Silly Laws Around The World

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Silly Laws Around The World
Silly Laws Around The World

Silly Laws Around The World – International travel, whether for vacation or business, means experiencing different cultures, which can be overwhelming at times. Hand signals have other meanings, clothing must be worn in certain situations, and in some cases can be offensive. As cultures change, so do the actual laws of foreign countries.

When I was a kid, I remember reading a book about America’s strangest laws. I remember when wrestling matches were banned in Alabama. No one in Texas can sell their face directly. These bizarre laws can date back centuries and are generally not very effective in the eyes of legal experts.

Silly Laws Around The World

Silly Laws Around The World

Today’s news saved me from bad rules during the season and provided some great fresh news. In Capri, Italy, there is a group about medium-sized shoes. Here in Texas, a cowboy couldn’t be better with his boots on. Also, in Manila, Philippines, you can drive a car six days a week. This will help prevent the city from collapsing. I personally think this is the wisest law ever made. Reducing the speed of vehicles on the road not only reduces traffic, but also reduces the environmental impact. Reports of illegal activities and public transport fare hikes are also affected by the ban. I have to let my city know about this too.

Strange Laws Around The World

Tim Co-Founder Tim worked briefly in Baton Rouge, Louisiana before moving to Austin, Texas a year later. He spent the next 17 years there, seeing everything Austin has to offer. Nightlife, music, … It’s hard to believe that English law still exists from the Middle Ages, but it’s true.

This blog post covers some of the most extraordinary and outdated laws still in existence in the UK legal system today. From laws banning gambling in public libraries in the UK to laws making killing swans a fraud, these laws will give you a headache.

Buckle up and prepare for a journey out of the ordinary as you explore some of Britain’s most unusual laws in force today. Most of them are very old and I can’t find anyone who needs a tech or corporate lawyer, thanks. However, read on for the various UK laws that still exist today.

1. It is illegal to carry along sidewalks unless wooden planks are removed from vehicles.

Strangest Laws From Around The World

The Metropolitan Police Department law stipulates that you must not carry wooden boards on the floor. It can only be moved if removed from the vehicle or brought indoors. “

This rule dates back to the Middle Ages, when wagons were often overloaded, spilling fuel and injuring pedestrians.

You might be surprised to learn that what you might think of as normal summer activities, like flying kites in public, is actually illegal.

Silly Laws Around The World

This law was introduced to prevent trouble and harm to local passengers, as set out in Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839.

Weird And Crazy Laws From Around The World

The Library Crime Act was introduced because gambling is a distraction and makes it difficult to concentrate on studying or reading while gambling.

4. Ferocious dogs cannot be transported at stations, and drivers are obliged to ask passengers whether they have smallpox or rabies.

It is not surprising that health and safety regulations prohibit the transportation of ferocious dogs and carcasses.

According to the Public Health Act of 1936, taxi drivers must ask passengers if they have the plague or smallpox.

Weird Laws From Around The World

No. 5 on the UK’s Weird Laws list, it is a crime under the Treason Felonies Act of 1848 to “affix stamps for the purpose of destroying the Queen’s money”.

There were rumors that he was going to put a stamp on it, but this was a treason out of the idea of ​​disrespecting the image of the royal family.

However, this myth has been proven untrue and the Royal Mail still allows stamps on letters.

Silly Laws Around The World

6. In England and Wales it is illegal to be found drunk in a pub or licensed establishment.

Craziest Laws In The United States

Section 12 of the Licensing Act of 1872 provided that “everyone, domestic or foreign, in a licensed place, found drunk on a motorway or in any other public place.” I’m here.

This law was changed in the Licensing (Amendment) Act 1988, which extended this ban to all public places, including pubs, clubs and even private homes where alcohol is sold.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department’s Metropolitan Street Act of 1867, it is illegal to drive cattle through the streets during certain hours between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m., unless specifically authorized by the chief of police. was.

The Act prohibits “whoever drives or handles cattle in contravention of this section shall impose a fine not exceeding ten shillings for each head of cattle driven or handled”.

Laws Around The World That Will Leave You Puzzled

The Armour Prohibition Act of 1313 is still in force, and it is illegal under British law to wear armor inside the Houses of Parliament.

Edward II proposed legislation to stop the rebellion that had broken out between his two factions in Parliament, the pro-King Lancaster Party and the anti-Royalist Earl of Gloucester Party.

He wants to clean the carpets and rugs to remove dirt and dust, but thinks shaking the carpets is harmless and against the law.

Silly Laws Around The World

According to Section 60 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839, it is illegal to hit or shake carpets, rugs or mats, except doormats, before 8am.

Weirdest Laws In The United States

This law began in his 1322 when Edward II decreed that “the head of the whale and the whale” would be given to the king and the rest of the body to the finder.

Iceland has a similar rule, which states that any beached whale will be reported to the local ruler, who will decide whether to hand it over to the king or queen.

This is still a sad game that people play and is very frustrating for residents.

Section 54 Section 16 of the Metropolitan Police Act 1839 states that “Anyone who disturbs the general population by ringing or ringing a doorbell or knocking on a door without rectification shall extinguish the fire according to law and It is illegal to turn off the police lights. lamp.

Most Strange And Unusual Laws Around The World — Steemit

Also, as part of Section 12 of the Licensing Act of 1872, the Act provides penalties for drunken drivers who drive cattle, horses, carriages and steam locomotives on highways and other public places.

This law was enacted to prevent accidents and protect people’s safety.

It is against the rules for the London Underground, as set by Transport for London, to stand in line at the ticket office at any Underground station.

Silly Laws Around The World

This rule was introduced because it can be very frustrating for other people waiting in line, and it is also dangerous for people to push each other to get on the train.

Of The Strangest Laws Around The World Revealed

These bizarre laws, the Soldiers and Soldiers’ Status Act 1906 and the Police Act 1996, were enacted to prevent people from misinterpreting the appearance of police and military personnel because they were so stupid even for the common man. rice field. lead to dangerous situations.

According to section F45 of the Municipal Police Act of 1847, this is an offense against “anyone who keeps pigsty in front of a street and keeps pigs indoors, not separated from the street by a sufficient wall or fence.” be. Or it will be a nuisance if it is near the road. “

You may never visit the royal palace and give your dog the Queen’s beloved corgi, but if you do, you’re breaking British law.

Walking on icy roads in skates or regular shoes is great fun, but another strange UK law makes it illegal.

Quiz: Unusual Laws Around The World

Not only was it dangerous, but it was also a nuisance and nuisance to the residents, which made it subject to Section 54 of the Metropolitan Police Act of 1839.

You might think this is an old English law set out in the Local Police Provisions Act 1847, but it’s still valid today.

You may not be arrested in this case, but you may be fined if the police do.

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