The Thorn Birds The Missing Years 1996

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The Thorn Birds The Missing Years 1996
The Thorn Birds The Missing Years 1996


This made-for-TV miniseries is said to fill in the gaps left by the original miniseries, the highly successful THORN BIRDS. In the original show, Maggie Cleary and her lifelong love, Fr. Ralph de Bricasart – yes, he is a priest! – making love for the first time. The action then cuts to a rather depressing “nineteen years later” plot, when Maggie has two grown children; daughter Justine from husband Luke and son Dane from her beloved Fr. Ralph.

The Thorn Birds The Missing Years 1996

The Thorn Birds The Missing Years 1996

IN THE LATE YEARS we start when Dan is about ten and Justin is a year or two older. Maggie left her husband, sheep shearer and cane cutter extraordinaire, Luke O’Neill, before Dane was born because he promised her equal love and marriage, then decided to cut the cane and spend time with his brave woman. friends All this while Maggie languishes with a family in need of a housekeeper. Quite the descent for the lovely daughter of Clan Cleary, Masters of Drogheda!

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Maggie is now back home with her two children on the family farm in Drogheda. After all these years, Luke O’Neill returns at the right time. This part of Australia has had two years of drought and the ranch needs a man there. Luke promises to give Maggie everything she’s been “missing” all these long, lonely years in the form of love, affection, and sex, and Maggie complies. After all, he is only human.

His children are especially happy. Justine, who has never had a mother’s love because she is “only” Luke’s child, is Maggie’s nemesis and is determined to become daddy’s girl immediately. Dan, who believes he is Luke’s son, is also happy to suddenly have a father, although his desire to be a Catholic priest, or “mick,” doesn’t sit well with the man’s “father.” , lol…?

Meanwhile, we see how Fr. Ralph helps Jews escape Hitler’s wrath during World War II until they take refuge in underground caves beneath the Vatican. He acts heroically and selflessly and gets no thanks from his superiors for it.

Remember Fr. Did Ralph and Eliza definitely inherit Mary Carson’s millions and the Drogheda estate in the original miniseries? Now about the use of Drogheda money to help the Jews, Fr. Ralph Eliza has once again been “deported” to Australia, presumably to negotiate with the Australian government to take in some of the displaced victims of the war.

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Not much is done in politics for Fr. Ralph is once again involved and in love with the beautiful and passionate Maggie Cleary. Fr. Ralph’s return to Oz bodes ill for an emotional reunion between Maggie and Luke, and Luke and Justine are angry to see him there, taking up all of Maggie’s time and thoughts.

A really messy child custody battle ensues that Maggie would be truly devastated about. He could instantly get his son back by announcing to the wider world who Dane really is, but Ralph doesn’t know that either. Moreover, this shocking revelation would ruin Ralph’s career as an archbishop. Who does Maggie love more and who will she choose to save, Dan…or Ralph…?

Richard Chamberlain is the only actor from the original miniseries to appear in THE THORN BIRDS: THE MISSING YEARS. Rachel Ward as the original Maggie has been replaced by Amanda Donohue “take off your kit” so I expected the sex scenes to be rated almost x lol.

The Thorn Birds The Missing Years 1996

But no, surprisingly, the show retains its beautiful thick romantic feel, as the love scenes this time take place in an isolated cabin in the Australian outback, on the dreamy shores of Matlock Island, the passionate couple first. He had a wild and passionate love affair that resulted in the birth of a son, Dane.

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Fr. Ralph has a pretty sweet treat in this show, just like in the original. As much as I love her as a character, and I do, she led poor old Mary Carson to something rotten and used her inheritance to better herself and climb the ladder for the Cleary family, Mary’s true relatives. success in his dear Church.

He’s kept Maggie on a leash for years, enjoying her adoration and hero worship and even her body, but always breaking away from him in the end, saying she loves him more than he loves God. How it must have stung Maggie, but there’s not much she can do. I guess the heart wants what the heart wants.

This 1996 show was criticized for many inconsistencies and deviations from the original plot, but we won’t go into those inconsistencies here. It’s fun to spot when you see it, though! There’s also another big house and farm, since the “sequel” is being filmed in Australia instead of California, where the original was shot.

It’s not exactly an original miniseries when it comes to romance and pure romantic heartache and longing, but I feel like this second miniseries holds up after its early start. It gets really exciting when the whole Maggie-Luke-Ralph love triangle kicks in, and the Luke-Ralph fist fight is really entertaining and subversive. Luke, damn you had to come…! Enjoy the “sequel” if for no other reason than to hear Henry Mancini’s dreamy score again.

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The Thorn Birds The Missing Years 1996

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