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Watch Deliver Us From Evil
Watch Deliver Us From Evil

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Watch Deliver Us From Evil

Watch Deliver Us From Evil

In Delivering Us From Evil, New York City police officer Ralph Cersei (Eric Bana), struggling with his own personal problems, begins to investigate a series of disturbing and unsolved crimes. He joins forces with an unorthodox priest (Edgar Ramirez) who studies exorcism rituals to fight a terrifying and demonic takeover of his town. Be inspired by the book, which details real-life cases of bone-chilling.

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Eric Bana, Chris Coe, Sean Harris, Mike Huston, Joel McHale, Dorian Musk, Olivia Munn, Edgar Ramirez, Lulu Wilson

Critics’ Consensus: Director Scott Derrickson continues to maintain an eerie atmosphere, but the lack of originality is reflected in the title of The Shop Delivering Us from Evil Fears.

Deep Focus Review Brian Eggert Storytelling formula and glaring plot holes kill a film that tries to balance horror and police procedurals with a half-hearted consideration of the Christian faith. August 5, 2022 Full Review

One man’s new Jason Adams “Putting the Hell in the Movie Going” plaid pants are, well, another man’s same thing a little different. July 14, 2021 Full Review

But Deliver Us From Evil

NMEDan Brightmore combines the things that go bump in the night with graphic shame, this is a brooding if not quite a ride to the soundtrack of The Doors as the spirits try to ‘break through’. May 26, 2021 Full Review

Richard Cruise Richard Cruise What really slows down the film’s pace is not the stock characters or the lack of new thrills, but the exposition scenes that clearly define it. February 1, 2021 Full Review

MacGuffin Allen Almachar has some good qualities and a nice seasonal scene, but the use of familiar formulas and an uneven tone keep it from being more than just… what it is. July 20, 2020 Full Review

Watch Deliver Us From Evil

Behind the lens Debbie Lynn Elias is strong is an understatement. Delivering Us from Evil is an absolutely terrifying sensory experience with a magical performance by Edgar Ramirez. December 14, 2019 Full Review

Deliver Us From Evil

LivemintUdita Jhunjhunwala It’s hard not to want to take your eyes off it and it makes up, to an extent, for an otherwise clichéd script. August 14, 2019 Full Review

CineVuePatrick Gamble [director Scott Derrickson] comes well equipped with an intuitive sense of genre-specific tricks, but this derivative psychological horror ultimately fails to add depth and character to a frustrating mix of predictable jump scares. April 3, 2019 Full Review

Very indie, Bernard Beau Derrickson fails to convince us that his film is more than a proper horror show, but at least it provides enough scares. April 2, 2019 Full Review

Times of MaltaPaula Fleri-Soler Deliver us from Evil offers a lot… Perhaps the horror films of the future will save us from the clutches of regressiveness. March 8, 2019 Full Review Rooftop chases, vengeful yakuza and brutal fistfights. What’s not to love about this Korean action from Hong Won-chan? Don’t Deliver Us From Evil

There’s driving danger in this gonzo action thriller from South Korean director Hong Won-chan, who wrote The Haunting Yellow Sea. It was a big box office hit on its home turf.

Hwang Jung is Min In-nam, a former police officer turned ex-cop who killed the yakuza in Tokyo, and now the dead man’s obsessively violent blood brother Ri (Lee Jung-ji) is out for revenge. To add to that, In-nam hears that his ex-girlfriend was murdered in Bangkok, following a vague attempt by her nine-year-old daughter to contact the kidnappers – and the child is still alive. In the hands of kidnappers. So In-nam travels to Thailand on a dangerous rescue mission to save the little girl, with the fearsome and bloodthirsty Ray on his trail, and the only person in Bangkok who can help him is Yoo (Park Yong-min); Yui is a transgender woman who despite all this is not a monster, at one point managing to hit a van with her van, saving In-nam’s life.

The intertwined storylines must disrupt the pace and focus of the film. They are not. There’s some fantastically impressive street shooting and a rooftop chase on Bourne Plateau, along with some pretty badass martial arts. Hwang, his face covered in beads of sweat almost all the time, is a very convincing and ruthless action hero and Lee is chilling and exhilarating. Could he be a Bond villain in years to come? The 007 franchise could certainly do a lot worse.

Watch Deliver Us From Evil

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