Solomillo A La Pimienta

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Solomillo A La Pimienta – Today’s recipes are classics for weddings, christenings and parties: sirloin steak.

(All that’s left is the dessert whiskey cake), but let’s repeat the popular types of our dessert and learn how to make it well, it’s free and delicious. Also, sirloin is a type of meat that is now unknown because half of the time the sauce is not good for dipping (not to mention if we buy ordinary sauce in an envelope or bottle like ketchup).

Solomillo A La Pimienta

Solomillo A La Pimienta

For this reason, today you will know that a good sirloin does not have to work, and you will want to cover the whole dish with bread and repeat.

Con Mil Sabores: Solomillo A La Pimienta

We’re going to cut the sirloin into pieces of the thickness you like, or you can do as I do and take advantage of the butcher shop and work there.

We put the pan on low heat with butter and extra virgin olive oil. There is no problem to remove the butter from the center and use only the oil, it just gives a touch of taste.

When hot, sear the sirloin steaks for a few minutes on each side, until heated through and browned. This is great but I know that not everyone likes meat to the extreme (I’ll be among them, but don’t tell anyone :P) so it’s better if you leave a little bit on each side to avoid it. more. pink inside (I promise I won’t tell).

Be careful: you can let the oven be too low (about 50ºC, we don’t want it to burn) so that the metal is hot while we make the sauce.

A Solomillo De Cerdo Con Salsa.

When the meatballs are ready, cognac / brandy (or sweet wine) is poured into the pan to drain and recover all the water released by the food. You can help yourself with a piece of sirloin (the tip of the rest will not be iron) to fry the pan well. We leave it for a few minutes so that the alcohol is gone, reduce the heat to medium-low and add green pepper and cream and meat sauce (if you don’t have it, you can put half of the beef. soup). Cook for a few minutes, stirring constantly until the sauce thickens.

So, we served sirloin steaks, topped with chili sauce and potato wedges.

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Solomillo A La Pimienta

La pimienta in english

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