Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

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Stars And Stripes On Us Flag
Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

Stars And Stripes On Us Flag – As a lifelong student of flag studies, formally known as vexillology, it has been exciting to tell the stories of flags and especially to share the story of the United States flag. Scholars argue over some of the details of the flag’s history, but the real challenge has been to explain what the flag means and why it is important. Flags are emblems charged with emotion, and Americans have an experience with the flag that is difficult to put into words. Sir Walter Scot well expresses the feelings of patriotism, is his narrative poem “The Lay of the Last Minstrel”, which is in the 6th century.

As a soldier assigned overseas, I know the feeling of seeing Old Glory flying on my return to American soil. Of course, other national flags can have the same effect for their compatriots.

Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

However, Americans have a special attachment to the American flag that other countries find distinctive. Flags in the USA are flown from homes, shops, businesses, organizations, and are also displayed by the government and military. The flag of the United States of America is a great symbol of our unity as a people, representing our shared history, culture, values ​​and aspirations. But what does its pattern mean and what do its colors symbolize?

U.s. Flag, What The Stars And Stripes Mean, 1896

On the British Union Jack during the American Revolution, the red and white symbolized England’s St. George’s Cross, while the blue and white came from Scotland’s St. Andrew’s Cross. Together they represented the Union of the two nations as the Kingdom of Great Britain.

While there are many symbolic things about the American flag, let’s look at just three: (1) The colors red, white, and blue; (2) Thirteen red and white stripes and (3) Fifty stars in a blue canton.

The original thirteen states grew to fifty, as symbolized by the current American flag. Will we get a 51st star for the District of Columbia or Puerto Rico?

The same idea comes up again and again in all three flag symbols, and I have very naturally displayed the word in all caps. The symbols on the flag of the United States symbolize our Union. The stars and stripes are a great symbol of our shared history, values ​​and aspirations as a people. We have united in war and peace to overcome difficulties and strife. Today we need a UNITED effort to fully embrace our values ​​of securing “liberty and justice for all”. Some terms refer to the physical parts used to construct the flag, and some terms refer to elements of the flag that identify their position and location. as for the design of the flag.

Betsy Ross Flag: What It Is, Who Made It, And Its Use By Hate Groups

And not every flag is created equal. The American flag can be configured differently for unique applications.

Header (or header) – The header is a strip of material placed on the side of the flagpole (hoist), it is used to attach the flag to the cable. The head is usually made of a thick cotton/poly blend that acts as a canvas.

Grommet – A metal ring or eyelet inserted into the header. They are usually made of copper and are used to secure an outdoor flag.

Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

Canton – Technically, a canton can be any quarter of a flag. In modern flag design, this usually refers to the upper left corner (upper jack), which is the position of honor. The canton of the American flag is also called the Union – a blue background on which 50 stars are sewn or applied.

Composition Of Blue Stars On White, With Red And White Stripes Of American Flag Stock Photo

Fly End – The fly end is the edge of the flag farthest from the pole. The term fly is used to describe the length of the flag and the end of the fly is the side that is not secured. By nature it “flies” freely and can withstand most stress like a whip.

Hoist – The term hoist is used to refer to the half (and edge) closest to where the flag is hung. It also refers to the distance from top to bottom of the flag. It is confusing because it is a vertical measurement, but it describes the width of the flag.

Top Jack – Imagine that the flag is divided into four quadrants and each quadrant is named after the edges it includes, the top jack is the upper left corner.

Fly – The term fly is used to describe the half and edge of the flag furthest from the pole. It can also be used to describe the length (horizontal measurement) of a flag.

Stars Stripes Hat Fotos Und Bildmaterial In Hoher Auflösung

Fly End – The flying end is the edge of the flag furthest from the pole – the end that “flies” freely.

Position of Honor – Position of honor is generally a superior position. This is also commonly referred to as a canton. Many colony flags use this area to honor their ruling country. Australia is now independent, but the flag of Australia 🇦🇺 is a good example.

