Tattoo Ear Piercing Near Me

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Tattoo Ear Piercing Near Me
Tattoo Ear Piercing Near Me

Tattoo Ear Piercing Near Me – For many of us, ear piercing is a rite of passage. And it wasn’t until my second daughter was old enough to want to do that that I thought about the possibility of a gun. It wasn’t until I saw an article online with some reasons why you might want to take your kids to a reputable tattoo parlor for this big life event that I considered it a treat. select. So when my youngest daughter asked to have her ears pierced, I knew this time I wanted to explore a local tattoo parlor.

You must choose a reputable tattoo parlor. Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, California immediately popped into my head because I had many friends tattooing there. I called to see if they pierced the kids. They do! In fact, the fixed weekdays from 11.00-15.00, dedicated to children’s ear piercing. I think you should make an appointment, but we walked in right away and only had to wait about half an hour. Please note that many stores do not allow children to enter the premises.

Tattoo Ear Piercing Near Me

Tattoo Ear Piercing Near Me

See this post on Instagram She made it! I told her when she was ready I would let her get the piercing. Today… is that day! . . Don’t let the pictures fool you. She did not flinch. (She actually winced at the brother who saw her.) What a wonderful experience we had today. Thank you Steve! . . . We went to @studiocitytattoo. They pierce the children’s ears on weekdays from 11-3pm. And they are immaculate, professional, great with kids and I couldn’t recommend them more! . . #bodypiercing #earpiercing #kidspiercing #StudioCity Post shared by Jessica Cribbs | Mom Burbank (@) on August 9, 2019 at 4:36 PM PDT Why open a tattoo parlor for kids piercing?

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According to the Association of Professional Piercers, some states have made it illegal to use piercing guns for piercings other than earlobes — and for good reason. Most ear piercing guns cannot be disinfected, and anyone stabbed by them is at risk of infection. A reputable professional wouldn’t use a gun to pierce a hole – even the earlobes.”

This is what our experience has been. Great! Steve, pictured above, is the best. He was very kind and patient with my daughter and made it easy and painless as you can see in the video above. We’ve been 4 weeks and we haven’t had any itchy or clogged ears. Not one. I fully expected it, but it didn’t happen.

This is another great thing we learned from this experience. We’ve learned that you should never clean a new piercing with hydrogen peroxide and a solution you normally buy at the mall. What?! We have been told that you should use a warm solution of warm water and non-iodized salt and/or take a warm bath with antibacterial soap when bathing. And after our easy 4 weeks, I’m a believer! We use these with warm water and salt for cleaning. Can press water to make it clean easily and effectively.

I cannot recommend it more! Don’t be afraid to take your child to the professionals for their next ear piercing! I mean, why don’t I take my kids to a trained professional and earn a living!

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Jessica Cribbs is a mother of three and the wife of a wonderful husband who supports all of her crazy ideas. She created in 2005 because she just loved being a mom in Burbank and wanted a resource for families. Originally from a small farm in Michigan, Jessica has lived in Burbank for 14 years. She graduated from Eastern Michigan University.

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