The Divergent Series Book 1

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The Divergent Series Book 1
The Divergent Series Book 1

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Thinking of reading Divergent by Veronica Roth? Check out my in-depth Divergent book review to help you decide!

The Divergent Series Book 1

The Divergent Series Book 1

I took my time getting into Veronica Roth’s Divergent series because I was afraid of all the hype surrounding it, but boy was I disappointed. I just finished reading this book and I can’t believe I put it down this long! This book was not what I expected but it was definitely action packed and I had no idea what was going to happen next.

Divergent (divergent, #1) By Veronica Roth

Divergent follows the story of Beatrice (Tris) in a new dystopian world. To prevent war, mankind is divided into five different “factions”: the erudite, the wise, the friendly, the peaceful, the honest, the honest, the self-denying, the fearless, the brave. .

Children grow up in whatever class their parents belong to, but at the age of 16 they go through an aptitude test to show which group they belong to, and the next day they have to decide which way to go in a selection ceremony. rest of his life.

Tris realizes that she is not in Abnegation like the rest of her family and makes the difficult decision to leave her family and join the new faction of the Dauntless.

A difficult initiation process follows – not everyone survives. As Tris tries to establish herself among the Dauntless, she struggles to figure out who she really is and who her true friends are. As if joining a new faction wasn’t difficult enough, Tris has a secret she discovered about herself during the aptitude test. A secret you never tell her so you don’t destroy her.

Divergent (divergent, Book 1) Von Veronica Roth

What I love about this story is how real the characters and setting feel despite the dystopian setting, which is down to Roth’s genius. Every character is flawed, some more than others, and that made it easy to connect with them as a reader and find myself really concerned about what was going to happen to the characters.

I’m sorry when you’re sorry for me; When they feel pain, I feel pain and when they are happy, I am happy. It’s rare to find a book where you can share your feelings with the characters, but Divergent is one of those gems.

The book is written in the first person from the perspective of Tris herself. She’s often torn between what she thinks she should do and what she really wants to do, and she’s not afraid to admit that she’s selfish at times.

The Divergent Series Book 1

I love this about her because, to be honest, very few of us can say that we don’t often have selfish thoughts, no matter how moral people we want to be.

Insurgent (divergent Trilogy, Band 2)

Tris isn’t afraid to admit when she’s scared or tired, but she’s strong-willed and determined not to be swayed.

She’s well aware of what her briefs are and she’s not blessed with the best physique for a Dauntless member, but she tries her hardest and at the end of the day, that’s all it is, right?

Quattro was a very interesting character because his emotions were always veiled and you could never really tell what he was thinking.

Quattro isn’t a difficult character to like, but because he doesn’t show his true emotions very often, you’re scared of him and unsure of his fictional side.

Four: The Son Ebook Von Veronica Roth

I think this is perfect because this is almost how Tris feels for most of the story so the reader and Tris are as one in this adventure.

I like that Roth doesn’t make him the stereotypical “bad boy” (which I guess he is) but makes him a real character who has more to him than meets the eye. He does what he wants and is not easily swayed by the opinions of others.

Sometimes I feel like the characters look a little scared, but I guess that’s all part of the “no-nonsense” act and it makes the moments when the characters are happy and laughing that much more special. This is certainly not a happy story and it is not a sudden retreat into a cloudy world.

The Divergent Series Book 1

Even when the story takes a more positive turn, there is an ever-present darkness in this book. There’s obviously more to this story than meets the eye, but Roth has crafted this story so carefully that the reader never knows what’s going on until it smacks you in the face. .

Divergent Insurgent By Veronica Roth Hardcover Book Lot Set

The reader is level with Tris in the story – what he knows, what we know, what he doesn’t know, what we don’t.

At least that’s if you’re not completely exposed to almost every spoiler on the internet. I knew very little about Divergent before reading the story, so I found all the twists and turns incredibly shocking and exciting.

There is no insta-love in this story! I think this book deserves a big fat hooray for that alone. Still, it’s hard to find romance-focused books with perfect romance, but I think Veronica Roth might have done it.

The chemistry between Tri and Four takes a back seat in this story, but still lurks in the background.

Four: A Divergent Collection Von Veronica Roth

There are no PDAs, in fact, the novel is clean, or at least less prominent than most of those novels, which I guess are the factions where the characters were educated and currently live.

The story doesn’t exactly end on a cliffhanger, so reading Divergent as a standalone novel will almost certainly leave you satisfied at the end. That being said, this will definitely not be the case as you will want to know more about this wonderful world.

I actually found the ending a bit abrupt when I opened the page to Kinelle expecting to get more story when it was already over. No clue how this story will continue so you are truly in the dark and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of Rebels!

The Divergent Series Book 1

This I think is one of the keys to the success of this story. This book was not predictable in the slightest and not knowing what was coming next made me reluctant to continue reading.

Divergent By Veronica Roth Divergent Series Book #1 Movie Cover Edition Pb

Overall, Divergent is a fantastic and captivating read that I highly recommend to all fans of YA dystopian fiction. The combination of real characters and an original plot makes this an absolute must-read and I now understand why there is so much buzz surrounding this series.

If you’re looking for a YA book that stands out from the rest, this is your book. I absolutely can’t wait to read it.

I really like “Divergent”. And he loved the characters, especially Four. I read it about two or three summers ago I guess and was totally into the story. Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the series much. I don’t know why, but something significant was missing. Ruth

What a shame! I haven’t read the last two books, but I do own them. Don’t want to read now after your comments 🙁

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Sounds like a fun read – not my usual type, but I might give it a go sometime 🙂

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