This Little Thing Called Love

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This Little Thing Called Love
This Little Thing Called Love

This Little Thing Called Love – A Little Thing Called A Little Thing Called Love (Crazy Little Thing Called Love) aka Cinta Pertama was my first Thai movie, but it caught my eye that I was looking for good Thai comedy movies on the internet. I saw this movie early this year, February, I think. A friend of mine recommended this and a colleague gave me an electronic copy. Actually, this movie review is late, but I really wanted to write about it and post it here. In fact, this is my first review of a movie.

Sleeping (right) with her friends The Plot The story is about an unattractive high school girl who is secretly in love with one of her classmates known as “Dream Guy” on campus. The plot revolved around all the crazy things she did to make anyone notice. Love, friendship and family are all one. A story like this will surely capture all the young hearts out there. And I love the audio tracks. I even watched piano lessons to learn how to play the theme song. The main character

This Little Thing Called Love

This Little Thing Called Love

Nam Nam is a fourteen-year-old girl who has three precious boyfriends and is in love with Shun. She is just plain, unattractive, unpopular, to put it short, one of the members called “nobody” on campus. She lives with her loving mother and her little naughty sister. His father works in the United States. His family runs a small restaurant where Nam and his friends spend their free time. He is good at English, so he is the leader when the drama club plays in the school festival. She also respects her friends very much. In his quest to get Shone’s attention, he manages to change slowly, little by little. Who knew this girl could be so interesting.

A Little Thing Called Love, Poster

Nam’s transformation also improved his academic performance. She managed to be at the top with a little inspiration from her father. But all these things – trying to look better, wearing fashionable clothes, and getting high grades are the fruit of her struggles to get Shone’s attention.

On the other hand, Shone Shone is one of the most popular boys in school. He is a member of the football team, a talent he inherited from his father. He is every girl’s dream man – handsome, sweet and sweet. He also likes photography. Since then, this man loves Nam. Yes, they both secretly love. However, due to some conflicts, misunderstandings, and lack of courage, he could only confess until it was too late.

Top Top is Shone’s best friend. They know each other since kindergarten. He moved from another school. Like P’Shone, he is also good at football and can make girls fall in love with him just by smiling. To complicate matters, he falls in love with Nam. Earlier, he and Shone swore they would never love the same woman again, and in a loud and expressive voice, he confessed his feelings for Nam before Shone. Nam did not answer, and he was considered a yes. So, for Top, Nam became his girlfriend once but it was all a big misunderstanding, they broke up after he kissed Nam in front of everyone including Shone.

Top kisses Nam in front of Shone Top says that of all his previous relationships, his breakup with Nam was the most painful. He asks Shone to promise that he will never hit Nam, because he can’t take his best friend and the girl he loves to be together, it’s just unbearable for him. Perhaps this promise is the main reason why Sean didn’t confess his feelings for Nam until he came back after he had to go abroad to study and live with his father. To be honest, I love secondary characters whether in drama series or movies like this. When I brought the spotlight on P’Top, I was like, “Oh, yeah! Here comes a guy who’s going to make things more complicated.” I love how the second character respects the girl they love. The only thing I hate about the P’Top is that it is aggressive.

Tahun Berlalu, Ini Potret Terbaru 5 Pemain Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Nam refused Top (up), and Shone promised with Top that he would never hit Nam (down) Although I feel sorry for him during this part, I don’t like him too much to be the best of Nam instead of bright. My favorite scene

Shone’s Scrapbook In any series or movie, my favorite scenes are always the scariest ones. InA Little Thing Called Love, for me that scene is the best, if only because I love the scrapbook Shone made. Filled with Nam’s photos, most of them plagiarized. It also encapsulates their love story and most importantly, Shone’s true feelings.

My favorite scene is my mind… Because of this movie, Thai movies have skyrocketed in popularity. The sweet and funny story and school romantic comedy genre influenced many including me. I was touched by this movie but I didn’t think it would take off so much in the Philippines that a local TV channel would broadcast it. I highly recommend this movie. The story is perfect and complete. I have watched many Asian movies and most of them failed to make an impression on me due to incomplete, unfair and confusing plot, and no story at all. That’s why I like this movie, it’s different. Although my attachment to this movie can’t be compared to my addiction to my favorite drama, (like I don’t even know Nam’s real name) I can say that if it was just a series of 16 episodes or more, I would do it. Definitely got the hook there. We all have others hidden deep in our hearts. When we think about him, we feel like … always have some deep pain, … but we still want to stay. Although I don’t know where he is now, what he is doing, he is still the one who made me know this “little thing called love”. – Sleep, sometimes it’s better not to overthink when inspiration comes. Queen singer Freddie Mercury discovered it when he wrote what would become his first US number one single.

This Little Thing Called Love

. While the album was far from a disaster, it failed to reach the lofty sales heights set by 1977.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Guitar Chords/lyrics

“We heard there was a great studio called Musicland in Munich, and we got into this fun way of bowling in the studio with no or very little idea, and we did it from the get-go,” said guitarist Brian May in his book. . GANGS

“The first thing we did was ‘Crazy Little Thing…’,” drummer Roger Taylor recalled in the documentary, also confirming the long-held theory that Mercury wrote the song while in the bathroom at the Bayerischer Hof in Munich.

. “I did it on the guitar, which I can not play for nuts, and in a way it’s a good thing, because I’m on a leash, and only know a few chords.”

Afraid that this inspiration might leave him as quickly as he found it, the singer ordered the group to rush to the studio to cut the song.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Svg Valentines Design

, Remember that everything is ready to return in a minute, and laughed when he noticed that Mercury had told him they had to record the song as soon as possible, or else May would “make things take a little longer”.

When discussing the song with Radio Absolute in 2011, May said that the song “honored Freddie to Elvis [Presley], in a way. He was very fond of Elvis and Cliff [Richard]. Freddie wrote it so quickly, he darted to the set. With the boys. When I got there, it was almost done. Mac’s vocals managed to sound very basic, and the right ambient sound made it big. Everything about it was an authentic rock and roll sound. .”

To help ensure they capture the spirit of the ’50s embedded in the song, McMae coaxed Me out of his comfort zone and played a guitar solo with a Fender Telecaster instead of his usual instrument, the Red Special.

This Little Thing Called Love

“I used one of Ruger’s old, abandoned, natural wood,” said May. “I beat playing. That was Mac’s idea. I said, ‘I don’t want to play Telecaster.’ ” It basically doesn’t suit my style. But “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is such a piece, it seems like it needs a period sound. So I said, “Okay, Mac, if you want to set it up, I’ll play.” He put it. a Mesa / Boogie, which is an amplifier I do not use it at all; it just doesn’t suit me. I tried it on, and it looks good.”

Crazy Little Thing Called Love Guitar Lead Sheet

Not only was May pushed out of his comfort zone with the song, but Mercury also headed into new territory with the song after its completion. Perhaps he only knows a

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