Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

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Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre – 3. Put all the ingredients in a glass, except for the red onion, with the chopped onion, program for 35 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 1.

4. After 10 minutes, add vinegar and reduce the heat to 100 °C.

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

5. To serve, you can cut the loin into thin slices and serve a little vinegar on it.

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1. First we prepare our rice cups. You can use disposable aluminum foil.

2. Cut the beans, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes and asparagus into medium pieces as we like in the food. Reserve

3. Put onion, garlic and oil in a glass. We cut 3 seconds at 5 speed.

5. After 5 minutes, we add the chopped and seasoned meat with vegetables (except peas) to the pot. 1 minute before the end, add paprika and flour.

Trozo De Pan Rociado De Agua Sal Y Vinagre

6. Then we add water, wine and half a cup of tablets. Add salt, pepper and put the varoma in its place. We prepare for 28 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 1.

1. Clean the onion and put it in glasses cut into circles together with oil. Cut fast 5 3 seconds.

3. After 5 minutes from the previous step, we throw the prunes and chopped hake into the pot. Add a teaspoon of tomato at the last minute

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

5. Without washing the glass, add eggs, cream, salt and pepper to taste and beat for 3 seconds at speed 10.

Aló Comidista:

8. It is important to cover our mold with aluminum foil and seal it well and hermetically. Place a towel on top to absorb excess moisture while baking.

9. In a clean glass, we put 1 liter of water and Varoma in its place. We cook for 45 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 1.

10. When the cooking time is over, remove the aluminum foil and let it cool. If we melt it with hot cake, it may break.

11. To decorate the cake, we put a little mayonnaise on all sides and add chopped prunes and cherry tomatoes as shown in the picture. We can also spray lettuce leaves for 3 seconds on speed 5.

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2. Add ham, salt, oil, stock cube and cover with water until it reaches a finger above the vegetables. Program 35 minutes, Varoma temperature and speed 1.

4. To prepare the chopped egg, cover the cup (from the deep part) with plastic as shown in the picture. Then we add a little oil so that it doesn’t stick, eggs and a little salt. We make the plastic like a bag, and we leave the egg inside.

5. When our eggs are ready, put them in the oven and wait 10 minutes for the soup to finish cooking. At this time, we put the varoma in its place so that the eggs are cooked.

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

2. With the butterfly, add oil, the pepper is cut into medium pieces and thinly. Leave for 15 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 1.

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3. Add tomatoes and sugar and salt and program 35 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 1. At this stage, remove the beak to melt well, but at the same time keep the basket so that it does not break.

4. Make sure that the shape of the tomato is as desired, and if it is liquid, add five minutes. This depends on the type of tomato we use.

1. Season the breasts with salt and pepper as shown in the picture and place them in the Varoma. It is important to prepare them so that there are holes through which steam flows. Cover and store.

3. Add the rest of the ingredients except vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. Cook for 40 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 1.

Pan Rociado Con Agua Aceite Vinagre

4. After 20 minutes in the middle of cooking, turn the breasts, add vinegar to the glass and start cooking again.

Procedure 1. Fill a glass with 1800 grams of boiling water and add 1 teaspoon of water. Start the basket in the glass and put in the chicken, the rabbit (all without cutting), carrots cut into pieces, ham and unpeeled garlic.

2. Remove the basket with a spatula and place it on a plate. Put the pan and dry the glass. Mix all the meat with the chicken and store.

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

3. We put the tomato, a little salt, pepper, the rest of the garlic and oil in a glass. Cut fast 5 3 seconds.

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4. When 3 minutes are left, add chopped mushrooms, bay leaves and soup cubes. After 2 minutes, add the minced meat and everything else.

5. After the time has passed, add the reserved cone and heat for 6 minutes, Varoma, speed 1. Salt.

Manchego gazpachos are a delicious dish when eaten fresh. If we don’t have much time, we prepare the pan in advance and put the boiled meat in the refrigerator. If we decide to do it this way, remember that the pan should come to a boil when you add the gazpacho cake in step 5.

3. Add the oil and butter together with the leek and fry for 2 seconds at speed 5. Then for 5 minutes, Varoma, speed 1 fry.

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4. Place the butterfly and add the reserved leaves. Add salt and cook for 12 minutes, Varoma temperature, speed 1.

6. Place the basket on the plate and drain the fried vegetables to remove excess water and oil.

7. Place the eggs on a plate and add to the glass with the cream. Program 15 seconds, speed 3.

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

9. Pour the mixture into the plastic covered mold and cover it with aluminum foil. It should be well sealed on all corners. Then place a towel on the aluminum foil and place it in a Varoma container.

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10. Clean the glass and put a liter of water in it. Place the Varoma in place and program 45 minutes, Varoma, speed 1.

To prepare this pate, we take the opportunity to prepare our own mayonnaise. So in this article you get two recipes for the price of one.

2. Put all the ingredients in a glass and start mixing at speed 4 without setting the time.

3. After 14-15 seconds, we start to pour oil on the lid and oven. In this way, the oil will slowly fall through the hole left by the tin and our mayonnaise will flow well.

Pan Con Aceite Vinagre Y Agua

4. When you see that the mayonnaise has reached the right consistency, we turn off the machine and put it in a container.

Note: If the mayonnaise is still soft, we can restart the machine and add a little more oil. You will immediately notice that it gains flexibility.

4. If it is too mixed, we can add a little mayonnaise and mix with a spatula. This step is the consumer’s taste.

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

3. Flour, salt, pepper and nutmeg and fry for 5 minutes, 120 ° C, speed 3.

Pan Rociado De Agua Vinagre Y Sal

5. Program 8 minutes, 100 ° C, speed 2, 5 and add York ham in the plate. At this stage, our bechamel will grow.

6. With 3 minutes left to complete the previous step, we add vowels one by one.

7. After the time has passed, we put our dough in a container and leave it to rest. It is important to leave the mixture for a long time to cool and dry.

8. When the dough is cold, we can make our crabs. Prepare a plate with two beaten eggs and another container with breadcrumbs.

Trozo De Pan Rociado De Agua Aceite Vinagre Y Sal

9. We take small balls of flour with a few spoons and shape them. Dip in egg and then in breadcrumbs. Leave them on the tray to roast at once.

10. Fry in sunflower oil, dry the excess oil with a paper towel and prepare to eat.

3. We like a minute to increase speed. Transfer the dough to a bowl and leave covered with cling film for 30 minutes.

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

5. Dip your hands in the oil and make balls (roughly like golf balls) and press your finger in the center to make a hole.

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6. Then go to the same stage as you make the rolls to drop them into the pan and fry them in more oil.

Who said it’s hard to cook delicious and healthy food? I leave you with this recipe that will surprise you when you try it.

1. Cut the red onion, leek, oil and a little salt quickly for 2 seconds 5. Reduce the mixture with a spatula and fry for 8 minutes, Varoma, speed 1. It is better to do this without mixing. Plate for best results.

2. In the meantime, we are preparing our Varoma dish. in

Trozo De Pan Rociado Con Agua Sal Y Vinagre

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