Tattoo Parlor Ear Piercing Near Me

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Tattoo Parlor Ear Piercing Near Me
Tattoo Parlor Ear Piercing Near Me

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Ready to lift your ears for the party? Whether you’re a first-time piercer or late for your ear set, our professional piercers can provide expert styling advice and perform up to 3 piercings in one go; extends to lobe, helix, shell and cap.

Tattoo Parlor Ear Piercing Near Me

Tattoo Parlor Ear Piercing Near Me

The registration price does not include the cost of the earrings you have chosen. Solid gold piercings start from £70 and titanium piercings from £35.

Ear Piercing: Best Places To Get Ears Pierced

Rest the night before, be sure to eat within 4 hours of your appointment, and drink plenty of fluids.

Don’t drink alcohol or a lot of coffee and don’t take blood-thinning medication 12 hours before the piercing.

Discover our maintenance tips. These guidelines will help your piercing heal properly and we want you to understand exactly how to get your new piercing after your visit.

They were very professional and discussed my piercing before the procedure. The treatment room was very clean and comfortable. I was given advice on fasting, drinks and sweets.

The Crusty, Dry Skin Around Your Piercing Is Normal—here’s Why

James is an incredible professional. I was incredibly nervous before my first piercing, but it eased my fears. I took care of my ear according to the instructions and there were no problems. I just came back for another piercing and I’m already planning the next one!

I recently had my second piercing done in Chelsea and the lady was amazing. She was so reassuring and did everything so quickly; my original piercing is too high so she gave tips on how to better navigate and place the new ones.

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