The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie
The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – This image, released by Nintendo and Universal Studios, shows Mario (left), voiced by Chris Pratt, and Luigi, voiced by Charlie Day, in Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. movie. (Nintendo and Universal Studios via AP)

“Super Mario Bros.” led the box office with $40 million in U.S. and Canadian theaters for the fourth straight weekend, bringing Universal’s global total to more than $1 billion, according to studio estimates Sunday.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Nintendo’s video game adaptations dominated theaters in April, breaking records along the way. It faced little new competition over the weekend, though next week Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” kicks off the summer movie schedule and is expected to move Mario to the sidelines. The studio announced last week in Las Vegas CinemaCon to promote upcoming blockbusters and promise big returns at the summer box office.

Video: Final ‘the Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Trailer, Tickets Now On Sale

The Super Mario Bros. movie easily topped $1 billion at the global box office on Sunday, making it the 10th animated film to hit the milestone and the first since 2019, according to estimates. So far, it has grossed $490 million domestically and $532.5 million internationally.

The second place is “Evil Dead Rise”. Warner Bros.’ horror sequels had a solid second week, with horror films in particular slumping 50 percent to $12.2 million.

Among the weekend newcomers, Judy Bloom’s adaptation of Is God Here? It was me, Margaret, who did the best job. Lionsgate took in $6.8 million from 3,343 locations for the $30 million-budget adult film written and directed by Kelly Fremont Craig (“The Edge of Seventeen”). Good start to the story.

Unsurprisingly, “Is God Here? It’s Me, Margaret,” which follows an 11-year-old girl (Abby Ryder Fortson) going through puberty, attracted a large female audience. It received rave reviews ( 99% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) and high scores (“A” CinemaScore), “Do You Have a God? It’s Me Margaret,” should play nicely during Mother’s Day.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Wird Früher Als Geplant Veröffentlicht

Lionsgate also released Finnish action film Sisu in 1,006 locations. The movie, about a prospector (Jorma Tomila) whose gold was stolen by the Nazis, grossed an estimated $3.3 million. The rare international films are screened nationwide, which is a real achievement. Writer-director Jalmari Hellander’s film received critical acclaim (93% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes).

“Sisu” topped the weekend’s new heavyweight division: “The Great George Foreman: The Amazing Story of the Once and Future Heavyweight Champion of the World.” The film is produced by Sony’s Christian production company, Affirm Films , injecting religious elements into this sports biopic. But after poor reviews, it didn’t fare well, grossing $3 million from 3,054 theaters.

Nida Manzoor’s Polite Society, about an Anglo-Pakistani high school girl (Priya Kansara) who dreams of becoming a stuntman, debuted to $800,000 from 927 theaters. The Focus Features film, one of the highlights of January’s Sundance Film Festival, blends kung fu with Jane Austen in the story of the London sisters.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

One of the biggest successes of the weekend was Familiar’s box office strength. Walt Disney’s Star Wars: Return of the Jedi remake took in $4.7 million from just 475 theaters. Disney is bringing Jedi Knight (1997 Special Edition) back to theaters to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1983 film’s release.

We Finally Know The New ‘super Mario Bros.’ Movie’s First Cast Member

U.S. and Canadian theater ticket sales are expected Friday through Sunday, according to Comscore. Final domestic data will be released on Monday. Are there any part-time plumbers like Mario? Since jumping onto the old Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985, our feisty hero has been leaping, leaping and dashing through danger, unleashing the fiery powers of evil in a never-ending struggle.

Along the way, Mario (literally) dons many hats, bringing a group of friends to help turn the tide of Nintendo’s never-ending battle with the big, bad Bowser. with Luigi for

, Duty calls on the brothers to quit their day jobs yet again — only this time, they’ll be the stars of an epic new animated big-screen adventure from Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal Pictures.

Such Hollywood-esque publicity means Nintendo’s family reunion is more visible than ever, and Team Mario is up to the task with a plethora of stunning movie posters that vividly capture Illumination’s adventures in the Mushroom Kingdom. Magic trip. Our hero is busy getting ready for the movie’s premiere on April 5th, so we’ve done everything from

John Leguizamo Says “hell No” To Super Mario Bros. Movie, Claims It Lacks Inclusion

Everything in one place – Mario and friends gather for one last time to discuss their winning game plan with Bowser.

