The Ghost Star Wars Lego

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The Ghost Star Wars Lego
The Ghost Star Wars Lego

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The Ghost Star Wars Lego

The Ghost Star Wars Lego

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Moc Lego Star Wars :ben Kenobi (ghost Spirit )

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For almost 10 years, most Clone Wars fans have been waiting for a new play-scale version of the Republic Gunship. According to new rumors, we should finally get one this summer!

Priced at $149.99 and with a total of 1083 pieces, the new Gunship will likely be similar in size to one from 2013. However, this time it is supposed to be based on Coruscant, so it will also include matching Minifigures.

Ghost Corellian Transport Uccs

This set is said to include Chancellor Palpatine in red robes, Padme Amidala, 2 shock troopers and for the first time Commander Fox.

Also with the second of the new sets, the popular ship from the Star Wars universe is rumored to return in LEGO form.

This time Ghost is said to be based on the new Ahsoka series and will include a total of 1349 pieces for $169.99.

The Ghost Star Wars Lego

This set is said to contain 5 Minifigures: Hera, Chopper, Quarrie, Hera’s son Jacen and another unknown figure. Along with Gunship, this set will be released on September 1st.

Lego Moc Midi Ghost & Phantom By Ron_mcphatty

Alongside the Gunship will be another set based on the Clone Wars this summer with the Republic Swamp Speeder.

This set is supposed to contain a Minifigure of Captain Vaughn for the first time. In addition, the figure should include 3 troops from the 332nd company.

The Swamp Speeder consists of 108 pieces and is scheduled to be released for $24.99 on August 1st.

Although the exact details of the next set are not yet known, it will, as the name suggests, be a new version of Yoda’s Jedi Starfighter, so it seems that at least Yoda will be included as a Minifigure. The set consists of 253 pieces and will cost $34.99.

Lego® 75053 Star Wars™ The Ghost Minifigures™ (set Of 4) (exclusive For All Lego® Star Wars™ Minifigures™ Collectors!)

Along with Spider Tank, another set based on The Mandalorian is released. It will include 526 pieces and cost $49.99.

Interestingly, although it won’t be in stores until August 1st, it has been officially unveiled and is available for pre-order from LEGO. The highlight of this set is probably the new Upper Katan Handshake Minifigure and the new Dark Saber piece.

The next set is rumored to be the T-6 Jedi Shuttle from Ahsoka, which is also likely based on the new Ahsoka series. Among the 599 pieces of the set are mentioned Minfigures Ahsoka, Sabine, Huyang and others unknown. The T-6 Shuttle should hit shelves on September 1 for $69.99.

The Ghost Star Wars Lego

After the Razor Crest was released as a Microfighter last year, this summer there will be one of Mando’s N-1 Starfighter. However, this time will be $6 more expensive and includes Mando with a new helmet and Grogu. This set has also been revealed by LEGO and listed for pre-order.

Lego Star Wars Rebels Sets

Coming out in August, this year will also see the first implementation of the Yavin IV base as a LEGO set. In addition to the temple, which should be open at the back, this 1067-piece set includes a Microfighter-style Y-Wing and a guard tower.

Although details about them are still lacking, it is rumored that 12+ Minifgures are included in this set. The Yavin base will cost $159.99.

Although you can hardly believe it, one of the highlights of the new Star Wars set is rumored to be a new UCS set on October 1st: a Venator Star Destroyer. It is said to consist of a total of 5374 pieces and will cost $649.99.

But not only that, Admiral Yularen and after almost 10 years the new Captain Rex should be included as Minifigures. Rex said the version of the scene where the inhibit chip was removed, this figure is said to have a new head print with a patch.

Micro Ghost & Phantom Moc 50605 Star Wars Designed By Ron_mcphatty With 294 Pieces

We already know the mech sets from LEGO Marvel, now they are rumored to be introduced in LEGO Star Wars this summer as well. As we already know, it will probably contain the mech and the corresponding Minifigures of the respective characters.

In August there will be 3 new mechs based on Darth Vader, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper. These will be available for $14.99 each.

In addition to Venator, there will be a bigger set this year. Although not more expensive at $199.99 and therefore with fewer parts, this time it will be a make or bust.

The Ghost Star Wars Lego

The set will represent Chewbacca and the execution may be similar to the Black Panther bust of the Marvel theme. However, it is not yet known exactly what the set will look like when it hits the shelves on September 1st.

Lego Set 75053 1 The Ghost (2014 Star Wars)

Don’t want to miss any more LEGO News? Get it all straight to your inbox – free.01/04/202302/04/2023 Jack Yates 4719 Views 0 Comments 75053 The Ghost, 75309 Republic Gunship, 8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack Cruiser, Captain Rex, LEGO, Lego Rumors, LEGO Star Wars Rebels Republic Gunship Gossip Star Wars The Ghost Venator Class Star Destroyer 4 min read

The rumored list of LEGO Star Wars sets coming later this year includes the UCS Venator, another model of The Ghost, a gunship and more.

According to Promobricks, Star Wars fans who have seen Star Wars: Rebels, The Clone Wars and the prequels could be in for an exciting time this year as they report more details for four potential sets.

While we’re always cautious about rumors, we’d recommend an extra heavy pinch of salt as this rumor was shared on April 1, 2023 – April Fool’s Day. The source said on Instagram that it’s not a joke, but still be careful.

Retired Set 75053 Star Wars The Ghost

Said to be on a smaller scale than the 75309 Republic Gunship, another Republic Gunship was reported in September, but not based on the Geonosis scene. Instead, Coruscant is believed to focus on minifigures of Chancellor Palpatine, Clone Commander Fox and two Coruscant Shock Troopers. Padmé Amidala is also rumored to be included.

After 75053 The Ghost, another version of the ship is said to be coming later this year for the Ahsoka series on Disney+. Details beyond the price and number of pieces are not being reported, but the minifigures are said to include Hera, Chopper, Quarrie (a Mon Calamari mechanic last seen in the Freemaker Adventures set), Hera’s son Jacen, and male characters with dark skin.

He said including Captain Vaughn and the clones of the 332nd Company, minifigures in potential Swamp Republic Speeder also noticed holes on the side of the helmets for accessories.

The Ghost Star Wars Lego

The largest of the list is rumored UCS Venator below from 8039 Venator-Class Republic Attack cruiser from 2009. With a reported number of pieces of 5,374 and a possible price of €649.99, it is said that a potentially large set include young. Admiral Yularen, and Captain Rex with a new face print including a bandage on the side of his head after the inhibitor chip has been removed.< LEGO Themen < LEGO Star Wars < LEGO 75053 The Ghost LEGO® Star Wars 75053 The Ghost

The Ghost 75053

The LEGO set The Ghost with the LEGO number 75053 belongs to the Themenreihe LEGO STAR WARS. Alternatively: 9-14 years. Dieser LEGO Baukasten was released in 2014 and is since the end of December 2015 official from the LEGO Program (EOL = End of Life). The set contains 4 minifigures. The best model of 929 Teilen. The construction time is approx. 2 to 3 hours. The Teile des Sets ohne Anleitung und Box weigh approx. 954 gm. The LEGO-Box weighs approx. 1.514 grams. The unverbandliche Preiempfehlung (UVP) lies at 99, 99 €. This corresponds to 10, 76 cents per Stein bzw. 10, 48 cents per gram. (Standing: 23.05.2023)

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