The Last Airbender Animated Movie

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The Last Airbender Animated Movie
The Last Airbender Animated Movie

The Last Airbender Animated Movie – Update 2: We finally figured out what happened to the Kiyoshi movie bug, and it has a simple explanation. If you’re interested, read the in-depth review!

Animated Avatar movies coming to theaters from Paramount and Avatar Studios: Kyoshi (2024), Zuko (2025), Korra (2026)

The Last Airbender Animated Movie

The Last Airbender Animated Movie

This is the post you’ve all been waiting for. Finally, I’ve collected, corroborated, and correlated enough sources to be confident in what order and when the first three Avatar movies will be released. .

Avatar: The Last Airbender Movie Plans Revealed, Lauren Montgomery To Direct

As you know, the last few days have been buzzing with Avatar Studios news from the 2022 Annecy International Animated Film Festival – they’ve revealed that three films are currently active, confirmed my report about the director’s first film, and showed its first teaser to the press.

Let’s look at the chain first. After checking with some sources, we found that what was shown was General Fang’s Palace, Avatar: The Last Airbender Book Two: The Last Airbender Book Two: Earth, Chapter One: The Avatar State.

This is an exact clip/screenshot that is original or very similar. The visual is followed by the text “Avatar Returns” (a popular tagline these days) and an exorcism symbol. We are…

The first animated film to come from Avatar Studios is the prequel I’ve reported on before, and it’s a “prequel” because it predates Aang and Korra’s most recent Avatar: The Last Airbender: Avatar Kyoshi.

Avatar The Last Airbender: Third Avatar Show Revealed For…

Next, I can confirm the second film I discovered last month: The Story of Fire Lord Zuko.

Finally, it suggests that the new film is set after the end of the animated series during the Avatar Korra era of the third film.

Needless to say, these are all very high level descriptions, for example, I don’t know the exact focus of the Korra era movie, although I’m willing to assume it’s Korra. But ultimately, I’d like to disclaim that I don’t know the extent of this detail, except in the specific case of the Zuko movie. Technically, I don’t know if Kiyoshi’s movie will be his “star”, but I can’t imagine it not being, you know?

The Last Airbender Animated Movie

For dates. I debated whether to put them in or not, but I decided to spice them up and go for it this time. I want to clarify that these are not my guesses, they are legitimate information from at least two sources, but….. This is really pre-edited information, and no one is responsible. I don’t think anyone will remember this post in years to come. Release dates are subject to change as always in this day and age, but that’s natural. So, starting in 2024, you can expect the top three to hit the cinemas once a year.

Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Creators Walk Away From Netflix’s Live Action Adaptation

This next part is my guess: I expect the first one LATE2024. Again, it’s too early. The rest: Again, a large pinch of salt. As production continues, they decide to do it every two years, or whatever causes the slate to change.

It’s important to understand that this is a snapshot of Avatar Studios’ current plans – they are unannounced, not confirmed plans. I wouldn’t announce or confirm anything too early, and they have good reason – they haven’t even released their first film yet, much less committed to the slate. So please keep this context in mind. Don’t expect them to reveal anything about a Korra movie anytime soon – there are two previous movies that won’t be revealed anytime soon. As stated, this is only correct information and speculation/guessing, and may not change. I think the release date can be honest, but it’s unlikely if there are three high level concepts of Kiyoshi/Zuko/Korra left. Assuming my sources are correct, of course. 🙂

Zuko Movie 2026

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The Last Airbender Animated Movie

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Get the latest big news, little updates and information, speculation, discussions, giveaways, memorabilia and more! Paramount has unveiled the first look at the upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender sequel. The new animated movie will be released on October 10, 2025.

The new film is set after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender, but decades before the events of the Legend of Korra spin-off show. Based on silence, Aang and the gang are probably 10-15 years older than the show.

Will Netflix’s ‘avatar: The Last Airbender’ Be Another Live Action Failure?

Avatar creators Michael DiMartino and Brian Konietzko picked up years after the events of the original show, exploring the tragic battle against the Fire Lord and the fate of the Fire Kingdom’s colonies in a series of comic books and graphic novels. On the mainland, other kingdoms, though centuries old, wanted to be overthrown. The conflict between these lands will eventually lead to the creation of a new, neutral kingdom, which we know will eventually become the legendary Republic City of Korrus.

The Legend of Korra is set 70 years after the events of Avatar and features characters from the past.

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