weather! We want to put it in a sturdy bowl to make sure it doesn’t get dirty or wet the cage.

Guinea Pig Food

Guinea pigs love cherries and luckily they are a safe fruit! Cherries are full of vitamins A and C, which are good for your piggy’s health.

Yes, guinea pigs can eat grapes. They make an excellent treat when eaten in moderation. One to two grapes, once a week is the preferred portion.

Although guinea pigs can eat grapes, I know my pigs don’t like sour ones! It is better to give grapefruit in moderation – no more than 2 times a week. It is also important to only serve small portions.

Yes! Guinea pigs can eat honeydew melon. In fact, all types of watermelon are suitable for your guinea pigs. Give your guinea pigs a 1-inch cube to make a great treat. Especially in summer or after grooming!

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Kiwi fruit packs a big vitamin C punch! This is best for your guinea pigs as they cannot produce their own vitamin C. Be sure to remove the black seeds and hairy skin before eating. An easy way for us to serve some ear to your guinea pigs is to cut the ear in half and scoop out a teaspoon (1 teaspoon per guinea pig). Then we hand-pick the seeds and let our piggy eat them right out of our hands during laptime!

It’s a specific name! Given the choice, most people don’t want to chomp on a lemon, and your guinea pig is no different. Guinea pigs naturally love sweets (just like us humans!). They avoid eating sour food.

As explained above with lemons, guinea pigs cannot eat lime. They are too sour for small mouths to handle.

Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

Nectarines are perfect for guinea pigs to eat. They are cute and sweet and pack a healthy vitamin punch!

The Pets Dialogue

Another fabulous fruit to get some goodness for your guinea pigs. 1 wedge twice a week is enough. Our guinea pigs don’t like to be skinned even though we have to shave them – cuddly pigs!

Peaches make a sweet treat any time of year. Our guinea pigs don’t like skin, so we usually shave them a 1-inch wedge.

Although persimmon is not poisonous to guinea pigs, we avoid eating it and do not recommend it. It is very high in sugar and even in small amounts it contains a lot of sugar. Yes, he can eat, but should he eat? Probably not.

Like mangoes, pineapples are a true tropical treat for your pigs, especially during the summer months. It is completely safe for your guinea pigs.

How Should I Care For My Guinea Pig?

Although raisins are safe for your guinea pigs, they are one of those foods that we often wonder why anyone would. Fresh fruit is very beneficial for your guinea pigs. If you choose to feed your guinea pigs raisins, 1 raisin once a month is more than enough.

Strawberries are great for your guinea pigs. A whole berry including the upper leaves once a month is a good treatment. Our chocolate guinea pig demolishes the whole thing but leaves all the orange top!

Watermelon makes a wonderful treat for your guinea pigs in summer. It also contains water to encourage the dehydrated guinea pig to drink. We leave a slice of watermelon next to a water bottle when it’s hot outside.

Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

Always monitor what is new to feed your guinea pigs. The best way to learn what your guinea pig likes and dislikes is to keep a close eye on their behavior.

Guineadad Food Blog: Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples?

Pay attention to changes in their droppings, urine and behavior to find out what fruit your guinea pig really likes! Check out the RSPCA’s guide to introducing new foods into your guinea pigs’ diet. You’ll notice an influx of food blogs we’ve posted! Here are the fruits of our labor: The Guinea Pig Fruit Master List. (Pun intended.)

Of course, this doesn’t include every single fruit on earth, but it does include the most common fruits you’ll find at your local grocery store! As a guinea pig parent it is important for you to know what is safe for your pigs to eat, as well as how often and how much. This is the cornerstone of taking good care of your guinea pig!

Guinea pigs need about a cup of fresh fruits and vegetables to supplement their regular hay diet, so it’s important to include a balanced variety.

Below is a chart linking to each fruit blog post with some quick nutrition and serving information. Each blog goes into detail about the vitamins and other nutrients in fruits for guinea pigs. We recommend doing your reading and homework here on anything you might consider adding to your guinea pigs diet!

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We’ve also taken the liberty of including the Ca:P (calcium and phosphorus) ratio, so you can quickly gauge what product combination will work for your guinea pig! All amounts of these nutrients are per 100g serving.

Of course, at the end of the day, this is just a guide for you to refer to, but the best thing to do when figuring out what’s best for your guinea pigs’ diet is to carefully monitor them and their body reactions! If there are changes in their behavior, urine or stool, this is a sign to reduce or stop whatever you are giving them!The majority of a guinea pig’s diet is grass, but not grass, which is rich in healthy vitamins and minerals. Guinea pigs cannot produce their own vitamins, so supplementation in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables is essential. Pigs need at least 10 mg of vitamin C per day. Guinea pigs don’t usually overeat, but because fruit is high in sugar, they easily consume too many calories, which can lead to weight gain.

Weight gain can cause various problems like diabetes and stress on internal organs. Also, make sure you always wash your fruit to make sure you don’t give your pig any pesticides. Choosing the right food is an important and critical factor in the health of guinea pigs. Therefore, it is important to know everything about our beautiful pigs before feeding them.

Safe Fruits For Guinea Pigs

Kiwis have high levels of vitamin C and even a small amount of kiwi gives a big boost to vitamin needs. Like other fruits, it should be eaten sparingly due to its high sugar content. It also contains a good amount of potassium to prevent bladder stones and fiber to aid in digestion. Be sure to remove the skin

The Ultimate Guinea Pig Food List: What’s Safe?

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