Watch Top Gear Africa Special Online Free

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Watch Top Gear Africa Special Online Free
Watch Top Gear Africa Special Online Free

Watch Top Gear Africa Special Online Free – The Africa Special is a Top Gear special where Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May try to find the true source of the Nile in budget used cars. It was the first special in the history of Top Gear to be split into two parts and broadcast in two parts, as the sixth and seventh episodes of the nineteenth series. The team traveled through Central Africa to achieve this goal, starting in Uganda and through Rwanda to Tanzania. The special was originally planned as a Christmas Special for 2012 and filmed that year, but was pushed back and aired in 2013.

The first episode of Afrika Special aired on March 3, 2013. This is the 154th episode overall.

Watch Top Gear Africa Special Online Free

Watch Top Gear Africa Special Online Free

Jeremy was the first person to arrive at the meeting place in rural Uganda. Jeremy’s car of choice is a BMW 528i Touring and he talks about the tires, the rear tires are made by a company he has never heard of. Richard soon arrives in his Subaru Impreza WRX Estate¬†and they talk about his age, his lack of gray hair and the way he dresses. James came last in a Volvo 850R, with tires so low that the other two scoffed that they had no tires at all. They soon began to bicker until their first challenge came to the producer. Finding the true source of the Nile. When they got out of the car, James scratched the front bumper of his Volvo. Jeremy explains about the Nile River but quickly apologizes for interrupting him when he is about to face a problem. They reached Lake Victoria, which was said to be the true source of the Nile for many years.

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When they argued about it at the time, the producer gave Richard a letter stating that Lake Victoria was not a real source and that Lake Victoria was fed by many rivers, one of which was as a source of truth. They check their map and see that Burundi or Rwanda are possible sources. So, in order to know where the lake meets, they make a path to that lake. While they were on their trip in Uganda and talking about cars, a police car drove past the three and Jeremy explained some rules about Uganda: “First thing, if you are a gay man and you surrender your homosexuality, it is a life sentence. It is very important to know Also, here it is mandatory for motorcyclists to wear a crash helmet, unless you are a woman on the way back from hairdresser Jeremy laughingly promises the bag on his head is the right thing.

As they continue to drive, the producers tell them to stop at Entebbe Airport where they are still injured. In 1976, Israeli special forces carried out a daring operation to rescue passengers from a crashed plane. When they went to the balcony, they saw a Ford Scorpio Ghia Estate and found out that it was a storage car. As they try to leave, Jeremy’s BMW audio suddenly fails. After fixing it (which was not working well) by gently hitting a part of the engine with a hammer, they went to the lake but soon ended up in the capital of Uganda, Kampala. When they were in Kampala, they were stuck in a traffic jam. While waiting in the traffic jam, Jeremy bought a basket full of bananas and was amazed at how much the woman was carrying on her head.

It took all night to try to get through the traffic jam and on the way to buy breakfast, they finally got out of the traffic barrier and entered the Chinese artificial road. They soon end up at Jezza’s (who also happens to share her first name with Jeremy’s nickname) and hang out for a while. In an effort to make sure that the Impreza is not big enough, the boy bought Richard a present (a chair). When Richard put the chair down, they were talking about Richard’s hair and his age. After winning the prize (part) inside, they leave Jezza and end up on the road in a sprint. James and Jeremy are sick but because Richard’s car is light and four-wheel drive, he feels good about leaving. A few kilometers later, they ended up in a village with a hotel when it started raining. Since Jeremy was fed up with the room, he told Richard to stay in Room 2 while Jeremy had his own room. But soon, he saw that his bed had faeces on the mattress, which made Jeremy yell at Richard from his room.

In the morning, desperate to break free, Richard calls an emergency breakfast meeting, where they threaten to kill him, and say his car should be a caravan home. They soon broke down and got things to convert their car into a trailer. While they were shopping, Richard nearly crashed the motorbike but it quickly bounced back, Jeremy’s white cotton shirt getting dirty as he tried to balance on his head. but he fell, making the women nearby laugh at him.

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After shopping and changing, they started their car. Richard has converted his Impreza into a small kitchen and has a leopard skin mattress and blanket and has put his seat on the roof of his car (like an upstairs lounge), James has converted a Volvo home library and art collection. it has a bed, used by the military, a blanket that can itch and Jeremy added a toilet seat, a working shower and a fridge (the fridge comes out of the cigarette lighter) and the release of his boot door it is broken so he has to do it by hand, he bought again. a chest to keep his belongings while sleeping on an Egyptian cotton bed. But Jeremy’s car won’t start because the fridge has killed the battery and they have to wait until it gets started.

While on the road, Jeremy discovers that when he breaks the brakes, the curtain closes. Continuing, Jeremy reveals that, like in Botswana, investors have problems when they don’t buy cars. After seeing an elephant and telling Jeremy about it, he and James curse at an old TV show that Richard hosts and Richard keeps telling them to shut up. They reached Lake Edward and stopped for the night. During the drive, Richard’s kitchen was damaged but he cleaned it, and James’s bed was not well but he fixed it. As they watch the sunset with Jeremy’s beers from the fridge, Richard cooks dinner, which they both bake later that night.

The next day, Jeremy had to eat peanuts again for breakfast and the car had to be fixed again, they talked about the map and soon before they left, they pretended to write a letter to Richard’s wife and they soon left, but on the road. . on the way, James lost his skid plate. Continuing, James had to stop as his return hurt him too much, not wanting to waste time, Richard and Jeremy left him behind and Richard pretended to write to his mother James lied in the letter, saying he was fighting a lion. Richard and Jeremy looked at the lake and saw that they were going east, on the road, “Captain Backache” caught and continued to the lake. When they last saw him going southeast, they dismissed the idea that the lake was connected, that night at the camp, Jeremy called James and Richard to him, when Richard accidentally left his pot, they looked ‘ next map.

Watch Top Gear Africa Special Online Free

The next morning, while the staff are waiting to use Jeremy’s toilet, Richard cooks breakfast and ‘accidentally’ sets a sock on fire and James reaches into the leftover metal to replace his plate. of the skid. When he sees a lot of excrement on the side of his car, Jeremy shouts through his megaphone that he will not allow anyone to use his car as a toilet. James reveals that he stole a piece of Jeremy’s door to replace the skid plate and it works fine. On the way, Jeremy and James pretend to stop and Richard stops and Jeremy quickly speeds off, causing mud on Richard’s windshield. Despite the trap, they are heading towards the Rwandan border, and Jeremy’s megaphone is playing Toto’s Africa.

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They soon reached a muddy road which was a problem for James and Jeremy’s car as it was heavier but Richard’s was easy. Then James’ car suddenly broke down and Richard came back to help. But while the branch was helping him, it exploded and smashed into Jeremy’s car, shattering the air defense. As Richard pulls James over, Jeremy talks to some of the locals, who have come to see everything, about his off-road driving idea. Jeremy’s car soon breaks down and the locals help him out and “build” a new road as Richard worries that they have no legs. After giving the first aid award

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