Watch Power Rangers Wild Force

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Watch Power Rangers Wild Force
Watch Power Rangers Wild Force

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Wow, I’m almost where I left off with Power Rangers months ago. I just finished Power Rangers Wild Force and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. I watched it for the first time and for some reason all the nostalgia was about how much I didn’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t love it, not even close, but I can say I don’t hate the season.

Watch Power Rangers Wild Force

Watch Power Rangers Wild Force

I will be honest. I didn’t connect with the main characters. Not only did I hate them, I wasn’t attracted to them. Cole is an orphan who grew up in the woods and then comes to Turtle Cove to find his way. He then meets the other Wild Rangers and joins the team as the Red Ranger. The point is that he hears the heart of every living being and believes that there is something good in the heart. Unfortunately, the Orgs are ruthless, giving Cole no choice but to defeat them in order to protect Earth. Taylor is the Yellow Ranger and is the leader of the team until Cole arrives. He was first in the Rangers and was a member of the Air Force. He is very energetic and just wants to do his duty to protect the earth. He’s getting lighter as the season goes on, but he’s still serious. Alyssa is the White Ranger and true mother of the group. He is in college, but he is the heart of the group. He often cooks for the group when he is not busy with school work. Max is the Blue Ranger and seems to be the youngest of the group. He is very sensitive to what other people think and treats him like a child. He is also best friends with Danny the Black Ranger. Danny is a big type of bear. He is the main character with a girl who creates a small story that is very sweet and she is a flower grower. Shayla Zordoni is the queen of the season and she is nothing special. He is nice and sometimes angry. However, when he fights Toxica at the end of the season, it’s pretty cool. We’ll talk about the sixth Ranger, Merrick, later.

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The main villain is Master Org, a human-turned-human who worked with Cole’s parents, Toxica and Jindrax, before turning evil and becoming part of the Org. Toxica and Jindrax are Duke Org, so they’re like generals and best friends. They created problems while waiting for Master Org to return and follow him on Earth. Interestingly, over time, Toxica becomes suspicious of Master Org, and eventually, she and Jindrax discover that he is a human with Master Org’s powers. It raises loyalty issues and introduces other villains throughout the universe, but I feel like they’re not that important.

If I look at the chapter, I can say that the main topic is land protection. Previous seasons have had episodes about taking care of the planet, but this season is all about that. There’s even a half-baked story where the ancient spirit of the Animus (who for some reason takes the form of a child) is angry at the Rangers and all humans for the pollution. Plus, there’s a lot to do with nature and animals (often through Cole’s jungle powers similar to those of Maya from Lost Galaxy).

The overall story isn’t the best, but it’s not the worst either. The Rangers are on their way to defeat the Orgs and save Earth and humanity. A bit simple. The last few episodes hit a really tight writing spot that has been going on for many seasons now, but then I didn’t like the ending. Master Org kills every Zord the Rangers have gathered and even the Animus. This caused all the Rangers to lose their powers. However, they are still against the Master Org. It’s all good and it’s brutal to watch the Zords get destroyed and then the crystals shatter. However, thanks to the power of friendship, all of the Zords, and even many that the Rangers had missed, returned to defeat Master Org. All the wild emotions we experienced didn’t matter because they didn’t seem broken at first. Now, in my opinion, it wouldn’t be so bad if only newbies would show up and help them. But it is not so. All the Zords come back from the dead, the Rangers get their powers back, the Rangers are stronger than before and attack Master Org with the Zords and defeat him. What?

Speaking of Master Org, I thought he was a boring villain and none of the other main villains were interesting for most of the series. Master Org’s whole motivation was that he was interested in the woman he worked with, they pretended they had nothing to do with each other, and then he apologized to her, saying that another scientist worked with them, then volunteered, and now they got engaged. Later, she is pregnant with another man’s child and says that the other man robbed her of having a family and that this woman, convinced by the Master Org, is having romantic feelings with him. Basically, he is an intellectual. Is it worth the villain? Undoubtedly. Make a great villain boss? No.

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I really appreciate Jindrax and Toxica, who are basically generals for being evil at the time (it changes twice), but they have some autonomy. I’ve already talked about their concerns about the Master Org, but that’s not all. When Mandilok is in charge, they are always worried about being destroyed or replaced. Toxica is sent to purgatory, and that doesn’t sit well with Jindrax, who leaves Master Org looking for a way to save Toxica back to being a full Org. Then we get a stupid episode where they bring it back and then they even help the Rangers at the end. It’s an interesting arc these two go through. These two are my least favorite, but they are the most consistent villains.

Let’s talk about the two crossover episodes briefly. “Reinforcement from the Future” sees the Savage Rangers team up with the Time Force Rangers as Org/Mutant hybrids known as Mutorgs begin wreaking havoc. Two great players with highlights like the Silver Guards for some reason gave a speeding ticket in Turtle Cove and Taylor, Ransick and Nadira helped the Rangers and Ransick even got her not-so-bad “cure” and Max tries to steal Nadira. Lucas. Not the worst crossover. Then we go to “Forever Red”. This episode features the Ranger team from the series so far minus Rocky (I know something went wrong trying to get Steve Cardenas [also probably the best 2 Mighty Morphin Red Rangers messing around]). Apparently, the Big Bad Beetleborgs from the Machine Empire are still alive and have found Serpentera on the moon. Overall, it’s a lot of fun to watch, but I was disappointed at the end when they used Cole’s new toy to sell toys because it destroys Serpentera.

However, there are two things that I think are the best parts of the season. First, Zen-Aku. He is a very damaged werewolf spirit that can make a tough opponent for the Rangers to defeat. It looks amazing, has a great blade, and even has 3 Zords to fight the Rangers! And his sword is also a pipe for summoning Zords. Sound familiar? True, Zen-Aku is the sixth Ranger, but in a bad way. Finally, the Rangers bring him to the good side and he becomes Merrick. Unfortunately, Merrick is not so cold and weak. The whole point is that he’s a pool master and uses his weapon as a pool token to summon Zords. Oh well

Watch Power Rangers Wild Force

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