The Mighty Avengers Vol 1

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The Mighty Avengers Vol 1
The Mighty Avengers Vol 1

The Mighty Avengers Vol 1 – The world needs the Avengers. The best of the best. The best and brightest. Symbols Symbols It’s healing time. It’s time to tell people we care.

A new group of heroes, led by Ms. and Iron Man, prepare to defend Manhattan from the giant beasts. Four hours earlier, Tony Stark unveils a new design for the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier He tells Frau he will now lead the Avengers. When Frau asks why they would need the Avengers if the 50 State Initiative exists, Tony Stark replies that the world needs the Avengers. Together they choose the best from a list of registered heroes.

The Mighty Avengers Vol 1

The Mighty Avengers Vol 1

In the present, the Mighty Avengers battle the unknown mutant creatures that overpower Iron Man until he uses his repulsor ray in full form to take them out. A creature sends Wonder Man off into the distance. The team begins to suspect that the creatures may be connected to the Mole Man. When another creature tries to crush Ares, the wasp flies over his head.

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Wonder Man returns and saves two civilians from being crushed in battle. Sentry saves woman from an octopus-like monster. Black Widow throws explosives into the creature’s mouth. Maria Hill calls Iron Man and reports an international outbreak of natural disasters. Wonder Man tries to dive into the big hole in the ground but gets thrown out again. The Mole Man comes to the surface and threatens them to approach him. Iron Man’s armor begins to warp, although the Mole Man claims he was not the cause. The armor emits a repulsor beam, leaving a crater with a female figure in the center. Rising from the ashes of the Civil War, Iron Man’s official government-sanctioned Avengers team is mostly goofy fun.

With Marvel’s popular and successful foray into movies with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I finally decided to return to comics. I became a huge fan of the X-Men and other superheroes but haven’t been able to keep up since the 90’s. So begins my awesome recap of the last ten years of Marvel comics, events, and stories.

Thanks largely to the paperback trade and digital convenience of Marvel Unlimited, I’m moving along relatively quickly and will be posting my final thoughts on each collection here on my blog. Like my final thoughts on the game, this one will be full of spoilers. You have been warned!

At the end of the superhero civil war, the rebellious New Avengers were defeated and went into hiding, prompting new SHIELD director Tony Stark to sanction his own official Avengers team. He named her as

Mighty Avengers Vol. 1 No. 8 April 2008

Stark, of course, joins the team, which makes him something of a Wolverine in this era in terms of the distribution he’s in: here at

, his own solo Iron Man series, as the main character of Captain America, etc. He chooses Ms. Marvel to lead the team (due to her military background and experience), and together they select the best of the best.

In New Avengers, the team was organically brought together by a major crisis: a supervillain prison break, and the heroes who introduced themselves and worked together eventually formed a team amidst the chaos. None of that happens in

The Mighty Avengers Vol 1

Simply route and recruit people in a page-by-page montage (with flashbacks to their recruitment in the early issues). Carol and Tony talk about people like they’re trading cards (“we need a Wolverine”) and then recruit them. It’s all a bit silly and not very interesting, but at least they choose a fairly diverse team in terms of strength and background.

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The first team to join Marvel and Iron Man are The Wasp, The Sentry, Wonder Man, Black Widow and Ares (“It’s a Wolverine and a Thor!” Ugh). Before they can even receive an official welcome to the group meeting, Iron Man suddenly melts and transforms into a strange, naked version of Ultron after a seemingly random attack from Mole-man. In “The Ultron Initiative” (#1-6), Fem-Ultron hijacks some weather satellites and tries to wreak havoc across the planet while our heroes try unsuccessfully.

As a side note, I absolutely hate the Sentry. What started as an interesting take on a powerful Superman-level hero with serious mental health issues has evolved into a free get out card for comic book writers. It has the power of a thousand explosive suns! Great.

