The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

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The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free
The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

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An aging organized crime father in post-war New York City hands over control of his secret empire to his youngest son. It was re-released in theaters this week.

The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

Re-released on the big screen in a new and unusual version, which does not bring to life the wonderful cinema (and then revolutionary), with its dark interior against its sun-burnt exterior, but also gives us an excuse to rediscover this indisputable myth.

The Godfather At 50: Celebrating The Mob Saga That Raised The Bar For Gangster Films

I have to admit I haven’t seen the movie in years (shame on me!). I thought I knew it so well that I didn’t need to see it again, but I had actually forgotten its true greatness and how good it really is.

We all remember the very classic and timeless phrases like “I’ll suggest she say no” or “put down the gun and take the cannoli” and of course famous moments like the horse’s head and the various murders. It all happened, but seeing it all from start to finish was a real experience.

Not only did it redefine crime and gangster movies, it transcended the genre and gave a new language to cinema itself.

The way he slowly builds to build tension using all the tools a director has at his disposal, from sound to editing, from cinematography to camera movement. Any random video

Watch The Godfather (1972) Movie Online

It can be picked up and taught in any film school today and will tell you everything you need to know about story, direction, acting, editing, sound.

Just look at how it starts, from the wonderful (and terrible!) legend of Nino Rota, to the “I Believe in America” ​​speech, the way Don Corleone is introduced to us, mostly through the people around him. . A combination of what happens inside these dark rooms where everything is so controlled, orderly and tense and the beautiful Italian wedding outside that almost looks like a documentary. , flawless in his image. down to the smallest detail

All the way to a great montage at the end, a cross between various murders and his baptism (“Do you curse the devil?”): a cinematic feat that people still try to copy.

The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

But it’s actually the silent scenes that impress me the most this time. Close-up moments that give the film emotional depth.

The Godfather Trilogy’ 4k Uhd Review: Paramount Home Entertainment

I like the way most of the dialogue videos work, starting with a tight fit during the conversation and then a few minutes later showing wide shots that are always heard by a lot of people.

And all this, the incredible use of sound (squealing car tires, approaching feet, screeching trains in the background) or sometimes the lack of it (long periods of silence) that heightens the tension, the danger that seems to mount. everything. I take risks.

It’s a deliberately slow film. Done right, it unfolds slowly and thoroughly through rich subplots that help invest the audience’s attention in the characters, and as much as we think they are, we can’t help but feel for them.

I haven’t even mentioned the leading actors: Marlon Brando, of course, a symbol of the point of parody these days, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, dozens of good actors who seem born to be even righteous. . of the original and last but certainly not insignificant Al Pacino, who at the beginning of his career became the heart and soul of the film.

The Godfather: The Real History Behind Michael’s First Kill

Of course, for better or worse (mostly for worse) this film was single-handedly responsible for changing Italian ideas around the world: it brought the idea of ​​the mafia into people’s homes, as well as the original Italian sense of loyalty to family. .

As an Italian living abroad, I’ve fallen victim to the cliché theory more times than I care to admit, but it speaks to the power this film still holds in our consciousness. The latest re-release is an “offer you can’t refuse” to reacquaint yourself with one of the most influential films ever made.

… And by the way, speaking of artwork, Part II will be out next week. I wonder if I will have enough stars to tell you how good this is!

The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

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The Godfather’ Was Nearly Filmed In 1970s St. Louis

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The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

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Takes Randy’s perspective as he orchestrates what many consider one of the greatest films of all time.

The Godfather: How Mafia Films Outgunned The Western In The Oval Office

Is celebrating its 50th anniversary. A restored version of the film was released in limited theaters earlier this year and can now be purchased in a 4K UHD collector’s box set.

, read more: we present how to watch The Godfather movies online now, both streaming and digital rentals.

Free movies online, take advantage of Paramount+’s seven-day free trial. This will give you more than enough time to load

The Godfather Part 1 Full Movie Free

The recently released Godfather 50th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray set is a treat for any fan to watch.

The Godfather’ Celebrates 50 Years As The ‘greatest Family Movie Ever’

The 50th Anniversary Edition also includes art prints and a table cover photo album. You also get digital versions of each movie, allowing you to download or stream them

The movies may be some of the best of all time, but the original book is also amazing. Released in 1969, Mario Puzo’s masterpiece can be purchased on Amazon, making it a great gift for any fan.

Readers can also listen to the audiobook version using audio. New Audible subscribers get a free 30-day trial, which includes a free book download (which you can keep after the free trial) and a selection of other free content. After the 30-day free trial, Audio costs $14.99 per month.

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Chiranjeevi Confirms Salman Khan Did Godfather For Free: ‘hats Off To Bhai’

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