Steps To Draw A Eye

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Steps To Draw A Eye
Steps To Draw A Eye

Steps To Draw A Eye – I love to draw and one of the hardest things for me is facial features like the eye.

Below is a tutorial on how to draw an eye. It’s very simple, but it may take a few tries to get it right, so keep trying!

Steps To Draw A Eye

Steps To Draw A Eye

Okay, to start, draw a basic almond-shaped eye. Try to make the inner corner (near the nose) lower than the outer corner. P.S. I’m so sorry to see the complicated photos, my scanner made them look so easy.

How To Draw Snake Eyes

Draw the best one first, then the pupil below it. Make sure the pupil is in the center of the circle.

Use your dark 6B or 8B to fill it. You want it to be as close to black as possible.

Draw the upper eyelid as well as the lower eyelid. I’m not sure if we call it the lower lid, but it’s the line under the eye.

Draw some eyes to show where you’ll draw larger eyelash tufts later. Very similar to a basic resume. Variety.

How To Draw The Eye

Darken the inner circle of the eye, outline the contour of the eye and draw a line in the inner corner (as shown in the picture)

Okay, shadows on the inner edge of the inner circle of the eye (yes, that’s a lot of words). Use a darker pencil. This will add depth and roundness to the eye.

OK, do what you did in the last step for the student. Also, add a few more lines (depending on the light eye color) to make it a little darker in some areas.

Steps To Draw A Eye

Now color the eyelashes with the darkest pencil. If you are drawing a male eye, make the eyelashes a little lighter than if you are drawing a female eye. In this situation, I draw a female eye.

How To Draw An Eye In Pencil, Easy Tutorial, 6 Steps

Blend inside the eye and it helps to smudge it with your fingertip or a tortillion. (Hehe, I realized how dark I shaded that eye, you can go a little lighter than that.) Decide what tools you want to use. In this lesson, I used B, 3B and 8B pencils for drawing. I recommend using more than one layer to get better depth for a more realistic look. I used them to draw on drawing paper (I recommend buying paper specifically for drawing, it doesn’t have to be expensive). I also used a pencil sharpener, a tissue (for blending) and an eraser (in the form of a pen). more

Start by drawing the eyes. If you’re still having trouble getting the shapes right, try using a template, or maybe see with your own eyes. Draw the sketch very lightly so that you can erase it if you make mistakes. Be sure to keep your pencils sharp throughout the drawing. This will give better results. more

Start drawing the dark pupil. Then start scraping the log very lightly. I used pencil B for this. When you are done with the first layer of graphite, add more layers to the dark areas. No need to stress anymore. Multiple layers automatically make it darker. The iris always has a darker outer line and in my photo I also made the top half darker to give it more depth. more

Mix the magazine until smooth. There are many blending tools out there, but I personally like using fonts as it gives a nice smooth result. Once you’re done blending, add more layers with a darker pencil (3B in my case) and blend again. Continue this step until you are satisfied with the result. more

How To Draw Cute Eyes

To finish the diary and make it more detailed, add small doodles to it. These doodles look like waves. Draw it without much pressure. Some of them are long and some are short. Keep doing this again until the entire magazine is filled.

Now add some shadow to the white of the eye. The white eye is not completely white. Remember that this is a sphere, not a flat surface, so there must be a shadow.

Here we are going to draw the tear duct. Give it depth with darker areas and some weight to give it a wet look.

Steps To Draw A Eye

Add shadow to the rest of the eye. Do not forget about the waterline. Also draw the areas covering the eyelid darker. If you want, you can add some highlights with an eraser to add texture to the skin.

How To Draw An Eye: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

Now add the eyes. The upper eyes are curved and directed upwards. Start at the top line of the eye, draw a curve on the white of the eye (don’t go too far) and extend the line until it is just above the lid. The lower lash line is also curved. The lower line of eyelash growth begins below the waterline. Try using the same technique as for the upper lashes, but of course much shorter. Add a slightly different path to each lash (from the upper and lower lash line) for a more natural look. more

The last part is the final in communication! I like to draw shadows on the eyes. Add some highlights where you see fit and darken some areas until you’re happy. Now you are ready! 😀

Description: Here are the steps of how I draw a human eye. Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to like, comment and favorite!

We have temporarily blocked your access until you confirm that the above site is not related in any way. Proceed at your own risk. Do not enter passwords or any personal information from a website impersonating it or its affiliates. So there is no single eye tutorial that will show you how to draw the infinite number of eye types in this world.

Worksheet: How To Draw An Eye In Pencil

Every detail, every little thing is what makes each eye unique to our own physical personality.

However, I hope that you will find some basic tips in this tutorial so that you can learn the basics of drawing an eye and transfer it to any type of eye that you want to draw in the future.

Also, I wanted to say that I wasn’t taught how to draw professionally and I didn’t go to art school to learn how to draw. My anatomy is definitely not perfect, so I hope you can keep that in mind.

Steps To Draw A Eye

Step 1: Draw the upper eyelid. The shape will vary depending on the individual eye, but a normal curve will do for this example.

How To Draw Realistic Eyes From The Side Profile View

The size of the iris depends on the shape of the face, but for a neutral look, the upper and lower eyelids should cover part of the circle of the iris.

I also drew where I decided the light would go on the log. I will keep this area white by erasing while shading this area.

I like to create continuous lines going from the pupil to the outer edge of the iris. Make sure you don’t shade the area where the light hits your eyes.

Step 8: Shade the area around the tear duct to create a round eyeball.

How To Draw Eyes From The Side By Rapidfireart On Deviantart

Step 9: Draw the eyes by pushing the pencil up the curve. Make each individual lash a little different because some lashes are shorter than others.

Step 11: Draw the waterline. This is the line of skin between the eyelashes and the eye on the lower eyelid.

Rarely does anyone manage to draw the first line perfectly in one go. Make short, faint lines over and over to outline the desired shape.

Steps To Draw A Eye

Once the line you want to keep is drawn, make it a little darker and erase the error lines.

How To Draw Anime Eyes Step By Step

In fact, to me it’s a good sign that your mind is capable of objectively recognizing your own art: seeing your own mistakes and understanding what kind of art you want to achieve.

However, don’t be too hard on yourself. With practice, your art will get better and better, so just enjoy where you are and just love drawing.

I’ve included their social media pages below each photo, so please check out more of their work and support them!

I know that’s not entirely true, but it’s pretty much true…at least in my opinion 😉

How To Draw Eyes

I hope you found this blog post helpful and now you know what it takes to really get noticed!

I hope you have a great day or night wherever you are – and have fun honing your drawing skills!

I am an artist and a blogger. I am shy and quiet and I need to talk to other people. This is how I find joy in my life’s journey, and I hope to inspire countless people in their own discoveries.

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