Why not get in some high-octane racing with the doors open in classic Mario Kart style? The gang came together with a rare spirit of cooperation rather than competition—exactly the kind of road team-building discipline they needed to beat Bowser.

Smoothly. got wet. happy. Right Up His Alley: This character poster is all Mario, capturing him in his natural big game habitat filled with pipes, piranha plants, Banzai Bills and blocky blocks (of course)! High up in the Mushroom Kingdom is the perfect place for our hero to boost his Instagram prowess by hitting Mario’s classic fist stance…as long as he takes care of him, that is. From above it looks like a long way to go.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Lassoed in lava, surrounded by shy guys: Luigi’s character poster shows the panic that can happen when you’re two seconds away from your big brother, Super Mario. Fans of the Luigi’s Mansion games will no doubt spot our green hero’s trademark fear and trembling even from miles away… which may be what led Bowser’s minions to his location in the first place and led him into this mess reason. Hang in there bro!

Super Mario Bros Movie Official Book: Buy Nintendo Story Activity Book

Race against the rainbow! Princess Peach takes fate at the helm in her two-wheeled character poster, flipping terrain in another fun way that pays homage to Nintendo’s competitive Mario Kart pedigree. Is the checkered flag in sight? Our instincts say yes, because we can’t feel a hint of pain in our Donkey Kong girl’s resolutely perky face.

Nobody knows a frog like Peach’s loyal companion, so of course Toad always has a bigger smile on his face as he frolics freely among his namesake fungus in the vast wilds of the Mushroom Kingdom. If anyone knows the way in a forest full of mushrooms, it’s Toad: After all, the Mario series’ lead mycologist really does believe his top hat was dug up from local flora!

Talk about a monkey mixing business and pleasure: There’s nothing wrong with the barrel as Donkey Kong smashes and slams his signature video game props — all while letting his signature DK tie loosen and let the He knows every villain is always funny.

Could there be a more vain villain than this? Bowser feels star power in his shamelessly self-indulgent character posters, who gaze greedily at the innocent star of power while the castle built in his honour–famous for its audacity and sinister–looms in the fiery distance. Come save those penguins before Bowser goes all the way!

Chris Pratt: ‘the Super Mario Bros Movie’ Is Funny, Beautiful And Has A Lot Of Heart

No enemies in sight…just a lazy, lazy vibe. Princess Peach and Mario enjoy well-earned recreation in the handpicked Frog Chair, admiring the most beautiful panorama of the Mushroom Kingdom as the Frog shows off his most impressive architectural highlights. This is when our princess can’t be found in her castle. For Mario, having two best friends around is a doubly good feeling.

Bowser and Kamek together? You just know they’re going to be double the trouble. Bowser’s savage strength and Kamek’s wicked magic vie for the brimstone spotlight, as miles of misguided minions rally to support the duo’s sinister cause. Mario better have plans for this couple, because it looks like they’ve cultivated a huge following of lava-loving followers.

This might be the one we want to hang on our own walls, because this kitchen sink poster packs a powerful cinematic punch. Friends and foes alike bring out their best in visually vibrant Mario montages, everything that makes Mushroom Kingdom so magically cool…and Bowser’s lava-soaked lair so intimidating.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie

Better management: Mario and his mustache on a mission in this full-service picture that shows why our men are the toughest plumbers in show business.

Super Mario Bros. Movie’: Streaming On Disney+ Soon?

Don’t you know – Luigi is back in the fiery lava. Another haunting misadventure for our Friday Cat hero and his erratic nerves, as Luigi tries to light up the dry-bones resurrection flavor on the skeletal villain who represents the worst side of the Koopa Troupe , but without success.

We’re calling it Princess Peach’s royal welcome…or maybe even a warning. Having explored a lot, and dominating everything she explores, there’s no way our princess can give up her castle, her crown, or her kingdom without fighting a royal battle.

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