Flags of the USA with a border on a pole are sometimes called banners. Instead of grommets and heads, they are designed so that a sleeve is slid on the stick.

Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

Rod Flange – The term rod flange refers to the bushing on the side of the jack that is used to attach to the rod. To make a sleeve, the main flag material is lengthened or additional material is added.

The Great Garrison Flag

When the flag material is stretched, the colors of the stripes and canton continue and the flag appears stretched. When additional material is added, it is usually white and looks like a traditional header.

Sleeve – The sleeve is the opening (sheath) on the side of the flag that slides over the pole.

Eyelet – A buttonhole will be sewn onto the sleeve. It is usually leather and you will find it on the top, just inside the sleeve. This tab is used to attach the flag to the pole.

Banner – An American flag with a sleeve on a pole is often referred to as a pennant. The term “banner” is used broadly to include flags in general, so the terms are often used interchangeably. Historically, however, a banner is stretched between two points and often contains text.

Stars & Stripes Usa Flag Hat Feather

Large flags require more support in the header. The extra weight can cause the flag head to break off, so a rope and thimble is the solution. This type of attachment also allows the larger flag to fly better.

Thimble – A thimble is a horseshoe-shaped piece of steel with a channel. This is for holding the rope. Thimbles are usually made of galvanized steel for strength, durability and rust prevention.

Size – Ropes and thimbles are usually reserved for flags that are 8′ x 12′ and larger. Smaller flags do not need as much support and can be flown with a traditional header and grommets set.

Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

As we explore the parts of the American flag, here is a brief explanation of what each part of the flag means.

American Flags 3×5,usa Us Flag, Sewn Stripes,heavy Nepal

The American flag has several nicknames. Sometimes referred to as Old Glory, The Stars and Stripes or The Star Spangled Banner. There have been many variations over the years. As states joined the Union, the flag evolved. Learn the history of the American flag.

The original flag act of 1777 did not regulate the position of the stars and stripes, meaning it was left to the imagination of the flag maker.

That finally changed in 1912 when President William Howard Taft signed an executive order declaring the flag’s official design. The current version (50 stars) became official on July 4, 1960, and is the longest running American flag design.

Specifically, these are the colors “White”, “Old Glory Red” and “Old Glory Blue”. Based on the color chart published by JOSA, the colors are indicated in terms of fabric.

Usa Flag Stars & Stripes Lapel Pin Badge From Ties Planet Uk

To use the official colors of the flag for screen or print, the State Department recommends the following translation.

Contrary to popular myth, the colors of the flag were not chosen for a particular meaning. They were simply inherited from the flag of Great Britain. (king’s colors)

Later, when the Seal of the United States was designed, the colors (red, white and blue) were reused for consistency and given a specific meaning.

Stars And Stripes On Us Flag

“The colors of the pale (vertical stripes) are those used on the flag of the United States of America; white for purity and innocence, red for endurance and courage, and blue, the color of the main (a broad band above the stripes), for vigilance, perseverance and justice.”

Us Flag 2×3 Foot Embroidered Stars & Sewn Stripes

For this reason, it is common to assign the same meanings of the seal to the colors of the American flag.

“The colors of our flag represent qualities of the human spirit that Americans value. Red for courage and willingness to sacrifice, white for pure intentions and high ideals, and blue for vigilance and justice.”

The official dimensions of the American flag are listed in the American Code. Title 4, Chapter 1 is called the flag and is commonly referred to as the American Flag Code.

“Official” dimensions refer to the executive branch of government and are required for flags displayed in specific government areas. Flags that adhere to these dimensions are considered G-Spec or government specified.

Usa Flag Except The Stars & Stripes Are Reversed & There Are 51 Stars Because It Looks Better. Also, It’s Real.

It is more common and popular for the general public to hang the American flag in sizes 12×18″, 2’x3′, 2.5″x4′, 3’x5′, 4’x6′ and 5’x8′.

We have already taken apart the flag

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