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Watch The Condemned Online For Free
Watch The Condemned Online For Free

Watch The Condemned Online For Free – Jack Conrad is awaiting the death penalty in a corrupt prison in Central America. He is “bought” by a rich television producer and taken to a deserted island, where he must fight to the death against nine other convicted murderers from around the world, and freedom belongs to the only survivor.

[You’d be better off] waiting for the DVD to enjoy this raucous turkey, which should probably debut anyway.

Watch The Condemned Online For Free

Watch The Condemned Online For Free

When not depicting brutal death, the film condemns the audience to watch gruesome entertainment. If director Scott Viper is trying to make a statement, he gets lost in a mirror maze of hypocrisy and complacency.

Watch The Condemned 2 (2015)

In the grand pantheon of recent WWE vehicles, The Condemned ranks somewhere above Kane’s See No Evil vehicle and below John Cena’s The Marina.

You’ve got to love an anti-violence movie with the tagline: “10 people fight. 9 people die. You go to .” Hypocrisy in itself is not funny, but when it is on this grand scale, it becomes funny.

If you thought it was hard to get voted off Survivor Island, The Condemned take on the concept in the funniest and most disgusting way imaginable.

The convict tries to get away with some belated moralizing that only cheapens the proceedings; if you’re going to hit as many guns as The Condemned, at least stick with them in the end.

König Der Letzten Tage (tv Mini Series 1993– )

“The Condemned,” directed by Scott Whipper (appropriate last name), is a wicked copycat of the 2000 Japanese sensation Battle Royale and the 1932 American classic “The Most Dangerous Game.”

“Condemned” would have been a lot more fun if director and co-writer Scott Whipper had approached it with humor. Instead, he delivers this nonsense with a straight face.

Not only is it morally bankrupt, but between the ridiculous script and Z-level acting, it’s also scraping the bottom of the entertainment barrel.

Watch The Condemned Online For Free

The deadly game has appeared on screen many times, including with Arnold Schwarzenegger in the post-apocalyptic film Running Man, but it has rarely focused on pop culture trappings like The Damned.

Les Amateurs Saison 1 (2022) — Cinésérie

Zillionaire collects 10 hard cases from death row inmates around the world (they even pull bits of Running Man, though).

The most interesting thing about The Condemned is how it manages to be hilariously boring and incredibly offensive at the same time.

I’d argue that it was a blatant rip-off of legendary cult master Kinzie Fukasaku’s 2000 Battle Royale, but then I’d have to try and compare this dormant horror to that utterly explosive classic.

What happens in The Condemned is wrong on so many levels; it’s sick, twisted, gory and brutal, but it’s believable until its absurdity bursts at the seams.

Rounds: Reloaded (2013) Review

No one rooting for the film career of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the big and flashy professional wrestler, wants to hear that his debut vehicle, The Condemned, is a flop. So those people will have to stop reading because that’s it.

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