Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Walkthrough

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Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Walkthrough
Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Walkthrough

Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Walkthrough – The final installment of the Spyro trilogy, The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon, is making the jump to next-gen consoles. In bright HD graphics, the little purple dragon once again faces off against his nemesis, Malefor, in hopes of defeating him once and for all. Spyro is aided by his former adversary, Cynder, who experienced a change of heart during previous adventures and was on the good side. Together, the two magical lizards face the nearly indestructible hordes of the “Dark Master” to finally save the world from destruction. The Etranges Libellules developers tested whether they had created a worthy finale for the Dragon Trilogy with their latest work.

To understand the beginning of “The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon”, you need to know at least some of the backstory of “A New Beginning” and “The Eternal Night”. He claims that an evil ancient dragon named Malefor was banished to another dimension for his unbridled pursuit of power. However, his evil influence on the world did not end there, as he is still able to corrupt and control weak-willed beings with his thoughts. These include the apes, led by their king Gallia, who go to war against the dragon guards, to whom Malefor, or as he calls himself: the Dark Master, owes his imprisonment. The minions of evil break in to destroy the eggs hidden in the dragon temple, so that no more adversaries worthy of the purple magical lizard can escape.

Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Walkthrough

Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Walkthrough

Of course, one specimen survives the attack, and the titular character Spyro is born soon after. He soon hunts down the escaped guardians and learns the magic of the elements from them, eventually confronting the Dark Master. There are many dangers lurking for the little dragon, one of which comes in the form of a large black companion, Cinder. During the attack, the apes took the egg and let it escape from Malefor’s dark influence. Evil magic has turned the little creature into an angry and bile-breathing beast with sadistic tendencies who serves as the general of Malefor’s army. In the final battle, Spyro manages to defeat his opponent, who is freed from the evil’s control, as a female dragon the same age as the hero reveals her true colors. Unfortunately, as the war progresses, the evil behind it is released from its prison.

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In the next adventure, the hero must fight the monkey king of Gaul, who will do everything to restore his master’s power. He does not hesitate to kidnap Cynder, the purified dragon girl. Spyro rushes to his rescue, and while searching for him, learns more and more details about the origins of the Dark Master, who is actually the first purple dragon. Like the hero, the villain mastered all elemental magic from a young age and continued training in dark magic to gain unlimited power. As a result, the hero carries within him the germ of evil because he has the same potential for unlimited development. Malefor briefly takes control of Spyro, but thanks to his new girlfriend, Spyro comes to his senses.

By the end of “The Eternal Night”, the little dragons are in a critical situation and a mountain collapses on them. To save himself and his friends, the hero locks everyone in a crystal where they stay for three years. The action of “Dawn of the Dragon” begins when dark figures break through a magical prison and chain Spyro and Cinder with an enchanted collar. They then try to kill two lizards with the help of a giant golem. The Dragon Team can only escape with the help of a previously unknown ally named Hunter. However, the world changed a lot in three years, because Malefor was not idle. Spyro must face the Dark Master again, hopefully defeating him this time. From now on, he does not have to fight the villain and his minions alone, because mutual friendship and the magic chain bring Cinder to his side, who actively supports him in the fight. Who knows, it might turn into romance.

The gameplay of “Dawn of the Dragon” has not changed compared to the other two parts of the “Spyro” trilogy. The player still has to solve numerous switch puzzles, fight hordes of enemies, and finally defeat the nasty final bosses to see the story’s well-deserved end. This time, however, there is no need to relearn how to use the Fire, Lightning, Ice, and Earth elements, as Spyro can use them from scratch. The same goes for her companion, Cinder, who provokes enemies with wind, poison, fear, and shadow. The abilities of a team of dragons are still quite weak at the beginning of the adventure, so they need to be augmented with blue crystals, which can be found in the levels or obtained from defeated opponents. In addition, there are green stones that fill the spell bar and red stones that refresh health.

Even without magical breath, small dragons know how to defend themselves by chaining fast and powerful attacks into powerful combo attacks. However, physical hits do not affect all enemies, as elite opponents wear a colored mask known as a mask, which renders them invulnerable for the time being. Only magical attacks with elements corresponding to each color will damage the spirit. Once the player has mastered such a tough fight, they are usually rewarded with a small chest of armor parts for dragons. In addition to looking smart, protective clothing also offers special bonuses, such as increased melee damage or faster attack. There are a total of three sets of armor, each consisting of three components, and each hero can find them, which upon completion will unlock another special ability for the wearer.

Complete The Game Achievement In The Legend Of Spyro: Dawn Of The Dragon

Another feature of “Dawn of the Dragon” matches is that the number of combined hits fills up another energy bar, which is comparable to the fury bar of other games. Once filled, the player can unleash an extremely powerful attack that only the strongest opponents can survive. However, between fights, the so-called “boost level” drops to zero. So it’s pointless to save “increasing power” for later arguments. They also keep statistics on the number of combo attacks that unlock a gallery in the settings menu if the number exceeds a hundred. Another requirement that the player must fulfill for the hidden extras include maxing out certain abilities.

Many players will probably be happy that the dragon team can fly and glide right from the start. But if you’re hoping to avoid the annoying jumping and climbing of the Jump’n’Run game, you’ve made a big mistake, because the strong headwind prevents you from simply overcoming obstacles with your wings. If you want to discover all the secrets to increasing life and energy bars, among other things, you have to be willing to put in some work. In addition, you can have very exciting matches with your opponents, as they can attack from the air. Finally, it should be mentioned that “The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon” as a distinctly single-player-oriented title finally allows the adventure to be played cooperatively. A teammate can grab a second controller at any time and jump into the current game by toggling the option in the settings menu. They control Cinder most of the time. In addition to well-coordinated attacks, it all has a positive side effect that you can come up with your own new combination attacks.

In his last adventure, Spyro and Cinder’s dragon team was surprisingly easy to lead, despite the many options for movement. As is typical for the genre, we control the protagonists with the left analog stick, while we can move the camera somewhat with the right stick. “L1” is used to block or dodge enemy attacks, and “L2” switches between two dragons in single player mode. Logically, we skip the second option if we play cooperatively with two controllers. The “R” triggers are responsible for elemental attacks of different strengths, which you can pre-select using the analog cross. Additional combat actions are possible with “Square” and “Triangle”, where key combinations create even stronger attacks. The player usually needs to use the “Circle” key to make things like Spyro throw back objects or enemies. Finally, you can use the “X” button to jump, and if you press it several times, you can fly. In addition to the usual actions, there are several other steps that are possible, which are described in the information box when needed for the first time. Heroes can climb, walk on walls, and use the enchanted collar as a swing rope to cross chasms. Additionally, dangerous boss fights feature so-called “quicktime events” that allow dragons to master critical situations. For example, at the very beginning of the adventure you have to face the evil golem and escape from its huge claws while running. You can only escape from the monster by pressing the displayed buttons at the right time.

Spyro Dawn Of The Dragon Walkthrough


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