Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online

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Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online
Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online

Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online – Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely addicted to movies and TV series and shows, I always have the latest movies, the first box office hits and I always know what the latest updates or dates are liberation Basically, I have seen all the box office movies, now of course it must be my own style and choice, for example I have never watched SF (science fiction) or supernatural movies, paranormal and other worlds, they are not my style . I prefer dramas, romantic comedies and movies based on true stories, documentaries and horror movies. And my biggest favorites are shark movies, I’m totally addicted to them. Same thing with the series I watch a lot and it keeps me busy every day, it’s like another full time job on top of my regular job. I read once and watch more than 20 serials and TV shows a week. Some say I’m crazy but it’s like my hobby and all in all I’d like to go to the gym or something if you know what I mean.

I’m sure there are other people like me and for them I will write this blog and give you some ideas and tips about some movies and series that I watch regularly. So in this particular post I will write about some Turkish movies that are some of the best I have seen and my 3 TV series that I am addicted to, all from Turkey.

Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online

Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online

A year ago, when I came to Turkey for my Erasmus double, studies and internship, I decided to start watching Turkish series because of having and a lot of full-time work. My mother also watches Turkish channels in Romania, because the Turks bought a TV channel and brought movies and series to our air. In fact, the Romanian population, especially the women, went crazy for the Turkish series and everyone recommended me. Check out this and this so I said I would start one to see how it was. Of course, I will only watch the first episode first to see how it is and if it is good, then I will make a full commitment and lock myself in my room and spend nights and days without watching a series that I like.

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So I made a top 3 list of my favorite series that I watched from my stay in Turkey. 1. Süleyman Excellent

It is from the books, it is historical, it is about real events in the life of Sultan Suleyman, the drama about his two wives and his harem, plus some scenes from the battlefield and all his conquests. I remember watching the first episode a while ago, but I wasn’t interested in trying it. Everyone in Romania went crazy after this series, so when I came to Turkey, I said I had to watch this so-called documentary series.

It has 4 seasons and a season is about 30 episodes, one of which is about 2 and a half hours. This is an absolute must if you want to watch the entire series. I’m still in the beginning of season 3 since I started last year, so I still have a lot of episodes to go. But between my daily series and then another Turkish series I’m watching, my schedule is full. But I plan to finish soon.

I was so captivated by this story that for the first 2 seasons I was glued to my laptop 24/7. Harem drama is right up my alley, so I bet about 80% of the audience is female. But I highly recommend it!

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This is a new series that I just discovered and I really like it. There is only one season so far, but season 2 starts in September. The first season is 39 episodes and the same 2 hours and a bit per episode. Now that’s the nice thing about a Turkish series, all the episodes are more than 2 hours, which is worth your time instead of watching those 42 minutes and waiting another week for another episode.

The series is a romantic drama that starts with my favorite Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit, a lot of drama surrounding his love for a girl and her rich and powerful family. If you’re a fan of heavy dramas, this is a great series and Burak is so hot it’s totally A+.

My top 3 and my least favorite from my list is Ask i Memnu, which I think is as popular as “Suleyman” and has become a very popular series abroad. It begins with a young woman who marries an old and rich businessman. Like “Kara Sevda” a lot of drama around his family and children.

Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online

The female protagonist has an affair with her husband’s nephew, so yes, it’s a twisted plot. But it’s a good drama, about 90 episodes long as usual, so it’s worth a try!

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Of course, there are many other series that are better than my top 3, but I still haven’t found the time to explore more, but just in case, here is a list of some that others swear by:

I’ve seen a lot of Turkish movies since I’ve been here and I like the plot. I mostly watch romantic comedies and dramas. They put so much soul into making this film that when you watch it, you really feel a strange sense of belonging to the story itself, strange! I have seen more than 20 or more movies and I will give you my favorite 10. For some it may be problematic to find the subtitles, but for those who suggest that you have subtitles in English or other languages ​​even so yes. covered

The film is a classic romantic story of a man who falls in love with a girl, the drama begins, a breakup and the final makeup. But it’s a good plot and definitely worth your time. I liked to watch it. Now I don’t want to give too many details and let you discover the rest.

It is an amazing story about love and life. The two main characters interact and meet each other throughout their lives, from when they were little until they became adults. Super love story and drama.

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A super comedy with a main character who is a famous man in Turkey who starred in the 4-part box office comedy “Recep”. The story is about a couple that goes through and breaks up. The movies are full of laughter and I couldn’t stop smiling and that’s why this movie is one of the best comedies in Turkey. You can watch his movie with your boyfriend/girlfriend, you will laugh like crazy together.

So great comedy and romantic moments are thrown out. The family pressures the girl to get married soon because time is ticking and we all know what that means. She gets a job as a secretary and basically loves her boss and vice versa. I loved this movie, it was great!

The name of the movie is a romantic comedy and it has 2 parts. It’s basically a bunch of girls and guys who are going to get married and have their bachelorettes and fun stuff. I loved this movie and I hope there will be a third part eventually. It is mandatory!

Turkish Movies With English Subtitles Online

Crazy movie, I have never laughed so much in all four episodes in my life. There’s this fat guy who’s a complete loser and every episode he goes on his own journey or does something crazy. First, share your trip to Antalya on a road trip with lots of adventure and fun laughs until the end. Second part I think that the respect of his grandmother wants to have a family, a job and become a solid person. In the third episode, he has many serious adventures with his niece, as she currently works in an advertising company. In the last episode he participated in the famous competition “Survivor Turkey” and he was the best, I laughed so much, oh! It’s worth all your money for these 4 movies.

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Again a movie with my favorite Turkish actor Burak Ozcivit, love story gone bad, break up and get back together. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the same old plot. But I saw this movie for Burak, so yes, I liked it!

Fantastic film, love and drama between a blind girl and a boy she has never seen in her life. An exciting ending that is surprising. Tears can come unexpectedly, prepare for it. Be sure to watch this movie, great story!

Another great drama and love story, just the way I like it. A deaf man falls in love with a beautiful girl. Sad

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