The Original Hansel And Gretel Story By The Grimm Brothers

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The Original Hansel And Gretel Story By The Grimm Brothers
The Original Hansel And Gretel Story By The Grimm Brothers

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Slovak: From A Child’s Book of Stories by Penrhyn W. Coussens, illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith. New York: Duffield and Company, 1911.

The Original Hansel And Gretel Story By The Grimm Brothers

The Original Hansel And Gretel Story By The Grimm Brothers

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Hänsel und Gretel is a German fairy tale written by the Grimm brothers, Jacob (1785–1863) and Wilhelm Grimm (1786–1859). It was first published in

Illustration For The Tale

Was a pioneering collection of German folklore, and Grimms built their anthology on the belief that national identity can be found in popular culture and among ordinary people.

The story is about two poor children who were left behind by their father and stepmother in the woods, but the clever boy Hansel’s plan to find his way home was thwarted and the children ended up groping in the woods for days. Finally, they arrive at the candy house and meet an old woman who lives there. The old woman turns out to be a monstrous witch who tries to fatten them up to eat, but with cleverness and cunning, the children kill her, escape, and eventually return home to their father.

Near a large forest lived a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children. The son’s name is Hansel, the daughter’s name is Gretel. He had very little to gnaw and break, and when an expensive item fell to the ground, he could no longer afford his daily bread. As he thought this in bed at night, and tossed in agony, he groaned and said to his wife, ‘What shall we do? How can we feed our poor children, when we have nothing left for ourselves?” “My husband, I tell you,” replied the woman, “early morning we will take the children into the woods, where it is thickest; there we light a fire for them and give each other a piece of bread, then we go to work and leave them alone. They won’t find their way home, and we’ll drive them out.’ ‘No, wife,’ the man said, ‘I won’t; How can I bear to leave my baby alone in the woods? — The beasts will soon come and tear them to pieces.” “Oh, you idiot!” she said, “then all four of us will starve, you can set up our coffins,” and she won’t let him rest until he agrees. “But I still feel so sorry for those poor children,” the man said.

The Original Hansel And Gretel Story By The Grimm Brothers

The two children also couldn’t sleep because they were hungry and heard what their stepmother said to their father. Gretel cried bitter tears and said to Hansel: “It’s over for us now.” “Shut up, Gretel,” said Hansel, “don’t worry, I’ll find a way to help us soon.” And when everyone was asleep, he got up, put on his little coat, opened the door downstairs, and crept out. The moon was bright and bright, the white pebbles in front of the house sparkled like real silver coins. Janko bent down and stuffed a lot into her coat pocket. Then he turned around and said to Gretel: “Dear sister, rest assured and sleep in peace, God will not forsake us.” lay back in bed. At dawn, but before sunrise, a woman came to wake the two children and say: ‘Wake up, you sloth! we’re going to the woods to get firewood.” She gave each of them a piece of bread and said, “You’ve got something for dinner, but don’t eat it first, you won’t get anything else.” Gretel received the bread under her apron, for Hansel had pebbles in her pocket. After that, they all set off into the woods. After they had gone a short distance, Hansel stood up and looked back at the house, and repeating this action over and over. His father said: ‘Hansel, what are you looking at here? Be careful and don’t forget to use your feet.” “Oh, father,” said Hansel, “I was looking at my little white cat sitting on the roof and wanted to say goodbye to me.” The wife said, “Idiot, that’s not your cat, it’s the morning sunlight hitting the chimney.” But Hansel didn’t look at the cat, but continued to throw a white pebble. – kick from the bag on the road.

Hansel & Gretel ,

When they reached the middle of the forest, the father said, “Now, children, load up the wood and I will light a fire so you don’t get cold.” Jackal and Gretel gathered firewood as tall as a small piece. hill. People burned wood in the forest, when the fire was very high, the woman said: ‘Now lie down by the fire and rest, I will go to the forest to cut wood. When we’re done, we’ll come back and take you away.’

Janko and Gretel sat by the fire, and when noon came, they ate each piece of bread, and when they heard the sound of a wooden axe, they believed their father was near. However, it was not an ax, but a twig that he attached to a withered tree, blown back and forth by the wind. And because they had been sitting for so long, they closed their eyes because they were tired and fell into a deep sleep. When they finally woke up, it was already dark. Gretel started crying and said, “How do we get out of the forest now?” But Hansel comforted her and said: “Wait a little while until the moon rises, and soon we will find our way.” When the moon was full, Hansel took his sister’s hand, followed the pebbles that sparkled like freshly minted silver, and showed the sisters the way.

They traveled all night and in the morning they did not return to their father’s house. They knocked, and when the woman opened the door and saw that it was Janko and Gretel, she said, “Naughty children, why did you sleep so long in the woods? We think you will never come back! “However, the father was overjoyed, because in his heart he felt that he had left them alone.

It wasn’t long before there was great poverty across the country, and the children heard their mother say to their father at night: ‘Everything is done, we have half a loaf of bread left, and that’s it. You have to go, we will take you deep into the forest so you can’t find your way out; There is no other way to save yourself!” The man’s heart was heavy and he thought, “It would be better if you shared the last bite with your child.” But the woman didn’t listen to anything he had to do. to speak, but he admonished and rebuked him. Whoever said A must also say B. If he missed the first time, he had to do it a second time.

Hansel And Gretel

But the children stayed awake and heard the conversation. When the old men were asleep, Hansel got up again to go out and pick up gravel as before, but the woman locked the door so Hansel could not go out. However, he comforted his sister and said: ‘Don’t cry, Gretel, rest in peace, good God will help us.’

A woman came early in the morning and

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