The Next Super Mario Game

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The Next Super Mario Game
The Next Super Mario Game

The Next Super Mario Game – Super Mario Bros., also known as Super Mario 2023, Super Mario Switch or Super Mario 23, is a sequel to Super Mario (the movie) released by Nintendo and developed by Next Level Games. The story follows Mario and Luigi, two plumbers and brothers who live in New Donk City, plunged into the adventure of a lifetime to save the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, Princess Peach, from the evil ruler of the Dark Kingdom, Bowser. The game was originally set for a holiday 2022 release, but was delayed, as was the film.

Like the film, Super Mario Bros received positive reviews upon release, with critics praising the overall story, gameplay, controls, visuals, missions, and level/world design in particular, although some criticism was directed at the inconsistent difficulty, voice acting, and short. runtime. The game was a commercial success, with over 5 million units sold by the end of 2024.

The Next Super Mario Game

The Next Super Mario Game

65 million years ago, a meteorite hits the Earth, killing the dinosaurs but opening a portal to a parallel dimension. The surviving dinosaurs move to a new dimension, evolving into 2 races depending on whether they are carnivores or herbivores, Kupas (Carnivores) and Yoshi (Herbivore). However, this dimension was inhabited by anthropomorphic Mushrooms called Toads, who overtook Koopa in the Dark Lands after they wanted to rule the Kingdom, resulting in Yoshi finding a new home.

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After the movie ends, Mario, Luigi, Spike and Baby Yoshi do the diving in the Mushroom Kingdom that the Brothers were originally going to do at the end of the movie. They go to the Mushroom Kingdom castle where they are greeted by Peach, Toadsworth, Captain Toad and Toadette.

The stove says he will prepare tea and dinner for them because he feels they are hungry. She prepares them a huge cake and tea. Peach then takes this opportunity to ask them what happened on their journey to rescue her. Spike also asks them what happened. The brothers take a deep breath and tell their story.

Mario narrates throughout the film, starting with the fall of Yoshi’s Island caused by Kamek (an evil Koopa who is Bowser’s guardian, ruler of the Koopa Kingdom), who was born a star child, a Baby destined for greatness and be Heroes. After conquering Yoshi’s Island, Yoshi sends the two babies to New Donk City with Stork to be raised by their parents (who were zookeepers). While Luigi was content with the life he was living, Mario wanted to do more with his life.

Over the years, Mario has held several odd jobs in an attempt to lure Luigi to them, but he has always refused, including doctor, carpenter, athlete (in tennis, football and golf), racing car, circus worker as a juggler , bartender, cement factory worker. , a freelance artist, toy maker, boxing referee, salesman, and soldier, although he is good at these jobs, he says they get boring quickly and he quit, he wanted to know where he is. n fit in the world because all these Jobs felt, that he did not fulfill his true purpose, felt that he had not achieved anything in life as the son of a man who saved an entire city and something even more.

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With the Brothers’ parents dead, they now work for Spike, who hates them and tries to free them by any means possible, including capturing Mario’s lover and a monkey, Mario and Luigi team up to save them and control it. i, leading the Bulliders to praise them, but Spike became enraged and fired them. A few years later, they run a failing plumbing business and lose another job on their birthday to rivals Wario & Waluigi.

Mario is late for Pauline’s birthday party, before Mario gets the outfit and sees a selfie of him and Luigi after beating Monkey. Mario starts to cry and apologize for his behaviour, before long his phone rings and he runs out of the house. The date goes badly because Mario breaks up with Pauline and Mario leaves upset, then he accidentally goes into the sewers and finds the Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom begging for help through the Koopa army is looking for her just like her. Power Star (a powerful relic of infinite power), Mario defeats them when a giant Koopa (named Bowser) suddenly arrives and defeats Mario, but the two manage to escape.

The morning after his party is bombed and he has a bad dream about his brother dying from a giant turtle, Luigi finds himself and Peach sleeping on the couch, leading to a fight with the brothers over Mario’s obsession with being a hero, leading to the two breaking up, Mario staying at home and Luigi going to work with Spike and meeting Yoshi in the sewers.

The Next Super Mario Game

Mario is making pasta for Peach as she watches the head of the water confluence and the mighty plumber when Bowser suddenly appears and abducts the princess. After Mario finishes making the pasta he sees the door open and Peach screaming before he finishes the pasta he takes out his hammer and tries to find Peach and he sees that she has taken by Bowser and hidden in a brown bag with several other girls, including Pauline, using go-carts, they reach the sewers and the pipe maze, but Mario can’t find to them.

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Mario arrives at the Mushroom Kingdom, where he meets Toadsworth, who tells Mario that they need any help they can get to save all the Toads. Mario immediately agrees as he wants to pay back for allowing Peach to be captured, casually talking about how he already dated her and feels bad for capturing her, Toadsworth becomes angry, but then sees the Power Star that Mario got from Peach thanks to why he realizes that Peach thinks that Mario can use the Power Star which will give the user unlimited power and he says that he will this Toad (named Toad) helps him make his way to the pipe maze, this Toad is training to be a captain / musician despite his somewhat childish nature, the two meet but don’t like all of them because of Toad’s childish behavior and Mario is a plumber, and he doesn’t save Peach, however, they both go ahead with a bonus to save the princess, getting all 7 crystal stars.

After a battle with the fake Bowser who is the guardian of the Pibau Maze, Mario and Toad (whose friendship began) and travel to several lands including Goomba Woods, Dry Dry Desert, Cool Cool Mountain, Yoshi’s Island, DK Jungle , and the Forgotten Jungle where they encounter various enemies and allies, including Luigi (who wants to support his brother at all costs despite his cowardly nature, which he wants to overcome), Yoshi (leader of the Yoshi clan), Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (2 Monkeys sent due to Mario’s antics, who worked for Bowser but decided to change himself), and was chased by Bowser Jr (Bowser’s son) Wario and Waluigi after discovering Mario and Luigi’s hat in the sewers. During the quest, Mario and Luigi rekindle their relationship, but due to Mario’s behavior of relying on the pressure of the world around him and not wanting to harm anyone, he is a bit selfish and selfish towards Luigi and forces the group to leave by attacking the airship in the air. led by Bowser Jr. and Bowser with the help of Wario, Waluigi, and Kamek.

Mario arrives at the castle to rescue the princess with the power star. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work and he begins to humanize himself, dies at the hands of Bowser and Kamek and is sent to purgatory where he meets Peach who tells him that his friends can be heroes because anyone can do anything if they come to it. think about it, Mario didn’t think about it and therefore wasn’t worthy as he was worried about hurting his friends. Mario understands and gets another chance by mushrooming 1 up.

Mario apologizes for his actions and comes up with a plan to trick Bowser into going through the pipe maze. The others rescue the Princess, the Maidens, Yoshi, and the Toad, who were working on the Pipe Maze, while the Brothers and Yoshi team up to trick Bowser (who has transformed into Giga Bowser using the last of Kamek’s powers), Bowser Jr. , and Kamek to capture him inside the Pipe Labyrinth. Mario and Luigi use the Power Star and their newfound friendship to defeat Bowser and trap them in a lava pit with a bridge, but Yoshi sacrifices himself to defeat Bowser and transforms into an Egg that hatches into Baby Yoshi .

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After defeating Bowser, the group returns to the Mushroom Kingdom, with Peach and Toadsworth thanking the group for their help, and Toad and Toad knights as captains for their heroism, after which the Brothers walk back to return

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