Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders

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Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders
Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders

Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders – Created Explosive Media received the film in HD scan, so I could see the film for the first time.

Mac Traven (Selleck) fought on the Union side in the Civil War, while his brother Dal (Elliott) fought for the Confederacy. After the battle is over, it’s time to celebrate, but the Song must first be sung by Major Ashbury (

Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders

Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders

) to run away from the bullets. He gratefully refuses to continue the underground war with her. Days later, when he tries to bring two horse thieves to the sheriff, they try to open his button. This time a very surprised Mac saves him. They ride home together to see their parents. He looks like Jesse’s brother (

Tom Selleck Dvd Lot Of 6 Movies Sea Change Shadow Riders Monte Walsh And More

) along with other girls, cattle, and other property that the Comanchers had looted and taken to Mexico. The two brothers set off, freeing Uncle Traven (

The Shadow Riders begins with an interesting but not very new premise. The two brothers who fought against the bloody war return mentally unharmed and immediately begin the honorable rescue operation. Realism or not, it’s a good buddy comedy. The CBS production of The Shadow Riders was marketed in Germany as “Die Schattenreiter – Im Schatten der Slaven” and was intended to emulate the success of the television production The Sacketts, which featured the same cast as the film. it was a movie. by template

Base This is one of those comforting post-Civil War stories that feels more like a novel than a social critique, but oh well. You’re left with a perfect made-for-you western with lots of mischief, gun fights, some pranks, and in the end the cowboy takes the beautiful woman. A treat for all Western fans and those who appreciate Selleck and Elliot.

The DVD also presents the film in a new frame, wideband 1.85:1 format. In general, the picture looks very good and there is no reason to complain. It is not easy to get good material from small-caliber TV productions. The English original looks very good, not to mention very good, the German track is much worse. There is no caption. In addition to the trailer and photos, the full screen TV version is also included, I don’t know who wants that.

Tom Selleck And Sam Elliot In The Shadow Riders, 1982

Conclusion: Western fans should have this on their shelves. A fun Western with a bit of a story, a nice nautical backdrop, a fun cast, and directed by someone who knows what he’s doing. This is a good DVD transfer.

Update: The film will finally be released on BluRay on February 24, 2022, and we’ve been able to see it widely. The new album is likely based on the same material, and the decision is similarly less ambitious. The quality increase is very small and the image is not very sharp and detailed at the end. So you have a heavily pixelated image of a TV product that’s been handled with little care over the decades, and it’s not that far off from a large-format DVD. Here, too, there is a matte version with a ratio of 1.85:1 in the inserts, which gives it a bit more of a cinematic feel, but it doesn’t look any better. The sound sounds good, but I need the same tracks as on the DVD, only in slightly lower DTS. However, this time (hooray) there are subtitles (German and English). The same applies here: the English soundtrack sounds a bit better, especially in the background. The only extras are trailers and pictures. Conclusion on BluRay: No more reason to buy the DVD, but don’t expect exposure. Come to think of it, Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott might be two sides of the same coin. Both players are about the same age – Selleck is 77, while Elliott is 76. They are tall and carry themselves in a way that commands respect. Its name suggests cheap swagger.

And yes, both men sport fantastic mustaches. It’s his calling card. After all, you can’t even imagine Selck in the classic TV show

Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders

Without reminding him of his Detroit Tigers baseball cap, he smiled and sported a ‘stache. Elliott shakes his hand and it gives him instant credibility in any version of a cowboy, be it an old western or a modern movie.

Quick Little Outfit Courtesy Of Tom Selleck’s 1982 Movie “shadow Riders”

So it would be perfect if their careers crossed once or twice. Let’s see:

Before we talk about the two TV movies, let’s jump back another decade. The two appeared together for the first time in the episode

“Sam and I were already good friends,” Selleck said in an interview with True West Magazine last year. “Fox had a new talent program like the old studio system; we were in it. I’ve always said that Sam was much more grounded at that time, he knew exactly what he wanted. I was still studying art.”

. Elliott was already part of a cast that also included Glenn Ford, Ben Johnson, Jack Elam and Jeff Osterhage. Casting director Selleck read the role of Orrin Sackett five times. He also had to prove that he could ride a horse. And Selleck passed the test.

Shadow Riders Mit Tom Selleck, € 5, (1030 Wien)

So what was the NBC movie/miniseries about? The Sacketts were three brothers living in postwar Tennessee. Elliott played Tell Sackett, a man who lived in the mountains. He didn’t see his family for ten years. Selleck, like Orrin, is a former lawmaker. He wants to move in and live with his new wife. But their wedding is interrupted by the brother of a man who killed Orrin. There is a shooting at the wedding. Orrin’s wife dies. Tyrel, played by Osterhage, kills the couple’s fox.

After the funeral, the Sackett boys’ mother tells Orrin to find Tell and then go after Tyrel. Then the story goes west. There’s all kinds of cowboy stuff. Tell that to the gold mines. Orrin and Tyrel tend the cattle. There are armed conflicts.

And the three men had so much fun drawing the cowboys that they took part in another TV movie based on the Louis L’Amour project.

Tom Selleck The Shadow Riders

In 1982. But in this movie, only Elliott and Selleck are brothers. Elliott gives Dal Travern. And when the movie opens, he faces a shootout set up by a rogue lynch mob. He escapes and decides to go home to Texas. He meets Selleck’s Mac, who served in the Union Army.

The Shadow Riders Cast List: Actors And Actresses From The Shadow Riders

Remember when Selleck said Elliott knew what he wanted in the 1960s. With the third project, Selleck had two years

., a career-defining role. Selleck admits he was a late bloomer. He was well into his 30s when he landed his first major acting role.

His next project is a documentary about the Gettysburg Address. Elliott lends his wonderful sultry baritone to the project.

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