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Watch Blue Streak Online Free
Watch Blue Streak Online Free

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Watch Blue Streak Online Free

Watch Blue Streak Online Free

Master jewel thief Miles Logan (Martin Lawrence, Life, Bad Boys) has a big problem. A $20 million problem. Recently released from prison for the heist of a large diamond, he seeks to recover the red-hot stone he hid on a construction site two years ago. Unfortunately, his hideout is now in the center of a recently completed high security police station. Posing as a detective and teaming up with straight-laced rookie Carlson (Luke Wilson, Home Fries, Bottle Rocket), Miles uses his criminal background and inadvertently climbs the career ladder and earns the respect of his fellow “boys in blue.” Blue Streak is a hilarious comedy directed by Les Mayfield (Flabber, Encinomene) and features a hot soundtrack featuring music by Jay-Z, Foxy Brown, Tyrese, and Heavy D.

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Critics’ Consensus: Martin Lawrence provides a comedic touch, but the film is not much more than a standard action comedy.

Reel Movie Reviews. David Nussair … The Blue Streak just can’t overcome the excessive scenery-chewing of Lawrence’s hopelessly inept turn. June 21, 2017 FULL REVIEW

EFilmCritic.comScott Weinberg. Martin Lawrence at his most poignant in one of the laziest movies ever made. June 16, 2017 FULL REVIEW

Boxoffice MagazineFrancesca Dinglasan Much of Lawrence’s verbal humor is more a mistake than a mistake, a mistake that is bound to seem juvenile to the uninitiated. June 16, 2017 FULL REVIEW

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