The Art Of Marvel Avengers

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The Art Of Marvel Avengers
The Art Of Marvel Avengers

The Art Of Marvel Avengers – Starting from scratch, there’s still a lot of work to be done to design and build Crystal Dynamics’ latest game.

It features artwork by Brenoch Adams, Vaughan Vo, Brandon Russell, Kanish Palathingal, Jeff Adams, Michael Beighton, Brandon Striker and Kenrick Leung, and is also featured in the current Game Art book.

The Art Of Marvel Avengers

The Art Of Marvel Avengers

Michael Bayton, Brandon Russell and Kanish Palatingal (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Titan Books © 2020 MARVEL Published by Paul Davis)

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War

By Brandon Russell (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Titan Books © 2020 MARVEL Published by Paul Davis Game Art)

By Jeff Adams (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Game Art by Paul Davis, Titan Books © 2020 MARVEL)

Brandon Stryker, Brennoch Adams, Kenrick Leung (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Titan Books © 2020 MARVEL Published by Paul Davis)

By Brennoch Adams (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Titan Books © 2020 MARVEL Published by Paul Davies Game Art)

The Art Of Marvel At Disneyland Paris

Brenoch Adams and Kenrick Leung (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Titan Books © 2020 MARVEL Published by Paul Davies Game Art)

Illustration by Kendrick Leung (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Titan Books © 2020 MARVEL) Game Art by Paul Davis)

By Vaughn Vo (Illustration: Marvel’s Avengers – Titan Books © 2020 Published by MARVEL Game art by Paul Davis) With over 80 years of history, you know there’s no shortage of Marvel’s Avengers. Revelation Titan Books has teamed up with Crystal Dynamics to tell the story behind Marvel’s Avengers: The Game. Let’s open up the True Believers and see what’s inside.

The Art Of Marvel Avengers

At the helm is Paul Davies, author of the serial art book. You can see his work in Marvel’s Spider-Man: Game Art, Shadow of the Tomb Raider: The Official Art Book, and Tales from Sea of ​​Thieves. He also collaborated on Titan art books for Assassin’s Creed Origins, Horizon Zero Dawn, Deus Ex Universe, Tom Clancy’s The Division, and many others.

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Foreword by Bill Roseman (VP & Creative, Marvel Studios), Noah Hughes (Studio Creative Director, Crystal Dynamics), and Bren Adams (Art Director, Crystal Dynamics), followed by an introduction (and continued narration) by Paul Davis. It’s great to hear about Roseman’s influence on Marvel and the challenges of bringing the world’s mightiest heroes to life if we all have actors behind us at all times. Then it’s great to hear how the team took on the challenge and got the opportunity to build something that creates a power fantasy where flawed superheroes must come together again to save the world.

At 192 pages, this hefty book is divided into eight chapters, covering everything from the main antagonist organization AIM to the Free War Zones that are the title finale. But before all that, we see a lot of repetition in the works that will be A-Day. A-Day is a show that allows select individuals to go to S.H.I.E.L.D. A helicopter for a chance to avenge it all. Malls, shows, games of skill and a chance to meet your favorite superheroes are the main attractions. A-Day is also the main plot of how the Avengers failed to save the day, causing the team to fall apart until a young Kamala Khan sought them out and helped reunite them. Singer Jeff Adams posted highlights of how a Chimera day goes aboard the Kimera shuttle. After playing this role, I can almost hear the voice work that matches the scenes in this sketch.

In the second part of the book, the benevolent benefactors of AIM became the villains. AIM gets the least love in this book – only eight pages. To avoid spoilers for the book, these few pages will only show you the enemies you will encounter in the field. It’s interesting how similar Brennoch’s portrayal of George Tarleton is to actor Bern Gorman – it’s as if he had someone in mind when he created the character.

The fourth chapter of the book includes an abandoned helicarrier and a brief look at one of the earliest accounts of Bruce Banner and his transformation into the Hulk. The game dives right into the story as told in the game, with Brandon Russell’s gritty portrayal of the Hulk as the battered and bruised hero learns to heal. Jeff Adams again provides a wonderful spread of panels that vividly highlight the central moments of the Hulk and Kamala’s first interaction. This chapter also reveals that the Hulk’s only natural enemy in the game (besides super lasers, but that’s another matter) is the Ogre. While we don’t see Emil Blonsky (the human version of Omigrange) in the game, we do see him here, which is a nice bonus. The fourth chapter covers Tony Stark and the Viceroy away from home, as well as the Helicarrier and the Quinjet. Each of these episodes shows us little details we missed while wandering, whether it’s trash written about The Golden Acre or subtle nods to Tony’s extended family.

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I don’t want to spoil the new characters and storyline in the fifth chapter of the book. Similarly, chapters 6 and 7 contain some important revelations. Page 162 marks the midpoint of this chapter, and the lady looks her best in Kamala Khan’s various outfits as she becomes Captain Marvel. Very briefly, after exploring the Kamala section, you will be taken back to the deep dungeons that lead to the final battle of the game – be very careful.

Chapter eight closes the book on war zones. These missions are part of the game’s ongoing “live maintenance” that allows the Crystal Dynamics team to introduce new items and story beats, characters and loot. This chapter gives a brief overview of possible biomes, story locations, and some ideas for news opportunities for multiplayer.

One of my favorite parts of this book is the inclusion of artist names, a new addition to the Titan Books formula. When you view the game’s artwork, you’ll see a quick reference indicating which talented artist created it. “I think Brennoch Adams delivers the best non-Chris Evans version of Captain America, and if we’ve ever seen a more serious and open-minded fight scene in this game, it’s great,” wrote the art team. Similarly, the level of detail and specificity in Michael Bayton’s Deep Dive Hulk Buster surpasses anything animated in the movies. These guys are incredibly talented, so I want to make sure I give credit where credit is due. On that note, credit goes to Titan Books – please keep it up!

The Art Of Marvel Avengers

If I could criticize one place, it wouldn’t be the Warzone section. Warzones is a big part of live play, so I expect the team to go hard for this one. Instead, this chapter is very short and somewhat vague. Anyway, I enjoyed seeing where Crystal Dynamics might be headed in the future. If nothing else, Clint and Kate are both famous—they can throw us a bone to update that image.

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At 192 pages, this issue takes a behind-the-scenes look at the development of Marvel’s Avengers. Crystal Dynamics and Titan Books provide amazing concept art, layouts and the latest CGI, including alternate scenes that will be amazing in action. Check out the spoilers (even on the book cover!), enjoy the fantastical yet beautiful artwork, and finally name their artwork.

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