The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube

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The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube
The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube

The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube – From romantic dramas to rom-coms to epic love stories – watch these best romantic movies of all time to relive the magic of love and lift your spirits!

Every now and then, the desire and need to escape from the world becomes overwhelming. However, seriously, you cannot run away from your life, your responsibilities, your family and everything else. Now come to romantic movies – like real knights in shining armor – to save you from the pain of a monotonous life and a busy schedule and embrace the stress without judgment.

The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube

The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube

One of the greatest movie genres of all time is romance – people say lovely romantic things to each other, often in beautiful locations, and everything ends on a happy note (why oh why – why can’t I me). Although not everyone gets to live that fairy tale in reality, it feels good, happy, positive, hopeful, and at least comforting to imagine a world where your imagination comes true. This escapism comes only in the form of Hollywood and Bollywood romantic movies – be it the interesting dialogues, the beautiful meetings, the forbidden love, the perfect kiss, the unusual fights and stoppages, the music fields, or the bad long distance – there is guilty pleasure. Watching these romantic stories. So, here we are, while we wait for our moment, but while we wait, let’s add these 51 best romantic movies of all time to our watch list and let our love shine!

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We have a collection of old, new, Hollywood, Bollywood, South-Indian, modern romance, action, sci-fi, comedy – everything in this list. All you have to do is: hurry up, grab your partner or wine, and stream these great movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, YouTube, Hulu, or HBO Max! Don’t forget to silence your phone – there’s nothing wrong with Shah Rukh Khan opening his arms, right?

This is a recent rom-com movie that is meant to warm your heart. The story revolves around Asha and Ravi, who are pressured by their parents to find a life partner. They start pretending to be dating in a summer full of weddings, but find themselves at odds. Watch them struggle to balance who they are, who they are with, and who their parents want them to be.

It is a Hollywood romantic movie full of funny scenes and lots of downs. The story is about two strangers who are fed up with being alone on vacation. So they decide to be each other’s platonic plus for the whole year. Will they catch true emotions along the way?

It is considered one of the best romantic and entertaining movies to watch on first dates. The story is about two women troubled by boyfriend/relationship issues. They swap homes in their respective countries, meet a local boy, and eventually fall in love. This romantic film won two awards and 12 nominations.

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This is one of the best romantic movies to watch with your partner. The story revolves around an evil television producer who likes to control everything in his life. She meets a crooked man who is the host of the morning show Modern Relationships. See how their relationship goes from hate to love. This romantic film won three awards and five nominations.

Tom Cruise is truly an amazing action hero. However, seeing her beautiful smile in this romantic film is winning the hearts of the audience is a different matter. A sports agent was fired for misconduct. He then decides to test his new philosophy as a free agent with his old friend, the only player with him. The film received twenty-six awards and forty-one nominations, including one Oscar!

A true Bollywood fan cannot miss this movie! Full of action, drama, comedy and great dialogue, this is one of those romantic movies that will hold you till the end. The story revolves around a simple man who wants to be buried in his grandfather’s ashes. He goes to Rameswaram via Chennai Express. Trying to act like a hero, he helps the woman catch a train and runs into the unwilling goons.

The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube

This Bollywood romantic film is one of Imtiaz Ali’s best works. The story revolves around a rich and depressed businessman whose life changes drastically when he meets a carefree, boisterous, chatty, and kind young woman on a train. This movie will make you laugh and cry at the same time, plus the songs are to die for!

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Nikhil, a shy boy, is re-introduced to Meeta, a very intelligent girl, almost ten years after their first accidental meeting. Today, Nikhil has only one week left to prove that he is eligible to marry Karisma’s sister Meeta. While he tries to meet Karisma’s demands, an unlikely romance begins between Meeta and him. Will Nikhil also marry Karishma?

Best friends Jai Singh Rathore and Aditi Wadia admit that they don’t like each other and look for the best in each other. When did you know it was love? Watch this strange love story and remember to give your friendship.

This romantic Bollywood film is set in the small town of Bareilly in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The story centers on Beatty, an independent young woman who lives life on her own terms. When she refuses to be pressured into a permanent marriage, her life takes an interesting turn when she meets Chirag Dubey and Pritam Mutri. The entire script is fun and engaging, with equal amounts of fun and cheeky romance. Even if you don’t like the story, watch this movie only by Rajkummar Rao!

Akhil and Pooja’s love story has a touch of humour, drama and comedy. This Telugu film revolves around their thoughts about married life. This is one of those romantic movies that is a pure joy to watch.

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I am sure that almost everyone watching this movie will have their heart beat like the original music. People not only cried their hearts out, they learned important lessons about love and life. The story is about the life of Naina, an introverted and depressed girl, whose life changes when she meets Aman, a lucky man. However, everything in Aman’s life is not rainbows and sunshine as he has a big secret that changes both of their lives forever. This whole drama is stuck somewhere is Naina’s best friend, Rohit, who hides his love. For all people outside of India, this movie is truly one of the masterpieces and must watch romantic movies!

Kat Valdez and Bastian are two music stars who decided to get married in front of viewers around the world. But seconds before their vows, Kat realizes that Bastian has been cheating on her. She then decides to marry Charlie, a random admirer (a stranger in the audience). This is one of those fun, romantic movies that you can watch on a date night.

Three best friends decide to turn their dream vacation into reality (in the form of a bachelorette trip) after one of them – by accident – gets engaged. A wonderful film that shows friendship, love, humor, family relationships, and life in a truly unique way.

The Perfect Guy Full Movie Free On Youtube

A young woman born in the 20th century has an accident in old age. After years of loneliness, she meets a man who questions her eternal life and complicates everything. This Hollywood movie is a romantic drama with a touch of fantasy.

Best Old Hollywood Movies To Watch For Free On Youtube

Girl and boy and girl agree that their relationship should be physical. However, it wasn’t long before they wanted something more permanent. This is (yet) another Hollywood comedy with a cliché story, but it will definitely make you laugh.

Presidents Johnson and Kennedy, the Watergate scandal, the Vietnam War, and other historical events unfold from the perspective of an Alabama man with an IQ of 75, who just wants to be reunited with his childhood sweetheart. This movie won 6 Oscars, needless to say, it is one of the romantic movies that you need to add to your list.

A shy man falls in love with a beautiful and selfless woman. But, later, he found out that his brothers are gangsters, while his family is against crime. Many funny situations follow him to convince his family about his marriage. From Majnu Bhai’s visuals to EPIC dialogues – this Hindi romantic movie has comedy, drama and crime fun too. Everyone out there, watch this movie to end your day on a happy, happy note.

The film shows the simplicity of the characters, who are spoiled by their ordinary lives below. Prem, a failed 10th grader, marries an educated but older girl Sandhya, under pressure from his family to improve his standard of living. They should spend their whole lives together. But did this arranged marriage turn out to be a disaster? Or do they find love in each other’s vices?

Best Romantic Movies: Watch On Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+hotstar, Youtube

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