Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 – The film picks up where the last story left off, and Bella (Kristen Stewart) awakens as a newly transformed vampire. He immediately noticed the difference in his senses. By noticing dust particles in the air and textures/details of objects in the room. She finally focuses on Edward (Robert Pattinson) and embraces him, although Edward is visibly uncomfortable and explains that Bella is now stronger than him because of her. A new born vampire Bella asks to meet their newborn daughter, Renesmee. But Edward explains that he must deal with his thirst for blood first.

Edward and Bella go hunting in the woods. And Bella smells a human in the distance and almost attacks him. Edward explains that it’s difficult to get this kind of control even for older vampires. Let alone a newborn child Regardless, they decided to do another test before meeting Renesmee, and that was to test her control over Jacob (Taylor Lautner), but Bella was really just joking that Jacob smelled like a dog. how much

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

After the ordeal is over, Bella finally meets Renesmee, who looks a few months older. Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) explains that the baby is growing at an unprecedented rate. And they don’t know what they’ll face when they get older. Bella also discovers that Renesmee (who is half human and half vampire) has gifts like other vampires. when she touched her cheek She can share her thoughts with that person and show Bella that she is her mother.

The ‘twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2’ Premiere: A Photo Album

During this meeting Bella notices that Jacob is very protective of Renes. which made her wonder He eventually convinced Jacob that he had left his mark on Renesmee. (The wolf equivalent of soul mate), much to Bella’s dismay. He started pushing Jacob angrily. but backs away when he accidentally inadvertently attacks Seth. Back at home, Alice (Ashley Greene) gives Bella a present. which is the house key nearby Made for Edward, Bella and Renesmee.

The next morning The Cullens began planning where they would move. Because they had to fake Bella’s death. Worried about losing Renesmee, Jacob goes to Bella’s father Charlie (Billy Burke) and transforms him into a wolf. Jacob assures Charlie that things are “different” but he should go see Bella. And even he noticed that Bella looked and felt different. But he agrees not to ask questions in exchange for Bella being in his life. (So ​​the Cullens don’t have to move.) After Charlie leaves, Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) congratulates Bella for being in good shape despite her new birth. Emmett (Kellan Lutz) laughs that she’s not a newborn. This led to a wrestling match where Bella easily defeated Emmett and everyone was light.

Everything seems to be fine with the Cullen family. And we think at least a few more months will pass. Because now Renesmee looks six or seven years old. Bella is now in the woods with Jacob as they watch Renesmee play and they see a figure in the distance. Bella recognizes Irina (Maggie Grace), one of Cullen’s “cousins” from Denali, but Irina is visibly shocked to see Renesmee and runs away before Bella can catch up. talk to her

To Italy, where Irina has now gone to see the Volturi. He says he came to report Cullen’s crimes. That is, they have created an immortal child. Back in the Forks, Alice sees this vision and realizes that the Volturi are coming to the Forks to kill them all.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 Vladimir Irina Benjamin Tia Za

Carlyle explains that years ago, vampires (including Irina’s mother) used to make children turned into vampires. However, these children were unable to grow into adults and were frozen in their old age. making them out of control and in danger of exposing vampires to humans. Thus, the Volturi destroyed all immortal children and their creators. And it has been banned ever since. Bella insists that Renesmee is not an immortal child and grows every day. But Cullen explains that it doesn’t matter. The Volturi have been trying to get rid of the Cullens for quite some time since they were so powerful. Aro (Michael Sheen, leader of the Volturi) wants to capture Alice too, because her ability to see the future is a gift to him. want to collect for his army

The Cullens decide they must gather enough vampires to witness Renesmee grow. for the Volturi to stop and listen to reason. They know that Alice and Jasper are gone. So left a note on the page of the book that was easy to write to keep looking for witnesses

We then see a Cutscene of the Cullens with about twenty witnesses. many of whom are Carlyle’s old friends. One of these witnesses, Eleazar (Christian Camargo), is able to identify the vampire’s gift and tell Bella that she is shielding the other vampire’s gift. (Which is why Edward can’t read her mind, otherwise the Volturi might attack her too. their powers from the last movie) Bella attempts to train this gift so she can expand her shield against others. But it can only be done in small amounts and for a short period of time.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2

A few days before the Volturi arrived. Bella looks at Alice’s journal again and notices that the page she opened was the title page of The Merchant of Venice. He notices the book on the shelf and finds a note Alice has hidden that says something like “J. Jenks, Seattle – Burn This.” Bella realizes that Alice wants Bella to find the message, thinking she will be safe from Aro. He burns the book. But after a few days, he heads to Seattle to meet Mr. Jens (Wendell Pierce). It turns out that Jenks forged documents and sent only his passport and documents to Renesmee and Jacob. This is devastating to Bella because it means she and Edward will not survive the Volturi’s encounter. Regardless, she secretly packed him in a bag for Renesmee to hold during the confrontation. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 Ansehen

Finally, it was time for the Volturi to arrive. The Volturi and their Witnesses face off in a large snowfield. Even though a pack of wolves appeared to help the Cullens. But they were significantly outnumbered by the Volturi, at least 3:1. Carlisle talks to Aro and explains that Renesmee is not immortal and that there are no rules breaking. Aro asks to meet Renesmee and admits that she is not immortal. The Volturi immediately kills Irina for this false claim, but then Aro does. began claiming that there was no way to prove that Renesmee would not harm a future vampire apocalypse. So he intends to kill her anyway, however, as things heat up. Two figures emerged from the nearby forest, Alice and Jasper. They came back from South America. Aro grabs Alice’s hand to read her mind, but Alice looks disgusted, realizing she won’t change her mind no matter how much evidence they have. whatever

Alice turned to Bella and whispered, Carlyle yells “Go Now”, in which Bella sends Jacob and Renesmee running off the court. Aro has his guards catch Alice and Jasper, infuriating the Cullens. Carlyle steps forward to attack. And he and Aro meet in midair. We then see Aro land on the ground with Carlisle’s carved head in his hand. Urging the Cullens and their witnesses to launch a massive attack. There were fatalities on both sides. And Cullen lost in the first episode. We saw Jasper kill the Volturi and Seth while he was in wolf form. A vampire uses his gift to create a space in the world. which killed many Volturi But it almost killed Edward as well. However, he was able to grab hold of the stone wall, climb it out, and join the fight again.

During this time Bella has apparently learned to better control her powers and be able to protect her friends and family long enough to gain the upper hand. We see Jane (Dakota Fanning) and Alec (Cameron Bright) being killed by the Volturi. Followed by Marcus (Christopher Heyerdahl) and Caius (Jamie Campbell Bower). Finally, we see Edward and Bella attack Aro and rip his head off.

Suddenly, we were sent back to the peaceful fields. And it was evident that the whole battle was a scene Alice showed Aro. Alice warns him that he should change his mind. Otherwise it won’t end well for him. Alice was able to prove that Renesmee had matured after seven years of growth. and not a threat to the vampire apocalypse. He introduces a 150-year-old man, half-human, half-vampire, and Aro is forced to accept. don’t want to lose the battle He and the Volturi retreat while the Cullens celebrate their victory.

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The Cullens returned home and enjoyed the celebration. Alice saw Renesmee as an adult. She and Jacob were happily together. We also see Edward and Bella in his vision of the future. which indicates that they will see their future

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