Tiempo Cocción Lentejas Pardinas

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Tiempo Cocción Lentejas Pardinas – Organic cooked brown lentils from Hort del Silenci. A local product of exceptional quality. Lentils from organic and sustainable national crops. Easy to prepare. Natural preservation in water and salt without added acids or additives. 440 g glass container. (net weight of 260 grams).

Japardina lentil (Lens culinaris) is characterized by a brown color that gives it its name, its small size and a shorter cooking time compared to other lentils such as Castilian lentils. On the other hand, they keep their skin thin when cooked and are soft, mild in flavor and buttery inside. They are recommended for preparing stews, stews and salads.

Tiempo Cocción Lentejas Pardinas

Tiempo Cocción Lentejas Pardinas

Lentils stand out for being very nutritious because they provide a large amount of protein, they are a source of carbohydrates and fiber, both soluble and insoluble, vitamins and minerals, and they hardly contain fat. Unlike chickpeas, lentils lack the amino acids methionine and cysteine, but when lentils are eaten together with seeds, whole and whole grains, they form a complete protein of high biological value. It is not necessary to combine them in the same meal.

La Mejor Forma De Cocer Lentejas En Casa, Receta Fácil

Due to the large amount of fiber, resistant starch and slowly absorbed carbohydrates, the consumption of lentils improves intestinal motility, lowers blood cholesterol, reduces the intestinal absorption of glucose, presents a low glycemic index and gives a feeling of satiety.

They are also a source of B vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, selenium and calcium. If lentils are sprouted, they also contain vitamin C and enzymes.

Since the chickpeas are already cooked, there is no need to pre-soak the chickpeas. Drain the liquid and wash them before consuming. Ideal to add to any cooking and combine with rice, hummus, kombu seaweed, etc.

How to accompany lentils, other ways of consumption and everything about their properties in lentils: nutritional value, types and how to prepare them.

Cómo Cocer Lentejas En Casa De Forma Muy Fácil

Hort del Silenci is a company located in Lleida that offers pasta, fruit and all kinds of local cereals, from organic farms and packed without additives in sustainable and recyclable materials.

It sells traditional products such as pasta, but made exclusively and traditionally based on fruits and high quality indigenous varieties.

Content per 100 g: Energy: 81 kcal / Fat: 0.50 g (of which saturated: 0 g) / Carbohydrates: 11 g (of which sugar: 0.70 g) / Fiber: 0 g / Protein: 6.30 g / Salt: 0.90 g

Tiempo Cocción Lentejas Pardinas

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Lentejas Pardinas Cocidas Ecológicas, De Hort Del Silenci

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Personalized customer service Free shipping from € 49 We select innovative products in the sector since 2004 Warranty and technical service in Spain Secure payment and financing Cough! We reward your loyalty to lentils, which are one of the most consumed fruits in the world and are closely linked to traditional Spanish cuisine, with the permission of beans and chickpeas, which have gained some prominence with the rise of humus and the growth of vegetables cuisine There are many types of lentils and Pardina stands out as one of the most popular, accessible and easy to cook, with an excellent taste and smooth texture that enhances its versatility.

Apart from proven denominations or indications of origin, establishing specific types of fruit is somewhat complicated and confusing, as many are similar to each other. In the specific field of pulses, the FAO distinguishes several main groups: black, yellow, red, brown and green, to which group belong the best greens, like La Armuña blonda, or Puy.

But today we are working with Pardina dal, a perfect wild fruit that is always in the pantry and can be used in many dishes to which it is easily adapted.

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As its name suggests, Perdina lentil is a brown or brown lentil, sometimes called French, especially outside of Spain, to distinguish it from the yellow and red more typical of Asian cuisine, although in our country it is more often called that. French green varieties. In some areas of Spain it is known as Franciscan lentils.

Perdina is a small or medium-sized lentil, between 3-4.5 mm in diameter, and has an overall uniform gray-brown color, with light black dots or a shade of red in a slightly darker, earthy tone. Variety The inner color of the cotyledons is yellow.

Gray lentils are distinctly different from the more generic Castilian lentils, larger and lighter in color, with a greenish tint.

Tiempo Cocción Lentejas Pardinas

Its skin is very thin and does not require pre-soaking to cook, although this can be done for a few hours to further reduce the cooking time, much shorter than Castilian lentils or larger varieties, or to reduce potential anti-nutrients and make them more digestible. . In addition to overcooking, it does not fall apart, it binds to the skin and gives the palate a very pleasant, nice, slightly buttery texture.

Lentejas Estofadas Sin Grasas, Receta De Cocina Vegana, Fácil, Sencilla Y Deliciosa

It is believed that the first pulses originated in what is now the Near East, and they were already a highly valued food of ancient civilizations. In Egypt they had an almost mystical value and remains were found in the funeral burials of the pharaohs.

It stands out as a crop that adapts to all types of particularly dry terrain, tolerates drought, resists extremely high temperatures and night frosts. It does not require large amounts of water to grow well and is a highly productive crop that also provides soil protection and benefits, and is considered a good sustainable alternative to cereals.

In Spain, Perdina lentils are grown all over the country, but the best and highest quality production is in Castile and Leon, which is protected under the IGP Protected Geographical Indication quality seal. Lentils from Tierra de Campos. The cultivation areas are spread over the provinces of Leon, Palencia, Valladolid and Zamora, guaranteeing traceability. Other regions, such as the Castilla-Mancha region, also have brown lentil production.

It is a fruit that is usually planted in the field in February for a summer harvest, between July and August, although depending on the region, starting in autumn in warmer regions, the planting can be earlier. It is sold in bulk or packaged in the dry market, and cooked naturally or as a canned dish.

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The cultivation area of ​​lentils, like all fruits, has decreased in Spain in recent decades and is not able to meet all the demands of consumers, so our country has to import this product to other countries, mainly from America.

The nutritional properties of brown lentils are similar to most vegetables, which differ from other vegetables due to their high content of fiber and vegetable iron (non-heme), with an important contribution of vegetable protein, between 23 and 24 grams per gram. 100 grams of dry matter.

They are energetic, because their main food is carbohydrates, but they are high-quality carbohydrates, because they are very satisfying, they contribute to the good functioning of the digestive system, prevent diseases such as colon cancer, and they release little energy. They are slow-release, avoiding blood sugar spikes.

Tiempo Cocción Lentejas Pardinas

In addition, if we consider the nutrients of once cooked lentils, the total caloric consumption decreases significantly, from about 300-310 kcal for 100 grams of dry lentils, to 100-75 kcal of cooked lentils. They are very low in fat, have no cholesterol and stand out for their contribution in addition to iron, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, folate and vitamin A.

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Lentils lack the essential amino acid methionine, but they are rich in lysine, so a balanced diet that provides this first nutrient with other foods will get the full amount of protein, for example brown rice, quinoa or good quality. Not necessarily at the same meal. If we eat foods rich in vitamin C together with lentils, the body will absorb this iron very well.

Therefore, they are a very complete and healthy food, a source of energy, vegetable protein, essential minerals and fiber, very useful for the correct functioning of the cardiovascular system, help to keep cholesterol at bay and contribute to good digestive health, with antioxidant properties. And also helps in a slimming diet due to its high satiety power.

Pardina, in particular, is great for people with more delicate digestion, due to its small size, thin skin and creamy texture, and offers a very accessible chew for all ages, even turning into a fine puree if necessary.

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