The Magic Treehouse Book List

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The Magic Treehouse Book List
The Magic Treehouse Book List

The Magic Treehouse Book List – Jack and Annie were the perfect travel companions for our Around the World Kindergarten curriculum. Read on for a free reading list by volume and a printable Magic Tree House map!

For Kindergarten, I chose the Around the World curriculum from Build Your Library. He was the perfect fit. There was a lot of flexibility to explore my son’s interests in animals, geography etc

The Magic Treehouse Book List

The Magic Treehouse Book List

This series is a great way to introduce young readers to the chapters. I have had success reading this with my former first graders and my current kindergartner loves it.

Read Alikes For Magic Tree House Fans

We’ve gotten through about 50 of the 55 books in the original series this year and he still can’t get enough!

No, we didn’t read 50 out loud. We all read differently! My son loves reading audio books in the back of the car, sitting in front of the stereo, or digging in the dirt! He even read some to me at the end of Kindergarten!

You can find Magic Tree House audiobooks and CDs on Amazon for less than $3 per book – and almost half that with an Audible subscription!

For easy reference, you’ll find books 1-55 listed below by volume. More specific details about each book’s settings, such as state, country or city, can be printed. I hope this helps you plan your travels around our world! Find the printable details at the end of this post!

Sunlight On The Snow Leopard Magic Tree House R Bd.36 Ebook V. Mary Pope Osborne

Your free print includes a list of books 1-55. Book information is listed by volume by city, state, and/or country, or by our closest approximation.

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Ashley helps homeschooling parents find the resources they need to successfully teach their children. Ashley is a former teacher, current educator, published author, and the designer behind Circle Time with Miss Fox Printables, as well as the creator of The Homeschool Resource Room website. The Magic Tree House series recently turned 30 years old. Here’s how to get your kids to start reading this hilarious, fantastical series in Oar—or reread it yourself!

The Magic Treehouse Book List

In 2022, the series turned 30 years old. Since Mary Pope Osborne’s first series of best-selling children’s books debuted in 1992, they have delighted generations of young readers. Classic editions of the series have been passed down from parent to child, while recent illustrated editions have become the best graphic novels for children.

Yoto The Magic Treehouse Collection

The series follows young adventurers Jack and Annie Smith, who use their magical treehouse to transport themselves to different parts of the world and through different historical (and prehistoric) eras. They always have a mission to coincide with some important event in history: Jack and Annie witnessed the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, crossed the Delaware with George Washington in 1776, and experienced the great earthquake of 1906 in San Francisco.

Through vivid storytelling, use of fantasy and a touch of magic, Osborne’s books have sparked the curiosity and imagination of countless young readers. And because they represent such a huge diversity of people and cultures, they are widely recognized as some of the best children’s books about diversity.

The first book The Magic Tree House introduces readers to sibling protagonists Jack and Annie as they discover a magical tree house. It was transferred to the late Cretaceous period, 65 million years ago. A friendly Pteranodon saves them from a hungry T-Rex, but they still have to figure out how to get home in the dark or risk becoming a dinosaur. Before returning to Pennsylvania, they find a strange souvenir: a gold locket engraved with a mysterious M. For kids who want to learn more about (pre)history, check out these best non-fiction books for kids.

In this second installment, Jack and Annie escape the clutches of a T-Rex and are transported to medieval England, where they encounter medieval castles and heroic knights, instead of returning safely to their tree house. But the siblings become unwelcome guests at the party as clues pile up and the mystery of their time-traveling tree house grows.

The Magic Tree House Collection

In this book, the scene is in ancient Egypt, and mummies are on the loose! Jack and Annie must help the spirit of the ancient Queen Hutepi find the Book of the Dead and still find a way to the tree house so they don’t become a mummy themselves. Here, kids will learn a lot about the ancient world, the hieroglyphs, and the pyramids — some of the most beautiful man-made structures in history — that were built.

Hey, yes, yes! In book #4, Annie and Jack are taken to the high seas, where (naturally) they encounter fearsome pirates and go in search of buried treasure. Along the way, they meet a mysterious figure who has played a role in all their adventures so far: the legend of Arthur Morgan le Fay, who is the mysterious M. Kids will love how our heroes use their wits and ingenuity to escape this close call – just as much as they’ll love these pirate pranks.

Desperate to track down the mysterious Morgan Le Fay, the witch they met in the last book, Annie and Jack travel to ancient Japan, where they stumble upon the cave of the ninja lord. In this book, they must collect magical items to save Morgan, all while avoiding a gang of evil samurai warriors. If Ancient Japan sounds interesting, wait until you read about these strange things in modern day Japan!

The Magic Treehouse Book List

The siblings get lost in the Amazon rainforest, even as Morgan tries to help Le Fella break the spell he cast on her. In book no. 6, they encounter jaguars, crocodiles, killer ants, vampire bats and other winged and furry creatures in the Amazon rainforest as they search for a magical item. Luckily, a friendly mouse named Peanut helps them navigate this dangerous terrain.

Narwhal On A Sunny Night

Still on the trail of Morgana and searching for another item to lift her spell, this book sees Jack and Annie return to the Ice Age — in wet bathing suits! In their race to stay warm, reach their goal, and return to the treehouse, the pair encounter Cro-Magnons, or early humans. They also learn about prehistoric cave art and meet fearsome prehistoric creatures such as woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers before escaping.

In book #8, Jack and Annie’s adventures turn extraterrestrial as they go to the moon to help Morgan. Dressed in spacesuits but with dwindling oxygen supplies, the siblings search for another facility, encounter a mysterious lunar inhabitant and other lunar mysteries, and race to get back to Earth while panting.

Books in oer is a series of “series-within-a-series” books revolving around a central campaign. In book #9, the beginning

Seth, the ever-enigmatic Morgan Le Fay tempts Jack and Annie with a four-piece puzzle. The first takes them to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, where they meet a smart octopus, a hungry shark and some friendly dolphins – one of the smartest creatures!

Magic Tree House Series Books Mary Pope Osborne Chapter

In a race to solve another Morgan puzzle, the boys return to a Wild West town that may be haunted. A cowboy named Slim, a horse rustler, a deadly rattlesnake and a lost foal are just some of the characters they meet in this spooky, but not too scary, tenth installment.

For more spooky fun in the series, check out these creepy ghost stories — but maybe don’t read them to kids!

While solving ancient puzzles, Jack and Annie travel to the African savannah in book no. 11, where they must solve Morgan’s latest rhyming puzzle. Along the way, young readers are introduced to Maasai warriors and a host of African wildlife, including a pride of wildebeest and lions that are—you guessed it! — hungry.

The Magic Treehouse Book List

The series-within-a-series takes our young heroes to the Arctic, where they become stranded on an ice floe and must gamble that an advancing polar bear will want to help them — or eat them. They meet seal hunters and learn about Inuit culture. Don’t miss these adorable polar bear pictures!

Mary Pope Osborne

These guys have either the best timing or the worst – we’re not sure. This time, Morgan Le Fay sends them to ancient Pompeii to retrieve a book from the library. But little do they know, they are in Pompeii on the date of the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in AD 79. In book no. 13, can the siblings grab the ancient book and bring it back to the tree house before the ash heap of history ends?

The series-within-a-series takes Annie and Jack to ancient China to retrieve the second book. Except this time, they’re fighting the book-burning emperor, the Dragon King. We appreciate Osborne’s subtle social commentary on the evils of book burning. It can inspire readers to fight against book bans in the real world, like this banned book club started.

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