The Greatest Showman Movie Review

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The Greatest Showman Movie Review
The Greatest Showman Movie Review

The Greatest Showman Movie Review – I understood the tone of “The Greatest Showman” just from the opening scene: a flashy, over-the-top wonder show led by the charismatic voice of Hugh Jackman. It’s not a scene that screams “realism,” but it delivers what you’d expect from P.T. Barnum is undoubtedly one of the greatest performers and entertainers of all time. I won’t deny that I found myself singing along to the lyrics to “The Greatest Show” as well as many other songs throughout the film; however, the following pose a nagging question: Is it true? ?

Barnum’s achievement should be celebrated, but if nothing else, the man was an honest liar. He knows that what he’s selling isn’t necessarily real, but so does the audience, who eagerly allow themselves to be tricked just to leave the show smiling. Similarly,

The Greatest Showman Movie Review

The Greatest Showman Movie Review

There are many things, but biopics are not one of them. It shows the spectacle of Barnum’s business at the expense of character development and the details of Barnum’s real life. Still, Spectacle handles things remarkably well, given songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul’s previous experience with La La Land.

The Greatest Showman (2017) Review

The film describes Barnum’s (Jackman) life and lets us know his desire: to marry his childhood sweetheart, Charity (Michelle Williams), and start a simple, happy family. Still, Barnum wanted more for his family and himself, and he saw the class differences between them as a spur to success. When an ordinary business fails, he tries to make a name for himself in a museum dedicated to the obscene and unusual. At first the exhibit focused on wax figures, but after Barnum suggested adding something “spectacular,” Barnum decided to include real people. So he gathers a group of people labeled “freaks” because of their anomalies and talents, including the Bearded Lady (Kyla Settle), a man known as the dwarf General Tom Thumb (Sam Humphrey), and siblings Annie and W.D. Wheeler (Zendaya), acrobats. and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II).

These performers made Barnum a local success, but his work was considered a low-level “circus of crooks”

Critic James Bennett (Paul Sparks), who fully embraces the title. However, in order to gain the approval of the elite, Barnum found as a business partner the high society writer Philip Carlyle (Zac Efron), who gradually rejected his status in favor of Barnum.

Join the circus. While Khalil’s character feels like an amalgamation of the real-life characters Barnum worked with, Efron plays his role well, and his romance with Annie fits well with the film’s central themes. Just as the circus found a home for those society sees as outsiders, prejudice continues to divide America, much like social class exacerbated by Barnum’s sense of inadequacy in the film.

The Greatest Showman (2017) Film Review And Analysis

However, each scene left me with two recurring questions: Is this really happening? If not, do I mind? At worst, biopics tend to flop

, diminishing or distorting the actions of the main character for the sake of the plot of the film. It can easily be applied to it

Deciding to simplify obscure elements of Barnum’s career instead of analyzing the nuances behind those decisions. Still, the film retains the central theme of its legacy: providing viewers with an entertaining experience, even when the experience itself is clearly useless. Characters can be one-dimensional, but

The Greatest Showman Movie Review

Celebrating, not condemning, their worth, and taking pride in what one character would later describe as “a celebration of humanity.” Does it require some personal freedom? Possibly, but who can name a fan who doesn’t love this utterly ridiculous circus?

Movie Review: I Can’t Stop Obsessing Over The Greatest Showman And Here’s Why You Should Be Too

This, in turn, ties into the arc of Barnum himself, torn between accepting what is before him and the admiration he desperately seeks. Jackman’s Barnum is a likable villain with an air of arrogance, like many

, I really enjoyed his performance, although I admit his inaccuracy. On the one hand is his relationship with Charity and his children, and on the other is Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson), a famous European singer, who provides Barnum with contacts in high society. Again, there’s nothing “full” about these performances, but the music is good enough to describe their relationship with Barnum in a way that audiences can understand – even if Ferguson is dubbing her lyrics.