The story is incredibly stupid and I hate the way Bendis writes each panel. It encompasses the inner thought bubble of all our heroes, sometimes mid-conversation. This results in each page containing an insane amount of words and trying to conduct a dialogue session often becomes a confusing mess. In general, I like the dialogues and writing of Bendis, but this method fails spectacularly. Attempting to have an inner monologue for half a dozen characters (usually reserved for books that focus on solo or single characters) is a nightmare and adds nothing to the story.

I’m also not a fan of Frank Cho’s artwork. It’s not terrible, but it’s a little worse than what I consider a colorful action-adventure comic book fair, and contains a lot of constant T&A from the female heroes that I wasn’t a huge fan of.

Marvel: Mighty Marvel Masterworks: Avengers: Coming Avengers: Volume 1 (original Dm Variant) By Stan Lee Published By Marvel Comics @

To add icing to this ill-conceived return of Ultron (who’s mostly only around for five issues and occasionally KOs a cargo hero), they enlist the help of Hank Pym, Wasp’s ex-husband, to create a computer virus. and present it to Ultron.

As an aside, I really like how Bendis Hank writes, and his dialogue with Janet is particularly delightful, but even his likable guest star isn’t enough to salvage this trait of an opening story.

Volume 2, “Venom Bomb” (#7-11), represents a vast improvement and appears right after the final panel of New Avengers #31. In issue #7, Spider-Woman appears with Skrull-Elektra’s glowing body on Stark’s bed. The title of the issue is

The Mighty Avengers Vol 1

Stamp on it and act as an early prologue to the upcoming event. The whole topic is mostly just Stark and Jessica Drew talking about the ramifications of a possible secret Skrull invasion, and it’s actually pretty cool.

Mighty Avengers #25

, effectively switches sides and Stark allows him a seat, much to the team’s chagrin. Before anyone can complain, something suspicious falls to Earth from the remains of Stark’s weather satellites from the previous arc. It’s a poison-style symbiote! Only this one behaves like a virus and an entity that mutates everyone in New York City into Venom/Carnage monsters.

They’re on location, and we’re finally getting some action-packed scenes of our heroes kicking ass. However, they soon have to get up when they realize that all monsters are actually possessed people. To create even more chaos

They also appear as poisonous symbiotic monsters (with the exception of Luke Cage) and there’s a funny spot where Wolverine’s healing factor keeps trying to drive the symbiote away. Poor Wolverine.

In one issue, it’s all over when Stark just goes into his lab, synthesizes a cure, and then unleashes it on New York. Very disappointing and brief, but it leads the team to discover that the “poison bomb” Dr. belonged. Doom, so let’s go to Latvia! As if battling hundreds of symbiotes wasn’t enough, our heroes battle with hundreds of Doom robots after Ares crashes a plane right into Doom’s castle.

Mighty Avengers Vol. 1: No Single Hero Tpb (trade Paperback)

No less than three full spreads about the team fighting the Doombots is a feast for the eyes. Mark Bagley is an improvement in the art department, and it’s got that classic modern comic feel that fits the tone and vibe of the series very well.

Attacking Doom (who is quickly becoming one of my favorite villains and I love Bendis’s interactions with him) results in him, Iron Man and the Sentry being sent back in time to the 1960’s using Doom’s time travel device. While the opportunity for a few funny and cheesy moments is often missed, I liked the old Jack Kirby Silver Age style in which the theme of time travel is presented.

Like all of their problems, it is solved by a combination of Stark’s ideas and the Sentry’s insane power, and one issue later they quickly return to their own time. The entire story arc of Volume 2 is a rapid firework display of big events happening in each issue. If the idea was to make up for the lackluster, boring “Ultron Initiative,” then it certainly succeeds.

The Mighty Avengers Vol 1

DR. Doom is eventually arrested when Iron Man gets his Respect Mah Authority moment. It bugs me that in those first two volumes, the focus is more on Iron Man than any other. I get that he’s obviously the more popular hero (although Ms. Marvel was also gaining popularity with her own solo series by this point), but as I mentioned, Iron Man is doomed everywhere. As dumb as heroes like Ares and Wonder Man are (answer = very, very dumb), I wouldn’t mind seeing at least a little bit of them

Mighty Avengers Vol. 1 No. 29 November 2009

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