Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters
Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters – Kenji uploaded eight new character wallpapers for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 tonight. It turns out that these 8 have only scratched the surface of the posters that Summit Entertainment (or Lionsgate like now) have released. Below are 22 brand new character posters from the latest film in the Twilight franchise. Kenji had put some of them earlier tonight, but there are so many new ones that it was easier to put them all.

We also have a new image of a large group of people in the woods around a campfire. The group includes:

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Enjoy!! We are also given a lot of information about how all these vampires are related to each other. Scroll down for images posted below information. All images can be clicked to enlarge.

Special forces. Eleazar can sense the sight and power of talented vampires. Kate can deliver a painful shock like an electric shock to anyone she touches.

Relations with the Cullens. When they met the Cullens, the Denali were already “vegetarian” vampires and bonded with them through this shared lifestyle choice. Since then, they have been close friends and are considered an extended family.

Volturi Connection. Tanya, Kate and Irina’s “mother”, was executed by the Volturi for creating an immortal child. Eleazar was originally a member of the Volturi Guard, but left to travel with Carmen, eventually joining the Sisters of Denali.

Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Is 10, But ‘twilight’ Is Forever

Relations with the Cullens. Carlisle is aware of Amun and Benjamin and goes to Amun to invite them to join him in fighting the Volturi threat.

Relations with the Volturi. With the Volturi taking over Egypt as a means of survival, Amon and Kebi surrendered to the Volturi, leaving Amon embittered at having to comply with the Volturi’s demands. Since then, Amun has tried to gather his talent, but Aro has enjoyed playing with Amun, luring gifted individuals from Amun’s coven into the Volturi Guard.

Relations with the Cullens. During a hunting trip in the Amazon in the 1940s, the Cullens met Amazon women who were taken in by Carlyle’s gentle, friendly attitude.

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters

Contact with the Volturi. Secluded in the swamps of Brazil, the Amazons are unknown to most vampires, including the Volturi.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2′

Contact with the Cullens. All the members of the Irish Covenant are old friends of Carlisle. They come to Forks to help their old friend against the Volturi threat.

Volturi connection. The Irish have no prior connection to the Volturi. During her first century as a vampire, Siobhan met several Voltur guards and considered approaching the Voltur for a formal discussion, but ultimately did not.

Relations with the Cullens. Always looking for an opportunity to fight the Volturi, the Romanians hear that the Cullens are opposing the Volturi and split up, hoping to fight and defeat the Volturi.

Voltur connection. The Roman coven ruled the vampire world until the Volturi destroyed the coven and took over. When the Romanians were overthrown, both Stephen and Vladimir lost their comrades in battle. They are constantly looking for ways to damage the Volturi’s power and seek revenge. The Volturi regularly send vampires after them, but the Romanian Coven continues to guard against them.

What These Character Posters Tell Us About Breaking Dawn

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Bella, Edward, and Jacob team up to fight a group of ancient vampires that threaten to destroy Bella and Edward’s family.

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters

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Twilight Breaking Dawn Part Two Characters

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User Blog:xean/new Images The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

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New Character Banners For Twilight Breaking Dawn: Part 2 + Vampire Info

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