Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Collection

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Collection
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Collection

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Collection – Playmates Toys has been the primary game licensee for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for as long as you’ve been familiar with TMNT. In the 1980s, the toy line was amazing: fun figurines, fantasy characters, crazy pieces, and tons of cars. He was a great companion to the animated series that aired on TV five days a week and was a big reason the TMNT franchise became as big as it was. By cooling off the property and moving on from the old show, Playmates was the only one left consistently. Whereas turtles live for life by jumping

The players also joined them. When they returned in 2003 with a new animated series, so did Playmates. It has been like this for more than 30 years which is no longer in sight.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Collection

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Collection

Currently in 2022, we are in a TMNT multimedia drought. Comedies are still going strong, but there are no new episodes of TV shows airing on TV and no feature films to hit theaters this year. Often when a game developer enters into an agreement to obtain a master license for a property, the agreement contains several conditions that must be met for the agreement to remain valid. One such common requirement is that the new product must be shipped at certain times, since whoever actually owns the property (in this case, Viacom) stands to make money from the units sold and wants their property to be owned by consumers. Stay in the light. I don’t know if this clause is in the license that Playmates carries, but it would certainly explain the large amount of re-releases that have been shipped in the last two years. New versions of older characters showed up at Walmart last year, while since 2012 new versions of the classic set of figures have been available at comic stores and as part of some junk packages.

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. For fans and collectors, some of these releases are welcome, but others are not. The quality was questionable at times while other releases left fans scratching their heads just wondering who actually wants some of this stuff?

I’m mostly in the camp and don’t put much value on recent Playmates releases, but one of these bundles finally triggered me. The 2012 animated series that aired on Nickelodeon is a blind spot for me as a toy collector. Before this series, I had immersed myself in every line of Playmates ever released. I also watched the 2012 series when it was airing and really liked it. I saw the toys on the shelves at many major retailers and thought they looked good, but I never felt compelled enough to pull the trigger. It was a line aimed at kids, and the Classic Collection arrived that same year and pretty much scratched my itch for a new TMNT product, so I felt comfortable passing it up. Now though I’m re-watching the series with my kids and reminiscing about how great it was and how my players made it easy to catch up on some of what I missed.

The latest batch of figures from Playmates centers around the 2012 series. For $50, you get a deluxe box decorated to look like Shellraiser from the show with six figures, inside. If you’ve been following the reissues of Playmates, this type of packaging has become so popular that they include movie turtles, cartoon turtles, and even sport turtles in the same style. Once I saw that these sets were in the hands of a collector, I felt comfortable picking one up for myself. Others were a little weaker, like Bebop who has stiff black legs and the film makes the turtle look like the soft, chewy look of the older releases, so it was hard to predict what the 2012 release would look like. Everything – they’re fine. These are pretty common recipes and get a lot of work done, but they also have their problems.

First of all, the box is very stylish. It comes in a very plain white color with a green stripe and the Playmates logo is mainly to protect the inner box. The inner box is quite sturdy and the art looks great. There is a turret on 3 sides while Danny is on top in the gunner’s position. The parrots are designed to look like toys, not displays, and they even have a handle on top if you feel the need to bring them over to a friend’s house. Each end is sealed with tape so you have to break a knife to get to it if you don’t want to cut through the tape. Once opened, the shapes can be found stacked 3 by 3, with some tissue paper wrapped around them. All 6 cards arrived in good condition. These are just standard drops from the retail line. The cross-selling on the back has been updated to include only six figures in this set: Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, Splinter, and Shader.

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While I had to warm up to the CG look of the show, the realistic design of these turtles clicked with me from the start.

Let’s talk about parrots first. These were the main reasons why I decided to take this because the other two were almost unsuitable for me. Like previous Playmates lines, these broken figures are more inspired by the show than they are and are not meant to be true entertainment. They are all generally round in appearance and each turtle is a unique shade of green, as sports mates often are. Leo seems to me to be the most neutral in terms of his shading while Raf is definitely darker than Four as his green is more towards blue. Michelangelo mixed a lot of yellow in his paint while Donnie looks pale. Each turtle has its own unique mask with a traditional color assignment, while the knee pads and elbow pads are brown. The shade of brown varies slightly for each turtle, and each turtle also has bands around the wrists, hands, fingers, and feet. Leo’s stripes are white while the other three brothers have brown stripes, except for the arm stripe which is the same on all four. Raph and Mickey’s stripes are a very close match of the knee and elbow pads in shade, while Danny’s stripes are notably lighter. Each turtle also has a unique webbing to store their weapons including Leo and Donnie’s shoulder strap.

These parrot versions are not actually 2012 versions, but 2016 reissues. The main difference between the two is that Playmates has redesigned legs similar to the show. The eyes of these turtles are all white from the 2012 release, but the eyes are painted to be larger and larger than the original sculpt. It doesn’t look clean, and the color overall isn’t great. Leo and Donnie have a lot of slip around the mask while Mikey doesn’t seem to have painted all the way to the edge of the mask. Bees also have some white teeth on their chin. Dhoni is the worst of the four even though his mask is not very well designed. The back of the mask is made entirely of green plastic with quite a bit of purple accidentally applied to the top of his head. This is a problem. To my surprise, the gold on his belt buckle is very clear, so it is at least visible from the front.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Toys Collection

I never expected that color would be much to write home about, since sculpture interests me so much with these guys. It’s a very fun look for the Turtles and one that I like much more than the original show gives the characters that muscular, buxom look. Each turtle is individually sculpted and of good quality for real players. They probably expect to sell so many basic links that they are willing to sink more money into each one. The tortoiseshell is nicely done with some bumps, flaking and cross-hatching to add a touch of realism to an otherwise unrealistic design. Something unique about this distribution of turtles at that time is that each turtle had a distinct shape. Dhoni is the tallest at about 4.625 inches with Mikey the shortest at 4 inches. Donnie’s head is also egg-shaped (visually) closer to the ruff, while Leo and Mickey’s heads are relatively broad. Ruff also has a unique crack in his cochlear bracelet near his left shoulder. Donnie is the only turtle with a closed mouth expression

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