. Although the songs are set in the nineteenth century, they retain a very modern feel, but director Michael Gracie performs them in a Broadway style. Some songs, such as “Never Enough”, aim for a more straightforward performance, while the film’s theme song, “This Is Me”, takes on an “inspirational feel”. However, the two that stood out to me, “The Other Side” and “Rewrite the Stars”, showcased incredible environmental choreography while also showcasing acting performances. I was particularly struck by the latter, with Efron and Zendaya hanging from a rope, reflecting on a scene from “Romeo and Juliet” that challenges society’s prejudices. Not subtle, but with enough effort put into the text, acting and composition, that I can appreciate

This is not the true story of P.T. Barnum’s life, but a colorful and energetic musical about his acting skills. It is very romantic and avoids controversial moments in his life that might irritate or frustrate some viewers. However, I was willfully blinded, I was a “fool” and while I recognize that most of these events are not historically accurate, I still really enjoyed the musical segments of the film. In this sense, although I would not call the film “action”, “drama”, “comedy”, “horror”, “sci-fi” and “fantasy” are some of the main contents of films (then and now), but the genre of musical theater has always been a competitor in the history of filmmaking. Although not uncommon in today’s world, musicals (mostly) use the vocal talents of singing (and sometimes dancing) to tell much of the film’s story; most of them are key scenes in the narrative. There has been a boom in the musical feature film in Hollywood over the past few years (some during Hollywood’s “Golden Age”, sharing the spotlight with all the glitz and glamor the studios had to offer, both in terms of acting talent and stage talent. These films have become part of this legendary work in the genre and timeless classics in film history.This includes films such as “The Miracle in Color”

The Greatest Showman’s Main Characters, Ranked By Likability

The light-hearted 1975 rom-com Grease and the light-hearted 1978 rom-com Grease. Although other genres became more popular and prevalent among audiences at the beginning of the new millennium in 2000, the musical genre continued to produce hit films such as colorful jukebox pop songs full of

2014 to name a few. Plus, musicals aren’t limited to live-action movies. Many animated cartoons have the opportunity to take center stage with musical notes and excellent content. Disney Studios was the main source of attention for this lyrical entertainment, including unforgettable productions.

. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, the film is essentially a “love letter” to old Hollywood musicals and has garnered much praise (from fans and critics alike); proves that this type of film is still valued and appreciated by current audiences, and no one can resist the special “x” factor of song and dance in musicals. Now, the latest Hollywood musical movie “20” is about to hit the screens.

The Greatest Showman Movie Review

; Loosely based on the true story of famous circus creator P.T. Barnum. Is it the lighting, camera and “singing” that makes this musical great, or is it just singing and dancing and no acting?

Review: Hugh Jackman Isn’t Quite The Greatest Showman In An Arena

Phineas Taylor Barnum (Hugh Jackman) doesn’t have an easy life as a tailor’s father who struggles to make it in the world while constantly reminding himself of his status in society and the difficulties that come with it. Determined to get ahead, Barnum leads a sensible life with Charity (Michelle Williams), a girl from a wealthy family, who soon has two daughters. After being fired from his current job, Barnum came up with the idea of ​​putting on a grotesque show in the heart of New York, opening a museum of curiosities that soon became home to all kinds of outcasts, eager to teach the horrified but terrified. Show your “uniqueness”. aroused the interest of society. Over time, Barnum builds his empire, realizes his dreams, and soon takes under his wing the young, boring Philip Carlyle (Zac Efron). He falls in love with the trapeze artist Anne Wheeler (Zendaya), becomes his apprentice and shows off her talents. Respected singer Jenny Lind (Rebecca Ferguson) is trying to gain legitimacy in the upper echelons of society. However, Barnum’s desire for personal mainstream acceptance is a dangerous one, one that harms his beloved business and family.

While I’ve said many times that my favorite movie genres are action, comedy, fantasy, and animation, musicals always have a certain “x” factor that I love. Maybe it’s a story told in a musical (as

), or

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