Tattoo Shop Ear Piercing Near Me

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Tattoo Shop Ear Piercing Near Me
Tattoo Shop Ear Piercing Near Me

Tattoo Shop Ear Piercing Near Me – In business since 2002, Steve White has brought his originality and expertise to Studio City Tattoo since 2008. As shop manager, his years of experience provide his clients with a sense of ease and integrity. He especially enjoys working on surface piercings and collaborative ear projects where he can work alongside clients to utilize his natural innovation. Steve runs his own recording studio and has been playing drums for as long as he can remember; Blending his artistry and inventiveness with his craft as a playwright. It’s immediately clear to his regulars and newcomers that their comfort, trust and creativity are paramount to him.

I rarely give 5 star reviews, Studio City Tattoo is somewhere I will definitely be returning to. It was so clean there and everyone was so friendly and nice. The atmosphere was so relaxed and my slightly anxious 14 year old felt so comfortable with Steve and a few of the other very friendly artists. She even comments on how relaxed everyone who gets tattoos is. Steve was very informative and showed me everything on the sterile field. He put my child at ease and was super cool. He explained each step to her and showed her each item he was going to use and what it did. Overall a very positive experience and I would absolutely recommend this piercing shop, especially for your children. I am extremely grateful and will be back for my next piercing!

Tattoo Shop Ear Piercing Near Me

Tattoo Shop Ear Piercing Near Me

I have been looking for weeks to find a good place to get my conch pierced and my friend told me about this place. I checked it out and everyone seemed to like the place. I came without an appointment and only waited 5 minutes for Steve to clean the earring. Steve is truly amazing. I had my cartilage pierced at another place a while back and really didn’t like the service that much, so this place was amazing. Steve made everything extremely easy and painless. I didn’t even feel the needle go into my ear. I will definitely be back for more piercings. I 100% recommend this place.

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Steve is amazing! It went through my nose and mouth today 🙂 Congratulations to me. I hardly even felt anything! He was done so fast my body was like “wait isn’t that supposed to hurt?” He is clearly an expert who does science. My nose looks so much better now that he fixed it after I went to a deep shop and got a badly placed piercing. All fixed now, well done Steve! Fast expert service. This is the place to go!! If you go anywhere else, you’re missing out. I mean, if you’re going to get a hole in your body, make sure you choose someone who knows what they’re doing (don’t be like me 3 weeks ago. Be like me today and go see Steve!)

I came in on a Sunday afternoon for a helix piercing (ear cartilage) and Steve took fantastic care of me.

Look your best (I had no idea where I wanted it). The piercing was quick and not very painful – it was done with a needle and not

One of the terrible piercing guns. The shop itself is clean and very sweetly decorated in a pirate theme. Thank you Steve and Studio City Tattoo!! For many of us, getting our ears pierced is a rite of passage. And until my second daughter was old enough to want to do it, I only thought about the mole piercing option. It wasn’t until I saw an article online with several reasons why you might want to take your kids to a reputable tattoo shop to get this major life event that I decided it was an option. So when my youngest daughter asked to get her ears pierced, I knew I would check out a local tattoo parlor this time.

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You should choose a reputable tattoo shop. Studio City Tattoo in Studio City, CA immediately came to mind as I have many friends who get tattoos there. I called to find out if they do children’s ear piercings. They make! In fact, they have regular business hours of 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM set aside for piercing children’s ears. I think it’s advisable to make an appointment, but we just walked in and only had to wait about half an hour. Note that there are many stores that do not allow children in the establishment.

Check out the Instagram post she did! I told her that when she was ready, I would let her pierce them. Today… was the day! . . Don’t let the picture fool you. She didn’t care. (She actually made a face at her brother who was looking at her). What an amazing experience we had today. Thank you Steve! . . . We went to @studiocitytattoo. Children’s ears are pierced on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. And they are flawless, professional, amazing with kids and I couldn’t recommend them more! . . #bodypiercing #earpiercing #kidspiercing #StudioCity A post shared by Jessica Cribbs | Burbank Mom (@) on Aug 9, 2019 at 4:36pm PDT Why a tattoo shop for kids piercings?

According to the Association of Professional Piercers, “several states have banned the use of a piercing gun for any piercing other than the earlobe—and with good reason. Most piercing guns cannot be sterilized and anyone pierced with them is at risk A reputable professional will not use a gun for any piercing – not even earlobes.

Tattoo Shop Ear Piercing Near Me

Here was our experience. Awesome! Steve, as seen above in the photo, was the best. He was kind and patient with my daughter and made it so easy and painless as you can see in the video above. We’re 4 weeks in and haven’t had a single sticky or crunchy ear. Neither one. I totally expected it, but it just didn’t happen.

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Here’s another amazing thing we learned from this experience. We learned that you should never clean a new piercing with hydrogen peroxide and the solution you usually get from the mall. what what?! We said you should use a warm non-iodized salt and warm water solution and/or a warm wash with antibacterial soap in the shower. And after our easy 4 weeks, I’m a believer! We used them with warm water and salt for cleaning. The ability to squeeze out the water for cleaning makes it easy and efficient.

I can’t recommend it more! Don’t be afraid to take your child for their next ear piercing by a professional! I mean, why wouldn’t I take my child to someone who is professionally trained and makes a living!

Jessica Cribbs is a mother of three and married to a great man who supports all her crazy ideas. She created in 2005 because she just loved being a mom in Burbank and wanted a resource for families. Jessica, originally from a small rural town in Michigan, has lived in Burbank for 14 years. She is a graduate of Eastern Michigan University.

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