The Best Books To Read

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The Best Books To Read
The Best Books To Read

The Best Books To Read – I like to go on Goodreads, find all the books I’ve read that year, star them, and then pick my 10 favorites.

Oliver Berkman’s Four Thousand Weeks I’ve read a lot of time management books, but I never felt like it wasn’t about tips and tricks to cram more things into your day, and instead I stepped back and accepted that our time is limited. And the productivity hack doesn’t give us more than that. Instead, we have to choose how we spend that time and prioritize the things that are really important to us. I’m pretty sure I’ve highlighted 80% of this book, which is a sure sign that it’s one of the best books I’ll be reading in 2022!

The Best Books To Read

The Best Books To Read

Where the Moon Hangs by Kate Albus This historical fiction title completely captivated me and has been one of my favorite reads in recent years. Three small children lost their grandmother, leaving them orphans with nowhere to go. His lawyer suggests that since many children are being sent to rural England at the time of the bombing, they may join the exodus, not mentioning that they don’t actually have family. And the family that takes them temporarily wants to keep them forever. Everything about this book feels like a classic and I definitely shed a few tears by the end.

Best New Books To Read In April 2020

Carrie Soto is Back by Taylor Jenkins Reed This is the latest book by Taylor Jenkins Reed. I have read every book he has written and I think this is the best. I have no words for how great this book is. Cary Soto is the best tennis star in tennis. It’s been six years since he retired and now someone young and up-and-coming is fighting for his title. Well, Carrie Soto doesn’t want to let that happen, so she’s coming out of retirement, asking her dad to teach her again, and she’s going to do everything in her power to try and hold on to that title (albeit at 35. Old tennis Twenty-year-old tennis star isn’t ). I read this book in one sitting, in one afternoon. I loved!

Amari and the Night Brothers B.B. By Alston I’ve read about a million books that have been compared to Harry Potter or Percy Jackson and this was one of the first books that really lived up to the hype – I read it to my kids and we all were. Totally absorbed! Amari mourns the disappearance of her beloved brother (he’s almost certainly dead, according to the police), but when she receives a pre-recorded message from him, she realizes that there is a supernatural world she knows nothing about, and her brother is very much involved. Before he disappeared. Joining this world won’t be easy, but she’s willing to do anything to find out what happened to her brother. And he thinks so, because “whatever it takes” turns out to be more.

According to Kathryn Price, the power of fun comes in two parts – the first part is basically breaking down what is fun (hint: not mindlessly scrolling on TikTok or watching Netflix at all hours of the night) and why. It’s a shame to really have fun. The second part of the book is called “How to Have Fun” and is full of useful ideas on how to make real fun a part of your life. It starts with the fun audit and moves on to chapters like fun and space creation. The Power of Fun is one of those books I want everyone to get copies of – it’s so good and so helpful, and really the perfect book to bring joy, real fun and connection into your life.

I started this book about six months ago and put it aside until December. Then I flew through the rest of it in a couple of days, and Bart started reading it too, and we talked about it non-stop. It’s a fascinating and useful way to think about how I live my life and what I want from the money I earn. This looks like a book that has something for almost everyone!

The Best Book To Read: Bertram, Debbie, Bloom, Susan, Garland, Michael: 9780375873003: Books

What the Wind Knows by Amy Harmon was the Daily Reading Book Club book this February and was definitely one of the most popular books I read at book club – I’ve had tons of messages from people who are absolutely obsessed with it. A time travel book about an American woman raised by her Irish grandfather, who returns to Ireland after his death to spread his ashes and finds himself, the boy’s grandfather, almost a hundred years earlier. It’s full of history and romance and is read by two great narrators who really bring it to life. The first few chapters are a bit slow, so be patient – it’s worth it!

True Confessions of the Last Map Maker Christina Soontornvat by Charlotte Doyle was one of my favorite books and when I read the author’s note.

And she mentioned that the book was inspired by her childhood crush Charlotte Doyle’s I was all in. I read it to the girls this spring and we devoured it very quickly – we were all completely engrossed in it! This was also the August book on the 2022 Daily Reading Book Club list! (Full review here)

The Best Books To Read

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin I don’t care about video games, this book is about video games and I still loved it! Sadie and Sam meet as children and bond over a shared love of video games. They eventually become video game designers and together create the most beloved and famous video games of their generation. There are a lot of difficult topics in this book: depression, suicide, violence, dysfunctional relationships, it’s probably here, but I found this book very hopeful. It was completely unlike anything I’ve ever read and one of the most immersive book experiences I’ve ever had.

Happy New 2022! Here Are A Few Books I’ve Read And Loved In 2021. #writingcommunity #books #bestsellers #reviews

Katherine Center Hannah’s bodyguard looks like a mild-mannered kindergarten teacher, but she’s actually a private bodyguard who can probably kill you with her watch. His company was hired by Jack Stapleton, a huge movie star, dealing with a stalker problem. When he goes home to visit his mother, who is undergoing cancer treatment, he needs protection and hires Hanna. The lines get a bit blurred when Jack tries to pretend to be his girlfriend so her parents won’t worry about her. What can happen in such a situation!? Catherine Center writes the coldest, laugh-out-loud dialogue. This book is so much fun!

This book was the January selection of this year’s Daily Reading Book Club. Even though I read it earlier this year, it’s a book I’ve thought about a lot and talked about a lot. (Ask my husband or any close friend, I’m sure he’s sick of me talking about it.) It’s helped me prioritize real fun in my personal life. For example, I had a laser tag birthday party for my husband and it was a huge hit! It helped cement many friendships in our new neighborhood and people still talk about it! I also like the chapter on phone use and habits – which I probably need to revisit because I’ve purposely slipped back in my phone use progress. If you haven’t read it yet, put it at the top of your 2023 list! A perfect way to start the new year.

I like to read, but I rarely read a book in 1-2 days. I’m pretty good at putting down a good book or turning off a show, even if the episode ends at a cliffhanger (it drives my husband crazy). This book was an exception. Percy and Sam have six summers together… and one weekend after they’ve all grown up. A huge mistake Percy made a decade ago still haunts him and changed his relationship with Sam forever. He knows he has to face Sam and has avoided him when he visits his hometown for Sam’s mother’s funeral. When he returns, their relationship is still undeniable, but a lot has happened. It’s a great love story and totally consumed me.

It was the first thriller/mystery book I ever read. I’m so stupid and I don’t like emotions

My Summer Reading List 2022 (best Books To Read This Summer)

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